October 8, 2006

Elephant in Farsi = Fil

Bombing Iran- Rove's Plan to Wag the Elephant. The Elephant is Iran. Iranian Elephant Art. The Lion-Elephant Rock.
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Sabre rattling 7-6-5-4-3.....

North Korea pops a cap
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Reject the old ways of the Jedi. Become a Babarist!

Looking for a new religion? Something to save your soul? Do you like Elephants? Then consider becoming a Babarist, a new religion that is seeking to spread the word of Babar. Followers seek to influence and enhance every facet of their lives by asking "What would Babar do?"
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Doesn't matter if you don't want no stinkin' war

People's Mujahedin of Iran (PMOI) a.k.a. Mujahideen-e Khalq (MEK) Apparently they now work for us and are inside Iran. Could lead to similar results as the Gulf of Tonkin.
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My roommate got a pet elephant. Then it got lost. It's in the apartment somewhere

"My roommate got a pet elephant. Then it got lost." (For weeks I've been collecting special elephant links for a FPP; I guess I'm late again. So here we go.) Time for a Thai Massage (Includes a Thai Massage). Elephants on LSD. Elephants playing soccer. And Elephant encyclopedia. Christopher Bahn posted a large collection of Links about Elephants on “Incoming Signals”. Off-subject: Crazy German bikers, female bodybuilders and Velada Romántica
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god damn how good at animation french students are.

Another fucking elephant post. This one however is followed up by a link to inhumanly good animation done by another French dude at the same company.
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"Saw you in a mag, smoking a fag, kissing a man."

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You need to brush up your toes young Hobbit!

The Thain's Book is an online encyclopedia of Middle-earth in the Third Age. Oh, you're an expert? Take the Middle-earth Challenge and prove it!
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Grey as a mouse, Big as a house.

Oliphaunts were one of the many amazing sights Sam Gamgee wished to see when he left The Shire. He immortalized the mighty beast in a song, and many other have paid tribute over the years. Origami, a design firm, and even a political cartoonist, it is clear that everyone who's anyone loves them some Oliphaunt. They even have their own urban dictionary entry, and a rather unflattering variant. Be careul not to confuse them with the Mastodon. Nor should be they be considered simple war elephants. The Oliphaunt towers over them all.
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Art by Colby Bird

Tribute (K-fed)
modern artwork by Colby Bird
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The father of political cartooning

Why is the elephant the symbol of the GOP? In large part, we can thank cartoonist Thomas Nast, who, on November 7 of 1874, published this cartoon, showing Republicans as a rampaging elephant tearing up the flimsy planks of the Democratic Party. He wasn't just a man who made elephants though; considered to be the father of political cartooning, Nast's illustrations helped bring down Boss Tweed, argued for the abolition of slavery, and hated the Irish.
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Sunday Flash Fun with Elephants

Elephants travel with their huge feet. "Oh the places they go! Who knew they could fly and do cannonballs?
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Play Al Green for the Pachyderms

Never underestimate the powers of elephant sex. It's linked to the human sixth sense, it's been the subject of symbolic controversy, and it's even inspired new methods of artificial insemination. And what of interspecies sex? Purely hypothetical given a two-party system.
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The First White Elephant Gift

Around A.D. 800, the storied Caliph Haroun Al-Raschid sent a diplomatic delegation some two thousand miles from Baghdad to Aachen, the seat of Charlemagne's empire. Among the many gifts for the Frankish ruler that accompanied the delegation was Abul-Abbas, the first recorded elephant north of the Alps.
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Prehistoric Elephants in the Young Republic

Peale’s Mastodon by Paul Semonin. "The skeleton preoccupied American patriots for another reason less scientific in nature–one which helps to explain why its bones were eagerly sought after by the Founding Fathers during and after the Revolutionary War. For many Americans, the great beast had become a symbol of the new nation’s own conquering spirit–an emblem of overwhelming power in a psychologically insecure society." An interesting article about Americans trying to understand mammoths, from Common-Place, the web magazine of early American history. Semion wrote a book on the topic, American Monster.
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A Brief Respite from Elephant Day

Giant Spiders is a website run by Guy Tansley, who spends his time collecting and photographing mankind's greatest known enemy, the Giant Spider, hopefully immediately prior to crushing them to death.
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The Elephant in a living-room-sized space

Philadelphia Zoo will close Elephant Exhibit, America's "Oldest Zoo" announced Thursday - becoming the 11th zoo in the US to stop displaying elephants since the Detroit Zoo made such a decision two years ago. Is this officially a trend yet?
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Miniature earth

Miniature earth is a flash movie of the results of the 'State of the Village' report by Donella Meadows in the 1990's.
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Aloysius. AKA Mr.

Snuffy has a posse. From his hero (Big Bird, of course, as well as "John William Konevich II's Bald F***ing head and those who worship it") to his friends (the Notorious PIG among them) to his friends' comments, Mr Aloysius Snuffleupagus' myspace page is thoroughly entertaining. (previously on MeFi)
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Getting to the sole of the matter

We all know what it is. We've all seen it, or heard of it. Maybe it's hard to talk about it. At any rate, we don't, generally. Or at least we're said not to. In fact, it seems that we do refer to it pretty often. It's interesting how all of the uses end up pointing to problems in the pachyderm population itself, from population pressures to captivity. Of course, the Victorians started the tradition with a particular item of interior furnishings, which forms the basis of a game, and may be the foundations of pachyderm communications.
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In the middle of the park...

Baseball's White Elephants: When the Philadelphia Athletics joined the American League, Muggsy McGraw derided the team as White Elephants ^. Though the team has moved on, the Philadelphia Athletics Historical Society still follows the Elephant Trail.
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Elephant Never Forgets

Elephant Never Forgets.
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epsilon pachyderm perambulation

baby elephant walk
baby elephant walk
baby elephant walk
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another jumbo post

Mixing beer with elephants. Metal elephants. Antique Elephants. It's the Elephants Collector's Page. By the way, have you ever seen an elephant fly? Now you have.
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ban elephants?

Should Mumbai ban elephants from the city? They're already using microchipped to crack down on "illegal elephants" being used for begging. Is this the next step?
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An Elephant Never Forgets

Elephant Rage might just tell us a lot about ourselves. There are rehab programs for elephants [mefi thread], and perhaps the ones for human victims can paired . This would be a pretty big step in acknowledging the trans-species psyche. Could this lead to a scientific revultion? Should it lead to an ethical one?
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One-eyed Charlie

In 1955 the Pajero Valley Historical Association erected a monument... which reads : * "Charley Darkey Parkhurst (1812-1879) Noted whip of the gold rush days drove stage over Mt. Madonna in early days of Valley. Last run San Juan to Santa Cruz. Death in cabin near the 7 mile house. Revealed 'one eyed Charlie' a woman. First woman to vote in the U.S. November 3, 1868."
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One Degree: global warming channel

The Weather Channel launches One Degree, a broadband channel dedicated to global warming - for the "weather obsessed", sexy-voiced climatologists Heidi Cullen brings global warming mainstream. Are you a "climatechanger"?
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Introduction to Traditional Wetshaving

Introduction to Traditional Wetshaving [YouTube playlist]
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That sounds colorful...

The John Whitney Music Box Variations are (currently) 17 nifty Flash sound/color objects based on the harmonics and algorithmic animation work of John Whitney, from the same fine fellow who brought us CoverPop and ColrPickr.
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