November 4, 2002

Jonathan Harris (1914-2002)

Jonathan Harris (1914-2002) No one wreaked interplanetary havoc -- and devoured Irwin Allen's scenery -- quite like Harris as Dr. Zachary Smith, the distinctively diabolical space stow-away in the 60's TV series Lost In Space. A fifty-year veteran of movies and TV, Harris was 87 when he passed away Sunday.
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Zeldman likes it. Jakob isn't saying, though he'll probably weigh in. mathowie'll probably like it since he seems to dig those Adaptive Path guys. It's elegant, it's like a pleased-with-itself polar bear, it's the AIfIA and there are probably more than 25 reasons it's a Good Thing.
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Should majorities also have a say?

Should majorities also have a say? Why doesn't Russia get to vote on Chechen independence? Why can't Britain vote on expelling Northern Ireland ... or the English on Scottish devolution? Should minorities be allowed to hold a gun to the heads of the majority?
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Cyberpunk is here today. Finnish telecom company Sonera's security unit is being investigated for using telephone records to find out who had given reporters confidential information. Two employees have been arrested.
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If being a student wasn't hard enough,

If being a student wasn't hard enough, now they want us to sit in a pub/bar, day and night, and all in the name of an education. Its a hard life, but someone has to do it!!!
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California Coastal Records Project. Rich guy with a helicopter and a digital camera posting high-resolution pictures on the internet of every mile of the California coastline, 500 feet at a time. (Related Washington Post article.)
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Dear Penis...

Dear Penis... Won't you come out to play? [A flash animation performed by Rodney Carrington and cartooned by Chris Dill.]
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'Come Out To Vote On November 6th'

'Come Out To Vote On November 6th' In Baltimore, Republicans are accusing Democrats of paying people to canvass African-American neighborhoods on Tuesday. Democrats are accusing Republicans of intimidating minority voters by planning to use members of the Fraternal Order of Police to serve as GOP poll workers. Meanwhile, a flyer being circulated in African-American communities 'reminds' readers to vote on November 6th - but only if all outstanding tickets, warrants, and outstanding rent payments have been paid.
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The 80's Movie Gateway.

The 80's Movie Gateway. "Like an encyclopedia, we've got mini-sites for loads of your fave films from the 80's, packed with info, pictures, trivia, soundtrack details, trailers and much, much more... Like a web directory, on each page, we also give you links to the best sites dedicated to each movie."
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On this day, 23 years ago, thousands of radical Iranian students, demanding the return of the shah, overran the U.S. embassy and took about 90 people captive. Most Iranian officials and even ordinary people supported their action. However, today about %75 of Iranians want better relations with U.S.
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Paint By Numbers

Paint By Numbers Proving that everything old school is new again. Choose from hundreds of masterworks from artistic greats such Georgia O'Keefe, Mark Rothko, Picasso and Monet or just paint up the perfect black velvet Elvis. Select your artwork, choose a color and click to fill. You'll never color outside the lines again. (This was just too fun to save for Friday.) [ Via Linky Dinky ]
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"According to a classified document prepared for Rumsfeld by his Defense Science Board, the new organization will carry out secret missions designed to 'stimulate reactions' among terrorist groups, provoking them into committing violent acts which would then expose them to 'counterattack' by U.S. forces. In other words - and let's say this plainly, clearly and soberly, so that no one can mistake the intention of Rumsfeld's plan - the United States government is planning to use 'cover and deception' and secret military operations to provoke murderous terrorist attacks on innocent people. "
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We don't need more voters, we need better voters

We don't need more voters, we need better voters "Far from urging everyone to vote, perhaps the media might better urge those who are going to vote to first make sure that they have heard both sides of the issues at stake, instead of just voting by habit, whim, or according to the image or rhetoric of the candidates. A case could be made that those who have not informed themselves on the issues have a patriotic duty to stay away from the polls on Election Day, rather than mess with something that is too important to be decided by ignorance or prejudice. " Is Tom's suggestion an attack on a civic institution/central tenet of democracy, or a needed improvement? I share the opinion that uninformed voter turnout is a greater problem than low voter turnout, and I know I'm not alone, but I prefer the approach of those who promote use of emerging information resources, especially the incredible Project Vote Smart, rather than simply complaining. Why don't Sowell -- or for that matter, the rest of traditional media -- push these organizations? What can we do about it -- other than posting on Metafilter?
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Got a prime number? This formula can tell you

