October 8, 2000

Give It Away?

Give It Away? Seth Godin's book Idea Virus is available for free on his website, but the book is ranked #973 on the Amazon.com best-seller list (which means more than a few people are buying it anyway). Interesting...
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Don't know if this is a sign of the apocalypse, David Hasselhoff is starring as Jekyll and Hyde on the Broadway musical.
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In the NY debate

In the NY debate between Clinton and Lazio a reporter asked them about House bill 602p. An evil bill this one, purporedtly letting the US Postal Service tax email!
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A 38-year-old Slovenian

A 38-year-old Slovenian became the first person ever to ski non-stop down the world's highest mountain, Mount Everest, on Saturday. "I feel only absolute happiness and absolute fatigue," Davo Karnicar told Reuters by satellite phone after the descent
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Al Gore, Artist.

Al Gore, Artist. Slate's listed a set of drawings done by Al Gore for a New Yorker profile. If you haven't read the article yet, Slate wants you to analyze each drawing and figure out what Al's trying to get accross. Post your ideas to The Fray; the most creative ones will be hilighted.
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Clandestine Radio.

Clandestine Radio. Rebels, guerrillas, opposition groups, separatists, nationalists, regionalists, propaganda. You name it, it's on the air. [Via NASWeblog]
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Racism, Ra-Ra!

Racism, Ra-Ra! The real "fighting Sioux" in North Dakota are the ones fighting racism. You'd think an institution of higher learning would be sensitive to issues like racial genocide, but apparently not. The Sioux could use your support.
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Memorial to those who died of heroin.

Memorial to those who died of heroin. This is what I got in email today, after, I guess, they found my half-completed story on such a topic: "I was looking on the internet on Google for heroin drug overdose. You can see my daughter's before and after picture on www.ourwall.net. Click on Cheryl Dean born July 11, 1979 overdosed on Oct 5, 1997. Cheryl didn't die but she can't walk, talk, move legs arms or hands is blind and on a feeding tube. She had a cardiac arrest and didn't get enough oxygen to the brain in time."
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Ferrari has the title back in Maranello after 21 years.

Ferrari has the title back in Maranello after 21 years.
Michael Schumacher wins Suzuka and his third driver's championship. (More Here)
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