November 4, 2007

"Ethel patted her hair and looked very sneery."

The bearer of this letter is an old friend of mine not quite the right side of the blanket as they say in fact he is the son of a first rate butcher but his mother was a decent family called Hyssopps of the Glen so you see he is not so bad and is desireus of being the correct article.
The Young Visitors, or, Mister Salteena's Plan (written 1890, published 1919) is a remarkable little novel that offers an atypical perspective on the recreations of the late Victorian upper classes and boasts some of literature's most comprehensive descriptions of clothing. Its author was Daisy Ashford, a nine-year-old girl.
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The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world.

"Blah blah blah, Mr. Freeman." Half-Life in 60 seconds. Or in 25 years. Or with sightings. (Spoilers all.)
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William Hamilton and the Flaming Fields of Vesuvius

British diplomat William Hamilton (whose 2nd wife Emma is perhaps best known for having a scandalous public affair with Horatio Nelson) loved volcanoes. His 1776 book Campi Flegrei: Observations on the volcanoes of the two Sicilies* used stunning hand-coloured illustrations by Peter Fabris to demonstrate to the scientific world that volcanic processes can be beautifully creative as well as horribly destructive. [via this post at the nonist, which, in case you hadn't noticed, has been really great lately] [more inside]
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Sullivan on Obama

Goodbye to All That. A great look at the Obama candidacy, and the culture wars behind it, by Andrew Sullivan, featured in the December 2007 issue of The Atlantic Monthly.
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Goalie Masks of the NHL

Goalie Masks of the NHL - A series of photos showing an amazing amount of personal self-expression and art on these professional athletes.
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Grizzly Bear Knife
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The excellent proofreading alone puts it above GameFAQs.

Most video game walkthroughs on the web are in text form- GameFAQs is perhaps the best-known host for them. Sometimes text just isn't enough, though, and that's when Visual Walkthroughs comes into play, offering screenshot-based walkthroughs for a number of games like Ghost Master, Deus Ex, and Half-Life 2. [more inside]
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Heavy Metal Good Triumphs Over Animatronic Evil

Epic battle between John Mikl Thor and animatronic Satan! This is from Rock n' Roll Nightmare (a movie so good it has fans) starring "Legendary Rock Warrior" John Mikl Thor (previously of MetaFilter). WFMU's Beware of the Blog has more information on John Mikl Thor and many clips from the movie as well as a clip of Thor performing on The Mike Douglas Show in 1976 [qt].
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Cell Phone Vigilante

Cell Phone Vigilante. Annoyed by a woman talking away next to him (peppering her conversation too much with "like"), a man uses a cell-phone jammer to shut her up. Is he to blame for his illegal behavior?
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Countries that look like their Phillips curve

Some countries are shaped like their economic Phillips curve. Japan bears a strong resemblance to its Phillips curve. The Czech Republic does too, a little. And Canada’s similarity to its Phillips curve it less obvious, but it’s still there.
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Funky Tut

King Tut's face revealed to the world The face of Egypt's most famous ancient ruler, King Tutankhamun, has been put on public display for the first time.
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Maps new and old. Music maps - Find out who is listening to what and where l Cool Google Maps - Who knew maps could be fun? l Subway maps on five continents l Free printable world map and blank maps l Free Clustr Maps - Locate all site visitors. l Index of some users of WorldKit - Easy web mapping (including the excellent and previously mentioned, RSOE HAVARIA Emergency and Disaster Information Service) l Number of Inhabitants Per Doctor around the world l And some beautiful antique, old and vintage maps, such as this one of the names of the Mediterranean winds in five languages. [more inside]
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Barbara Lynn Ozen: songwriter, guitarist, singer.

Ever heard of Barbara Lynn? She was a rarity in the world of R&B in the early 60's: a black female songwriter, guitarist and singer. After a couple of decades out of the spotlight, she returned in 1999 with a new album. [more inside]
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First Goddess of the Squared Circle

RIP Fabulous Moolah. 84 year old Lillian Ellison died in Columbia, SC Friday. She was a wrestling champion for 28 years until losing her crown to Wendi Richter in 1983 in a match involving MTV and Cyndi Lauper. More here, here, and here, with obligatory YouTube link here.
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Don't confuse the 9/11 with the 7-11

On July 10, Prince William County, Virginia voted to begin a major crackdown on illegal immigration. Two local filmmakers have responded with a series of videos covering everything from county hearings to head-on confrontations between white and Hispanic residents. Full collection of 31 youtube videos (with more regularly being added). The Washington Post's coverage.
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Martin Puryear

Martin Puryear : artist, Peace Corps alumni, MacArthur Foundation Award recipient. A retrospective of his artwork (1977-2007) opens at The Museum Of Modern Art today. Also online here.
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High speed camera.

High speed camera.
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