October 9, 2016

Sex Pistols/Vicious White Kids, Live 78

Vicious White Kids - Electric Ballroom, London - August 22, 1978. Sex Pistols, Longhorn Ballroom, Dallas, Texas - January 10, 1978. (This is the concert where Sid's bass comes unplugged and Steve Jones stops playing, walks over and plugs it in again - it is at about 6:30.) Bonus - Sex Pistols, Winterland, January 1978 - their final concert. (This has been an FPP previously but the link no longer works.) All links are Youtube. [more inside]
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My First Gulfstream

My First Gulfstream In 1998, Vanity Fair published this account by an anonymous "information entrepreneur" (rumored to be Nathan Myhrvold) about the process of buying a private jet.
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♪♫ Don’t modulate the key then not debate with me!

With just a month to go until the election (and after a Trumpian pre-debate shitshow) Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump face off again in the second presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis at 9PM Eastern Time. Print out your Bingo cards and tune into any major network (Channel 4 in the UK) or listen on NPR. Alternately, watch on one of YouTube's channels (NBC, PBS, Fox News, the Washington Post). Twitter will stream Bloomberg. Facebook has ABC and PBS. C-SPAN has its own feed (C-SPAN Radio is also streaming.) You can even watch in virtual reality (Gear, Rift, or Vive) via AltspaceVR. [more inside]
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A University of Whales

Losing a large number of individuals is a tragedy, but what happens when we lose an entire whale culture? What do we lose when we lose a way of life? Every culture, whale or otherwise, is its own solution to the problems of the environment in which it lives. With its extirpation, we lose the traditional knowledge of what it means to be a Caribbean whale and how to exploit the deep sea riches around the islands efficiently. And that cannot be recovered.
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'Kimye v. Taylor: American Snapchat Story'

The Ringer puts forth an interesting exercise: "draft" a TV show, spending a total of $250 on actor's salaries, time period, setting, special effects, intellectual property, and miscellaneous expenses ($12 for "gritty", $7 per pun in title). Readers submitted their own ideas, ranging from James Marsden and Geena Davis on a miniature golf course to a remake of Up with Charles Barkley and Matt LeBlanc.
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Mestiza Music

In 2014, Grammy-winning composer Gabriela Lena Frank brought together a chamber quartet with Ecuadoran pan players for a week-long workshop culminating with a performance of Mestiza Music. [57m] Trailer.
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Postmodern Colonial Rococo Baroque

Unique one of a kind finishing completed by a professional!
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Doughnut Kitten

Doughnut kitten: pretty much as advertised. [more inside]
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