October 8, 2004

Round Two in the Town Hall

Bush & Kerry Round Two: Town Hall
It was going to be done. I'm just the one doing it.
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Wangari Maathai

Kenyan ecologist Wangari Maathai, founder of the Green Belt Movement in Africa, has won the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize. [Via WorldChanging.]
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Best and worst U.S. city flags

The best and worst city flags in the U.S. (Plus, how to design a good flag.)
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Science & Technology Web Awards 2004 - 50 best sci/tech web sites as adjudged by the editors at Scientific American.
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and i know a few things about photo essays

The best political photo essay i've ever seen. A cheeky look at Bush's flip flops in the form of a shoe catalogue.
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5000 year old carved skull "HEAVILY carved with mysterious buddhism objects, symbols and Tibetan letters." Crazy.
(Via Boing Boing)
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It's Good to be in DC. The latest from JibJab. Life is good.
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Talking points

Is Bush wired? Ruthless speculation devoid of issues, considered and explored.
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Extreme and Mountain Unicyclists

Extreme & Mountain Unicyclists. {MOVs}
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Framing the Economic Debate

Framing the Economic Debate. If you read Metafilter, you've no doubt seen a few links criticizing Bush's handling of the economy. The unabashed partisans at the Heritage Foundation have put together a document from which many of Bush's talking points about the economy (tonight, and throughout the campaign) are likely to come.
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A mixed message gives you the quote and counterquotes from politicians. A good way to see politicians sitting on both sides of an issue, even if it's often the same politician sitting on two sides of the same issue.
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On the eve of tonight's debate, more bad news for Bush.

On eve of tonight's debate, more bad news for Bush. The economy stumbled last month, with only 96,000 new jobs -- far short of the 138,000 jobs the Bush Administration predicted, or the 150,000 new jobs needed every month just to keep up with population growth. Another interesting tidbit is that 37,000 of the 96,000 new jobs are government employees, up from 24,000 in August and 11,000 in July. Is the timing coincidental? Meanwhile, electoral-vote.com changed their methodology -- again -- so that it more accurately reflects recent poll results. The difference is striking.
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cool Grand Canyon views

Take a nifty little tour of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River. (QTVR pics). (Alternate sites for non-QTVR people.)
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Seeking Band Geek Lit

Book publisher soliciting proposals on a high school marching band memoir. It could have an “American High” structure, in which a reporter follows a number of members of a band for a year, but the tone should be “Freaks & Geeks.” It could be something along the lines of “Drumline.” Or, and this is preferable, it could be a person’s wry memoir of his or her life as a band geek: weirdness on the bus, band sluts, the freshmen who steal your place, rivalries, loathing, the football team, what personality type goes with each instrument, etc. Knowledge of band camp and competitions would be a plus. BONUS: Maud's post includes the email address of a senior editor at Wiley to whom you may send your book proposals.
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George Bush shoots and kills D.C. police officer

In 1889, George Bush shoots and kills an innocent bystander then shoots and kills the D.C. police officer pursuing him. "Although mortally wounded, Officer Crippen found Bush hiding in a room and shot him twice." And that's how the Bush family had bad blood with D.C.
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SketchCrawl: San Francisco (via)
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Impossible demands, inhuman intent.

Ken Bigley murdered by Iraqi terrorists. The third of his group to be beheaded, his ordeal lasted three weeks, whilst his kidnappers demanded that the British release prisoners they didn't even hold. The poor man did not deserve this.
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If you see your mom, tell her I said SATAN!!!

Ceci Nes't Pas Une Satanic Message • "Years ago someone told me that if you played Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven song backwards that you could make out 'satanic messages'. It is not my opinion that Led Zeppelin and the other artists here were given some kind of evil power to make these backwards sounds have a satanic message. And, no, I did not create this to show the evils of Rock and Roll. Instead I made this flash piece for two reasons: 1. I was new to Flash and wanted to be better at it and 2. The reverse files sound cool. "
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Going Upriver

Going Upriver : The Long War of John Kerry, is the new documentary in theatres about Kerry's service in the Vietnam War and his subsequent protests against it. Somehow, I'd never even heard about this film until this morning. Reviews of the film seem to be mostly positive. Have any MeFi members seen it? Do you think this will have any affect on election day?
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I've only got a tiny twanger. But it works well and I like to play with it!

It doesn't matter what size your twanger is... [via]
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we would if we could

GlobalVote2004 what would the rest of the world vote for if they could? GlobalVote2004 aims to find out, all non US citizens can pick their choice for President of the USA.
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The worst seller on ebay?

Due to the fact that Canada harbors draft dodgers we DO NOT ship to Canada.
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Flash Friday Fing!

Unsurprisingly cute Japanese game. Today's reason for my corporate shirking.
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HELLO My name is Scott

Re-introducing community in a world of mass distraction and isolation. Here's what happens when one wears a nametag everywhere. And 52 ways to build a front porch.
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Friday Flash Frustration Fun: IQ Marathon (with cows) - The instructions are in German, but figuring it out is half the fun, right?
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Roll your own presidential stump speeches.

Roll your own stump speeches. Comes in two delicious flavors: George Bush and John Kerry.
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"Even my son goes on about Che"

"We can't be too purist about these things"
Slate: I know there is a conspiracy theory saying that David Atlee Phillips—the Miami CIA station chief—was involved with the assassination of JFK.
Howard Hunt: [Visibly uncomfortable] I have no comment.
Slate: And there were even conspiracy theories about you being in Dallas the day JFK was killed.
Hunt: No comment.
Laura Hunt: Howard says he wasn't, and I believe him.
E. Howard Hunt talks about Guatemala, the Bay of Pigs, Dealey Plaza. And what really happened to Che Guevara. (more inside)
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Dr. Angus Interventions

Dr. Angus Interventions would like to have a word with you. [flash, sound]
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This flash friday, it is still fun?

ai pengo: flash friday goodness
based on the arcade classic: Pengo.
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Nuclear Armageddon Simplified.

WTF, Mate? An easy lesson on nuclear proliferation (Audio nsfw) [via whattheheck.com]
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