October 8, 2007

im in ur bibul, rewritin teh Scripchur

It's 10 o'clock. Do you know where your cats are? They might be off helping to translate the Old and New Testaments of Teh Holiez Bibul. [more inside]
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Joe Brainard, New York School cartoonist

Did the New York School invent alternative comics? Joe Brainard, more often recognized as an artist and poet in the second-generation New York School, produced several comics in the 1960s, collaborating with Frank O'Hara, John Ashbery, Ron Padgett, Robert Creeley, and many others. This series of blog posts by Gary Sulllivan (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8) examines Brainard's comics in the context of American poetry and underground comics. [more inside]
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Child Labor Travesty or Pap Smear? You Decide!

While other children their age spend their days in school, forming friendships and worrying over their grades, these two young ragamuffins spend long nights camped out in front of hot night spots they won't be able to legally enter themselves for at least half a decade. Please open your hearts, ladies and gentlemen, to the littlest paparazzi. [more inside]
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50 best breasts

In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, here are the 50 best breasts in movie history.
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you cant eat applause for breakfast

Breakfast looks different to different people. That alone made me wanna post this cuz that's just hella cool, but after I saw that, I started wondering what does breakfast sound like? Why should we even bother with breakfast? Here's some more thoughts on breakfast. Hungry yet? This was a great movie by the way. I guess that one was okay too. So what did you have for breakfast? [previously]
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Long Live the Queen!

The Victoria Regina Tarot, assembled from steel and wood engravings from nineteenth-century illustrations, now has an online reading generator with several original spreads.
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'I think there is a good future for this type of system...'

A new generation of bike rental is here, where you pick up the bike where you start your ride and drop it off at the destination. Vélib' and Vélo'V are the high-profile, wildly successful products of the JCDecaux ad firm in the cities of Paris and Grand Lyon. Velib' provides 10,000 bikes for cheap hourly rental beginning this past summer. In exchange for fully underwriting the €90 million of expenses, JCDecaux wins exclusive rights to all the city's billboards. JCDecaux' rival Clear Channel beat them out of the gate by a couple months, opening Bicing in Barcelona to similar success, although at a smaller scale. [more inside]
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Silhouette pirouette

Is the dancer spinning clockwise or counterclockwise? An optical illusion. [more inside]
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So, can we just skip dinner?

From San Francisco, that bastion of liberal decadence and sexual liberation, comes Moaning Lisa. (Tame, but probably not work safe.) [more inside]
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Single link to a post a weird insects

A few weird and interesting insects
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"We gave our final concert, The Band's final concert. We called it The Last Waltz."

At San Francisco's Winterland Ballroom on Thanksgiving 1976, The Band served turkey dinners to an audience of 5,000 and played Don't Do It, Theme from The Last Waltz, Up on Cripple Creek, The Shape I'm In, Who Do You Love, It Makes No Difference, Such a Night, Helpless, Stage Fright, The Weight, The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, Dry Your Eyes, Coyote, Mystery Train, Mannish Boy, Further on up the Road, Evangeline, Ophelia, Caravan, Forever Young, Baby Let Me Follow You Down, and I Shall Be Released with a ton of guests (listed in link titles). [more inside]
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Theroux reads Borges

Paul Theroux reads Jorge Luis Borges’s short story The Gospel According To Mark and discusses Borges with The New Yorker’s fiction editor, Deborah Treisman. mp3
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Cephalopod Awareness Day

Happy International Cephalopod Awareness Day! [Via ectoplasmosis.]
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Death! / Plop. / The barges down in the river flop.

