October 4, 2007

I swear, I'm just looking at the pictures!

Eldon Dedini NSFW is one of several 1960's Playboy cartoonists featured over at the Animation Archive. [more inside]
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It don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing

G-Spot Ramplified has just received a popular endorsement. Could George be following the groundwork originally laid by 50 Cent? Are celebrities and their sex toys now an acceptable part of everyday life? Will Madame Tussaud be replaced by these guys? [links nsfw]
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Covering Photography: Photographers and Book Design

Covering Photography "A web-based archive and resource for the study of the relationship between the history of photography and book cover design," with lots of ways to discover photographers like Arthur Tress.
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Decentralized social network: "...build your social network in one place and have other NoseRub clients connect to it instead of you having to build multiple networks on multiple social networks. The best part is NoseRub is released under the open source MIT license." via eHub. Previously related.
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So, it wasn't the Happiest Town on Earth?

Remember the Town Disney Built? -- 50% of the homes in Celebration, Florida are up for sale. A failure of corporate-owned and -planned Community™? or just a fallout of the bursting of the housing bubble? And whither New Urbanism? [more inside]
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No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

[Newsfilter]: Fighting a recording industry lawsuit for file sharing saying "it wasn't me!" is probably a really, really bad idea. Jury awards recording companies $222,000 for willfully infringing the copyright on 24 songs in first-to-trial file sharing lawsuit.
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Solitary Delights of Infinite Space

7 Means of Movement: Flying From "Come Fly With Me" to "Waitress In The Sky," Locust St. impresses us with all things aeronautical.
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Johnny Reb Among Us

The Union is Dissolved! Or, at least it will be, if these unusual allies have their way. While waiting for the results of the Second North American Separatist Convention, you can read up on the separatist groups who attended the first convention last fall.
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Brilliant Innovator

Alessandra Sanguinetti The Adventures of Guille and Belinda and the Enigmatic Meaning of their Dreams (flash, a bit NSFW) All at once.
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Collect 'em all!

This is James Savage's spare room, which contains one hundred Apple computers. He has more than 150 in his house and all of them are working perfectly, from an Apple II+ and a Lisa to the latest MacBook Pro. (One entrant among many in Gizmodo's Best Computer Rig contest.)
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What is a website containing a rediculous amount of Jeopardy! information?

The J! Archive is an impressive collection of answers and questions from Jeopardy! It includes not only every answer (of those revealed on the show), but also the correct and incorrect questions supplied by the contestants, how much was wagered on each Daily Double and Final Jeopardy, and the contestant's scores after Single and Double Jeopardy. [more inside]
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Elizabeth "Grandma" Layton

Elizabeth "Grandma" Layton was coaxed by her sister at the age of 68 to take a blind contour drawing class in Ottawa, Kansas, in order to possibly help alleviate her 35-year bout with clinical depression. By the time of her death in 1993, her work (article includes quicktime link of Elizabeth discussing her work and photo gallery) had been shown in several museums, including the Smithsonian's National Museum of American Art, and celebrated as an honest depiction of aging, mental health, and feminist issues (google book link) in the US. [more inside]
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Sex like a handshake

Sex like a handshake (even baby sex?) Titilation and humor from Vanessa Woods, researcher at the Lola Bonobo sanctuary. (Previously)
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New Marathon WR

2:04:26 Sunday 1 Oct. Haile Gebrselassie set a new World Record (by 29 seconds!) when he won the Berlin Marathon. He's held the WR at 2k and 3k (indoor), 5k (several times) (1998 part 1, 2) , 10k (several times), 10mile, 1/2 marathon, one hour (also) and 25k. Bonus: Alan Webb bests the American Record for the Mile this summer: 3:46.91
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Secret authorization of severe interrogation methods

Secret U. S. Endorsement of Severe Interrogations. The New York Times has a 4000-word report today on secret Justice Department opinions--never previously disclosed--authorizing severe interrogation methods. Congress has outlawed cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment; in response, Justice declared that the CIA's most extreme interrogation methods are not cruel, inhuman, and degrading. These secret opinions, issued in 2005, are still in effect. Most lawmakers did not know they existed. White House response: "This country does not torture."
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Our father who art in elevator shafts

A Paternoster lift [wiki] is a cyclic elevator with "an endless chain of cabins moving at a moderate speed; some passing downward past a line of entrances and other cages moving upward past another set of openings. Passengers may embark or alight at any floor whenever they please, without delay. " (As seen on TV!) They're still in use in the the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, and the UK among other places. (Via this list of interesting elevators.)
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Honesty, deception, and autism

An interesting article by Simon Baron-Cohen on honesty, deception, and autism.
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Blinded By The Light

Interactive coffee table.
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Composer spoofs HSM to plug Broadway show

Theatre composer imitates teen heartthrob to plug his upcoming Broadway show. Features a cameo from one of Broadway's teen heartthrobs. [more inside]
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Not All Black & White

Using Color In Information Display Graphics - a resource from NASA, "intended to help designers who are not color experts find usable color designs" [via] [more inside]
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Fear of a Left Planet

It's the first Monday in October and time for Supreme Court Justices to compare liberals, unfavorably, to the Ku Klux Klan. In his new memoir, released on the first day of the Supreme Court's 2007 term, Justice Clarence Thomas writes that he grew up fearing the KKK, but now knows he had "been afraid of the wrong white people all along. My worst fears had come to pass not in Georgia but in Washington, D.C., where I was being pursued not by bigots in white robes but by left-wing zealots draped in flowing sanctimony. " No small man, he also comments on Anita Hill's bad breath. Slate's spectacular legal columnist, Dahlia Lithwick, notes that "in the few hundred pages of his new book, Thomas has managed to undo years of effort by his colleagues to depoliticize the judicial branch." As usual, only Jon Stewart can make us laugh through the tears.
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Going to the Beijing Olympics? Don't be black!

As Beijing prepares for the Olympics next year it is trying to clean up some of the shadier sides of the city. Apparently, one way of doing this is going to the popular bar street, Sanlitun, and arresting and beating all the men who appear to be of African decent, even if one happens to be the son of a diplomat.
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A Toy Factory in China.

25 Photos from a Toy Factory in China.
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How To Travel With Just One Bag.

Tired of waiting an hour for your luggage? Can't fit all your gear into a tiny suitcase? Struggling to find the perfect carry-on? OneBag can help.
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"To find people you know who are not using Crackbook, pick up the phone and give them a ring" Via somebody on Facebook of course. Not short on the English - read toilet - humour, Crackbook does manage to capture the uglier sides of social networking: "Michael Thomas is frantically detagging himself from photos of him with other women before his girlfriend Sharon Oliver notices." [more inside]
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Fly Jumpers Junior

Fly Jumpers Junior are a new product that give the wearer near-superhuman abilities, according to the promotional video on this amazon UK page. The vid also includes a surprising, albeit hilarious gory ending. The problem? These are Fly Jumpers Junior, aimed at kids. As one reviewer has already noted, isn't this a bit too much for advertising a product aimed at children?
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Urban Abandonments

7 Deserted Wonders of the (Post)Modern World. 7 More Deserted Wonders of the Modern World. 7 Submerged Wonders of the World. 7 Underground Wonders of the World.
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