October 18, 2019

To the Very Last Person to Ever Touch My Daughter on Earth

I honestly have no idea what compels someone to become a funeral director. I can't imagine many high school career counselors hear that one. In your case, this was a family business, but you could have done anything. Instead, you chose to comfort the brokenhearted. You chose a profession where you see people at their weakest and most vulnerable. During the times where we are so lost we have literally no idea how we will behave. Some sit stone still, others rage. Some cry, others are in denial. Families fight in front of you, bringing up old, unnecessary wounds when all that should be done is to write the obituary and get it into the paper.
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The Agony and the Ecstasy of Being Hated On The Internet

Lindsay Ellis speaks at the XOXO Festival about lessons she's learned for managing online harassment.
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Yes, you can pet the Polterpup in Luigi's Mansion 3.

Luigi's Mansion 3 [YouTube][Game Trailer] [Overview Trailer][JP]“Luigi’s Mansion is one of those series that seemingly came out of left field. When it was announced that Luigi would be getting his own star role for the GameCube launch, people were dubious. What came was nothing like any Mario game before it, and it has stuck with fans ever since, albeit through scattered releases and easter eggs in other Mario franchises. So when a full-console third installment was announced last September, people lost their minds. Luigi's Mansion 3 has that Nintendo polish we know and love: The mansion is gorgeous, the character animations are stylized, and the music is unbelievably good. While it may not scare you like Resident Evil or The Last of Us, there is still some low-level eeriness. So if you're too old for trick-or-treating and too chickenshit for other horror games, this is the perfect pick for your Halloween gaming.” [via: Esquire] [more inside]
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No Claws for Concern

Playing Deadliest Catch: The Game on medical speed. A newly-diagnosed ADHD patient describes writing on a deadline with new meds. Come for the fantastic advertisement of just how great appropriate mental health treatment can be, but stay for the Bon Jovi theme running throughout.
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Muddy America: Color Balancing the Election Map

The Trouble with the County Winner Map, and why this Muddy Map is better for determining vote populations and vote margins in the US election.
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Helping the climate survivors multiply and thrive, for a while at least

On the north shore of Lake Tahoe, Patricia Maloney, a UC Davis forest and conservation biologist, hunts for these [climate] survivors. Most people focus on the dead trees, their brown pine needles obvious against the glittering blue of the lake. But Maloney tends not to notice them. "I look for the good," she says. "Like in people, you look for the good, not the bad. I do the same in forest systems." [...] "Evolution is a tool that we can bring to bear in helping us get through this future," says Steve Palumbi, a biology professor at Stanford University, who has been looking for coral that can handle heat. Boosting natural resilience: studying the trees that survived California drought and coral that withstand higher water temperatures, and then helping them propagate (NPR). [more inside]
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Emo Lumen T

The matter of Trump receiving emoluments has come under scrutiny, especially for stays at his DC hotel and due to his declaration that the 2020 G-7 meeting will take place at Trump Doral Resort. [more inside]
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The Mystery of the "Terminator" Theme Time Signature

What time signature is the Terminator theme in?
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"A Communist doesn’t whine - he shows his teeth"

An interview with Theodor Bergmann, "the last participant and eyewitness to the German labor movement of the Weimar era."
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The day Zach Galifianakis saved Obamacare.

“ Obamanauts have a passion for office and state, a calling for power distilled of all impurities. Pfeiffer may have wanted to help Obama “achieve his place in history,” but his ultimate intention in the White House was to serve “not just my president but the presidency itself.” Even so, theirs is an agile sense of service that bends to more self-serving claims. Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes says that after 9/11 he was so compelled by patriotism—and repelled by the New York left’s “preemptive protests against American military intervention” and “reflexive distrust of Bush”—that he made the trek uptown to talk to an Army recruiter under the Queensboro Bridge. After giving the matter some thought, he decided that army life wasn’t for him; he could better serve his country by joining a think tank in DC.” The memoirs of Barack Obama’s staffers, considered (Dissent)
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One Rothko Per Hour

One Rothko per hour
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Lizzo boosts flute sales as classical music has renaissance on Instagram - "The Detroit-born star has amassed more than 265,000 fans on her flute playing Instagram account @Sashabefluting (named after her flute she calls Sasha Flute)."
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Fun, convenient, viral

Last month, Pizza Hut rolled out a calzone shaped like a Cheez-It, a square cracker with a cheddar flavour, and, in August, KFC released a fried-chicken sandwich stuffed with Cheetos, puffy cheese-flavoured crisps.
The BBC takes a delve into the world of viral fast food-cum-snack creations that "inspire curiosity, attention and disgust wherever they go".
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The WTC Visualised

Chill out this Friday with visuals in various styles illustrating Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier book 1. (SLYT Playlist) [more inside]
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