New contender for world's worst poem. Yes, the mighty William Topaz McGonagall seemingly unassailable position as writer of the sublime The Tay Bridge Disaster is under serious threat... [more inside]
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“Blue Monday” Owners’ Club

“Blue Monday” Owners’ Club Photos of actual original “Blue Monday” sleeves (Peter Saville die-cut design) as brandished by their owners. Also You Are There! photos of searching for “Blue Monday” in the wild and finding it. (Creaky old frame-based site)
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public panopticon

Myanmar is apparently using photos sent to websites, television stations and other media to arrest protesters taking a cue from and praising(!) China's post-handling of Tienamen square in '89. Relations are mighty cozy between the two nations (according to the big one), but the words "vassal state" are starting to be bandied about.
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warsawa ... tourist trap?

modulation is visiting warsaw. not a city which has ever appeared in my top ten tourist destinations, but i am much more inclined to visit it after reading his thoughtful reflections on its architecture and history not to mention obscure (and in classic polish style, rarely open to the public or about to be shut down/demolished because they are too popular, attractions.)
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Jesus Malverde: Narco-Saint

Jesus Malverde : modern-day Robin Hood and "patron saint" of narcotics traffickers everywhere.
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lunchdate finder

Ever wanted to have lunch with a few total strangers? Check out Noonhat. There's some background on the blog. More from an article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.
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Kumbaya, my Lord! Kumba.... *TASER*

ASCAP loves your cookies, but business is business. You may remember, back in 1996, when ASCAP cracked down on The Girl Scouts for singing popular campfire songs and not paying copyright fees. Today, MCPS-PRS - UK's performance rights organization - has sued a popular car repair firm because its employees listen to radio at the work too loudly, and that it therefore constitutes a public performance. [more inside]
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Martin's Unusual Penis

Martin (no last name given) has done some fascinating and unusual things to his penis. In this interview, you can read about Martin's genital evolution, see pictures of the results, and find out the motivations behind Martin's actions. Despite what you might think, this is totally not safe for work. Via.
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Straight to Hell

Do you have a hard time relating to popular country music? Hank III is doing his best to play country music the way he thinks it should be. Not everyone likes him, but he drives some folks wild. [more inside]
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Usability issues and principles

30 Usability Issues to be aware of In this article we present 30 important usability issues, terms, rules and principles which are usually forgotten, ignored or misunderstood. What is the difference between readability and legibility? What exactly does 80/20 or Pareto principle mean? What is the law of proximity? What is meant with minesweeping and satisficing? And what is Progressive Enhancement and Graceful Degradation? What is banner blindness? How can you measure eye-tracking? Why fold area isn't that important. OK, it’s time to dive in.
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Bee afraid

Elephants are afraid of the buzzing of bees.
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Hark(ness), a panda!

In 1936, the American widow Ruth Harkness became the first person to capture a living panda from the wild.
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get your ghoul on

Morbid Anatomy - an excellent blog with a focus on art, medicine, death, and culture. Great viewing anytime, but it might also be a good reference source for any macabre seasonal celebrations!
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The Mystery of Andree

In 1897, pioneering Swedish balloonist Salomon August Andrée and two companions took off for the north pole in a hot air balloon. In 1930 their bodies were found, along with records of their expedition. This archive of newspaper articles tells their story. (So does Wikipedia, of course.) Many of the photos they took are here, along with a lot of text in Polish that I can't read any more than most of you can, so don't come complaining to me.
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Doctor Steel versus The Hammer of God

Not only does Dr. Duncan Steel have a manly name, he's also one of the guys responsible for keeping those pesky asteroids away from Earth.
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Che Guevara's death

Che Guevara's death
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So why do you think we have an appendix?

Theories about the appendix abound. (scroll down) But a new one is outlined in an interesting article in today’s Independent (UK) referencing the work of Duke Medical School researchers in the Journal of Theoretical Biology. [more inside]
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Astronomy Media Player

Astronomy Media Player - a generous collection of astronomy podcasts all gathered in one spot.
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Postsecret strikes again

The ability of Postsecret to reach out and touch everyday lives has not waned with its increased popularity and reknown. "I feel the same way. I often wonder why I even have a phone because I rarely receive calls." Then he offered a metaphorical ear. "If there was a way we could contact each other, that would be cool. My phone number is 605-212-7787." [more inside]
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