Got a prime number? This formula can tell you. Dr. Manindra Agrawal, a professor of mathematics at the Indian Institute of Technology, and two doctoral students have solved a problem that has been puzzling mathematitians for literally centuries: testing with absolute certainty whether a number is prime. More inside.
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Chechen Rebels to be buried in pigskin

Chechen Rebels to be buried in pigskin It seems that the Russian security forces have decided that burying the Chechens in pig's skin will keep future Islamic terrorists from following suit in the attacks in a theater a little over a week ago. Instead of immediately going to 'heaven', the terrorists would preventing from doing so forever. sorry for the short link, just thought the headline was niche-y enough...
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It's good to be a king

It's good to be a king... of Swaziland. Sounds like we may be witness to decline of one of the oldest absolute monarchies in the world. It's amazing to me that there are still corners of our planet where kidnapping young women into "marriage" is deemed acceptable.
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The art of being Canadian is often making do. Same-sex marriage is a national hot-button issue right now. What rights should homosexual partners have? What does it mean to the church? There comes a new option in the debate: civil union, not quite marriage, but more than just shacking-up. Will this be enough to satisfy as many as possible under the circumstances?
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Freakshow In My Pocket

Freakshow In My Pocket is a collection of surreal animated matchbox dioramas (via The Excitement Machine)
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"Deep-fried chicken livers, crusty and delicious as any chicken liver ever, anywhere. Utterly wonderful, served with peppered cream gravy on the side."

"Deep-fried chicken livers, crusty and delicious as any chicken liver ever, anywhere. Utterly wonderful, served with peppered cream gravy on the side."
Michael Stern - co-author (along with his wife) of numerous pop-culture classics - pontificates on the subtle joys of roadside diners, collaborative cuisine and comfort food. If all the talk of chicken-fried steak makes you want to hit the road, use his site to hunt down some choice noshing stops. Or just whip up some down-home grub yourself. Personally, I like a big ole pot of ravioli with a ketchup and butter sauce. Mmmm....
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Anti-union Yahoo!?

Anti-union Yahoo!? A former janitor at the Yahoo! offices wrote to The Mercury News about his experience: $16K/yr, no benefits, no union. Reads like a page from Barbara Ehrenreich's "Nickel and Dimed." In the wake of the e-bubble and Enron economy, cleaning out the wastebaskets still gets no respect...or does it? Discuss. (Thanks to J. Romenesko)
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Am I the only one who doesn't think this is news? This story also showed up here a few days ago. (more inside)
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Sorry for the US-centric post, but Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote tomorrow!! This nation is run by a handful of individuals: Not the rich, nor the famous, nor the powerful, but those common Joes and Janes who take a few minutes a year to go and put a checkbox on a piece of paper (or whatever you do in your state). While it's all very fun to discuss politics on Metafilter, or post about it on your blog, or shake your fist at it while watching the evening news, election day is the time when your opinion is worth something more than the Special Olympics Award for Internet Debate. Your country is asking you a question, and how you respond determines the course we all take in the future. I apologize for the grand and idealistic rhetoric, but this is a grand and idealistic situation! VOTE ALREADY!!!
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History of Medicine

History of Medicine The (US) National Library of Medicine has a fine collection of online exhibits on subjects as diverse asDream Anatomy, 500 years of Paracelsus, America's first woman MD, a brief history of caesarian section, Islamic and Chinese medicine, and much more....
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You probably remember him best for his famous green devil, tempting you with the esoteric delight of evil absinthe*, or the familiar image of the jester pushing the pleasures of Bitter Campari. Called by some the "father of the modern poster", and even the "father of advertising", Italian-born Leonetto Cappiello created over 1,000 memorable posters during his 40-year career in belle-epoque and fin-de-siecle Paris, and a quick look at a collection of his work quickly reminds us how enduring both his images and his basic concepts have been. (more...)
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Captionistas Wanted:

Captionistas Wanted: This year's New Yorker cartoon competition, slightly more challenging than last year's is now online, awaiting witty captions until November 20.
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Ever wonder if your great grandmother kept her pin money in an account no one knew about? Your state treasurer has those unclaimed funds just waiting for you to find them. [more inside]
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The Death of the Internet.

The Death of the Internet. Do discuss.
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