October 17, 2015

They're great!

A series of dark commercials (purportedly) for Kellogg's Frosted Flakes have appeared on Youtube as part of a "Tony is Back" campaign. Kellogg's is not amused.
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An Oral History of Langtang Valley

An Oral History of Langtang, the Valley Destroyed by the Nepal Earthquake "You've seen the images from Everest Base Camp and Kathmandu, but one village was hit so hard that it ceased to exist altogether. Half the population was buried. The others had to find a way out. This is their story. "
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Playing with Barbies has rarely been about fashion

A new ad for Barbie tries to get away from the stereotypes (via kveller)
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"I'm taking comfort in the ghosts of my past lives"

Exoho - Past Lives [more inside]
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The Gollop Chamber

The making of X-Com, Julian Gollop's squad based tactical game. Many subsequent games have taken the XCOM name, often of dubious qaulity, to the point when an XCOM FPS almost had Gollop crowdsourcing his own remake. Fortunately Firaxis did a "very very good" job with it's XCOM: Enemy Unknown" , though Gollop would have done a few things differently. A sequel, XCOM 2, is on the way, and will show "what happens when you lose Enemy Unknown. [more inside]
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Choose Something Like a Star: The Return of Celestial Navigation

"[S]atellites and GPS are vulnerable to cyber attack. The tools of yesteryear—sextants, nautical almanacs, volumes of tables—are not. With that in mind, the [U.S. Naval] academy is reinstating celestial navigation into its curriculum." A navigation expert speaks about the importance of a lower-tech approach. Want more? Celestial navigation in the classroom. Build your own sextant!
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What happens when someone dies alone

The Lonely Death of George Bell (slnyt) Incredibly well-researched, in-depth article on all the people affected by the death of a random man late last year, from the city workers charged with disposing of him and his things, to the people who knew him. Surprisingly moving, it is full of small uplifting moments.
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“We tell stories from the fault lines that separate Americans.”

The Us and Them Podcast from West Virginia Public Broadcasting is dedicated to exploring America’s cultural divides. It was partly driven by host Trey Kay’s friendship with Alice Moore (episode one), a major player in the 1974 West Virginia Textbook War that tore up the state in Trey's high-school years. (Episode two, which won a Peabody when originally aired on Studio 360.)
Alice made a reappearance in the podcast during the recent prolonged defeat of the Confederate Flag (episode nine). She also got a brief mention in episode ten, in which American foreign correspondents of color Roopa Gogineni and Mike Onyiego visited Louisiana to report on the flag war.
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Can men have it all? (STL)

Table turning Twitter account illustrating the absurdity of women having it all.
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Apparition, by Stealing Sheep

The new song and video by the psychedelic pop band from Liverpool is on Vimeo and YouTube. A discussion of the video, with screenshots and storyboards. The Stealing Sheep website and twitter; also, wikipedia. More on the video: Nowscopitone, Guardian, folkradiouk, Frontview. The video credits.
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The Confessions of @dick_nixon

“I understood that Nixon couldn't be frozen in the world of the tapes — he belonged ‘in the arena.’ And that made him a natural for Twitter.” Justin Sherin analyzes how and why he imitates Richard Nixon on Twitter as @dick_nixon.
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Promoting a new season? Get Your Analog Socia Media On

A new season of Going Deep With David Rees begins next month. To help promote the show, Rees will eschew social media, taking his campaign on the road. [more inside]
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"Wasn't I hiding something, too?"

"Mom Commercial", featuring Cole Escola.
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Sure, it's a massive time suck, but think of the savings!

A few days ago, a reddit user posted a thought-experiment about living in Las Vegas and working in San Francisco, commuting four days a week by airplane. Their back-of-the-envelope calculations have them saving about $1100/month. The posting was picked up by CityLab, and is leading to some interesting discussions. [more inside]
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2015 Nikon's Small World Photomicrography Contest Winners

ΦφΦϕ⊕​ΦΦϕΦ​ΦϕΦφΦ⊗⊗Φ⊕ΦΦϕΦΦϕϕΦφΦ⊗ [more inside]
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Mars with guitars

An outer space trip. Strum.
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