October 17, 2000

Effective Web Design and the Tao of Plinko

Effective Web Design and the Tao of Plinko all this time I have been reading the wrong web sites to figure out the web. What I needed to be doing was spending some quality time with Bob Barker and friends on The Price is Right! Oh yeah, rumor has it that Bob Barker is set to retire next season (the shows 30th).
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The SDMI Hack challenge seems to have gone down in flames.

The SDMI Hack challenge seems to have gone down in flames. And apparently it wasn't even very difficult to break into it. This article goes into it in some detail. [more]
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Somebody call a lawyer!

Somebody call a lawyer! Now this is a blatant case of someone ripping off someone else's trademark in a URL if there ever was one. (Courtesy of Hard OCP)
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Handspring releases Visor Platinum and Visor Prism.

Handspring releases Visor Platinum and Visor Prism. Platinum = fast; $300. Prism = color; $450. Just in time for the you-know-what season. And here I bought a Visor Deluxe for $250 just last month like a sucker...
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The third presidential debate

The third presidential debate is on, and I can't stop watching it. Though I'd rather be taking in the simple pleasures of Dark Angel, my politically active mind won't allow me to do so . . . for the first time in my life, I find myself wishing for a brain annuerism.
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All of this talk about madonna.com and string.com seems to me to be just a mad scramble to grab a 'scarce' resource (ie. the .com TLD). The only problem is that the scarcity is completely artificial. Networking expert and lawyer Karl Auerbach has just been elected to ICANN as the US at-large rep on a platform of reducing ICANN's role from it current one as a overreaching international law making body. He says that the DNS system is capable of handling far more than just a few top-level domains like .com, .org, .net, .uk, .au etc. He says it could handle millions.
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Save priceline.com and Win!

Save priceline.com and Win! Poor Priceline. It was such a cool thing to have available.
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kevin bacon as math theory:

kevin bacon as math theory: properties of the kevin bacon absorbing set
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Americans 'have more sex'.

Americans 'have more sex'. No, that's not a order. But according to Durex, you're meant to be getting it more often, at a younger age. Does this say "as much about bragging as actual sexual behaviour"? Or are we just being led to think that "we are strange if we aren't thinking about sex all the time", as this Salon piece suggests?
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Doesn't this

Doesn't this seem like a kvetch clone (or copy-cat) to you?
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Media Metrix with some online election stats.

Media Metrix with some online election stats. Nothing particularly useful. Although it does seem that the web may actually be right leaning? Require Acrobat Reader
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Army's new uniform code to include berets.

Army's new uniform code to include berets.
"...this "symbol of excellence" once reserved for members of elite units will be made available to all soldiers as "a signal to the young that we are moving, we are changing."

This really belongs in The Onion.
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Go.com redesigns.

Go.com redesigns. Some sort of improvement...
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Planet Project:

Planet Project: Harris, the pollsters, team up with a bunch of other marketing-minded corporations to ask the people of the world (or at least, those with access to the Web) such questions as "Would you switch your race if you could not change it back?" and "When you die, what do you think will happen to you?" Sign up to lend your voice—or do a little culture jamming and explain why, when you die, you'll meet Claire, the giant armadillo who lives on Pluto and directs everything we do from a colossal high chair, where she eats nothing but creamed corn forever and shouts "Corn! Corn! Corn for me!"
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"No Senate Race in New York in 2000."

"No Senate Race in New York in 2000."
I was at the my AOL page and from there, two-clicked my way to their election 2000 link to find my local races; where I was greeted with the aforementioned quote, in red. At first I thought it was a reference to the New York State Senate. But the top of the page clearly says, "U.S. Senate Race." Am I the only person being duped by the AOL election information services?
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"Atari is now a sophisticated

"Atari is now a sophisticated computerized programmable unit...." Magazine ad for the 2600, back when TVs had handles and video games were blue, pink and magenta. (Obviously not the same meaning of "programmable" today.)
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Very good election analysis by Joan Didion in the current NYRB. (More inside.)
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Geeks get behind Al. He maybe behind Shrub in the polls, but who cares when you have geeks on your side.
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For anybody who wanted to see an open presidential debate

For anybody who wanted to see an open presidential debate Judical Watch is running your pony. They’ve invited all the major third party candidates and the other two guys to hash it out over ethics in government. Bush has already declined.
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