October 18, 2018

Ninety Minutes of Unbridled Female Excellence

As we head the 2019 Women's World Cup, let's take a look at the state of American women's professional soccer. [more inside]
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The Indonesian Immigrants who brought Rock'n'Roll to the Dutch

Between 1945 and '65 around 300,000 Dutch, Mollucans and Indo people, the descendants of mixed Dutch and Indonesian parents, left the Dutch East Indies, today known as Indonesia, for the Netherlands. The majority arrived around the time of Indonesia's struggle for independence in the second half of the 1940s. And some of these immigrants brought in western Rock'n'Roll: The Blue Diamonds, The Crazy Rockers and The Tielman Brothers (trio of black'n'white rock'n'roll videos; more below). [Another twang of the guitar to Johnny Wallflower for this musical trip] [more inside]
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I don't have any more luxury goods to fill this box so are words OK?

“People talk about subscriptions as if they’re all the same,” says Ipsy CEO Marcelo Camberos. “But in fact, subscription commerce is just a new way to engage with brands and get products. We’re all fundamentally different businesses.” Inside the $2.6 billion subscription box wars.
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This is not the new politics thread

How to Stop Yourself From Crying: Crying is a natural human response to joy, stress or sadness. But what if you don’t want to let the tears fall? (SLNYT)
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Do No Harm

Do No Harm. "3am. 1980s Hongjing. In an aging private hospital, a single-minded surgeon is forced to break her physician’s oath when violent gangsters storm in to stop a crucial operation." [SLV, Via] [more inside]
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They Live: A populist documentary on shadowy cabals turns 30

"Drones in the sky, conspiracies in our heads, militarized police in the streets, economic inequality in every corner of society, media that seeks to control our minds: The terror of They Live is more tangible and primal in 2018 than a slasher movie could ever be." Steven Hyden, The Ringer: John Carpenter’s ‘They Live’ Was Supposed to Be a Warning. We Didn’t Heed It. We Didn’t Even Understand It. [more inside]
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"Game on, Tiny"

Last Sunday's “60 Minutes” aired an interview by Lesley Stahl with Donald Trump, who informed her, twice, "I'm not a baby." (Transcript) Among other highlights, Trump, bobbing and weaving to avoid the truth, tried to cast blame on China when pressed about Russian interference in the 2016 campaign election, declared he knew more about NATO than Defense Secretary Jim Mattis (a former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Transformation), suggested climate change will "change back again", and let slip, "I don’t trust everybody in the White House". The AP reports 11.7 million viewers tuned in to watch, just over half the audience that Stormy Daniels had on the CBS newsmagazine last spring. CNN tracks 11 noteworthy moments from Trump's '60 Minutes' interview. [more inside]
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Welcome to math, where everything is cool if you know how it works

Geometry is neat:
Surface Area of a Sphere
Cake by Dinara Kasko
Morphing Cube
Slowly Filling a Maze
Pop-up cards
Milling Machine At Work
Church in Mogno, Switzerland
Two inverted magnetic bowls causing un-magnetized steel balls to organize into geometric patterns [more inside]
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The Knack

"The thing I hated most about being a child in the 1950s was that you couldn’t just open the cupboard." Why growing up in the 1950's sucked by M. John Harrison.
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Death is in demand. Life is golden, until it isn’t.

The Life and Death of a Mexican Hitman
Researching how Mexico can uproot the scourge of organised crime, Falko Ernst befriends a doomed hitman on the run from his past. Talking to the sicario in the Michoacán underworld, he learns much about the deadly challenges the new government faces. Additional: 'The training stays with you': the elite Mexican soldiers recruited by cartels.
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Definitely not made up Murder She Wrote title cards

Definitely not made up Murder She Wrote title cards [via mefi projects]
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He escorted me to the door and placed his iron-tipped toe to my rump...

Friday flash fiction: What Happened to Auguste Clarot? A blast of sci-fi comedic nonsense reminiscent of Donald Bartleme. "When I was summoned posthaste to the topsy turvy office of Emile Becque, savage editor of L'Expresse, I knew in my bones that an assignment of extraordinary dimensions awaited me. Becque glared at me as I entered, his green-tinted eyeshade slanted forward like an enormous bill. We sat there, neither of us saying a word, for Becque is a strong believer in mental telepathy. After several moments I had gathered nothing but waves of hatred for a padded expense account and then, all at once, I knew. It was l'affaire Clarot. I leaped to my feet crying out, I will not let you down, Emile, and stumbled (almost blinded by tears) out of his office."
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Mary Bono Nails the Dismount

Soon after allegations of sexual abuse by Larry Nassar were made by three former gymnasts on 60 Minutes, USA Gymnastics President and CEO Steve Penny resigned. Kerry Perry was hired to change the climate at the governing body, then fired "after nine months marked by chaos [and] lack of tangible action". [more inside]
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Beat The Devil Out Of It

46 minutes of Bob Ross beating the devil out of it, redecorating his living room, covering everybody in the studio, taking out his hostilities, just enjoying the best part of painting. [Digg] [YouTube] [more inside]
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flood the swamp!

From the very beginnings, Europeans looked at the swamps, marshes, bogs, and wetlands of what would become the United States as useless lands, suitable only for draining prior to agriculture or dredging for ship traffic. Now we have all found ourselves In The Dismal Swamp. [more inside]
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Oh, dear.

I need a new bum! Read by The Scottish Granny. [more inside]
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there can be only one

The Best Halloween Candy, Ranked [more inside]
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Better than tiger urine

Calvin Klein's "Obsession" for Men could be used as lure to catch a dangerous man-eating tiger in India. The cologne's ability to attract tigers was discovered in an experiment at the Bronx Zoo in 2003. [more inside]
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Precarious by Design

Passengers are empowered to act as middle managers over drivers, whose ratings directly impact their employment eligibility,” note Rosenblat and Stark in their paper. “This redistribution of managerial oversight and power away from formalized middle management and toward consumers is part of a broader trend in flexible labor. via Kenyatta
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“As players, we rarely look down on our own shoes, or even NPCs shoes,”

Shoes for Virtual Feet: “People wear shoes. Well, most people do. The same applies to virtual humans, every character in videogames wear shoes of some sort. I wonder what they are wearing? I've been documenting shoes in videogames for a few months now. It's experimental, it's not a full documentation yet, only the ones I find interesting. Protagonist, supporting characters, enemies, NPCs, pedestrians, they are all included.” [via: Rock Paper Shotgun]
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