November 8, 2002

The Computer Photography of Arthur Lavine.

The Computer Photography of Arthur Lavine. Got a reel-to-reel fetish? Does the phrase "hand assembled ferrite core memory" make you swoon? Take a look at some old-school nerds at work for Chase Manhattan, back in the days when computers were big and expensive, and a Macintosh was a raincoat. It's an exhibit at San Diego's Computer Museum of America, which is chock full of goodies. Check out the slide show exhibit too.
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No Child Unrecruited

No Child Unrecruited Under the "No Child Left Behind Act" passed earlier this year, secondary schools must provide military recruiters with the names, addresses and phone numbers of their students or risk losing federal aid. [More Inside]
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As part of March's National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month 2003, the Cancer Research Foundation of America will lead a nationwide, 20-city Colossal Colon Tour from March 2003 to October 2003.
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R.I.P. Squirrel 2002-2002

R.I.P. Squirrel 2002-2002 He lived a short, productive life. Some guy finally shot and killed him to end his reign of terror over Chesire. I'm sure that with a good taxidermist, he will be stuffed and live on in the hearts of all of England. He also spawned an unintentionally funny caption to a picture: "A squirrel, similar to the one shown in this file photo, is spreading terror in a Cheshire town where it keeps attacking people"

I dub thee "Chester the Crazy Squirrel". May he live his afterlife like he lived his life, by attacking people at random.
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Tell a joke at some musician's expense.

Tell a joke at some musician's expense....or tell a few. Here's something for your favorite bodhran player, or the banjo player in your life. But somehow, the string section gets the worst of it.
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The world's largest store

The world's largest store turns 100 today.
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Verily, it is Fun on Friday.

Verily, it is Fun on Friday. Shooting Stars 3D Minigolf - from the BBC. [Shockwave]
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What happened to intent to commit a crime?

What happened to intent to commit a crime? Jalbert, a resident of Pohenegamook, Que., was arrested on Oct. 11 after failing to stop at the local border crossing. He had crossed into a neighbouring Maine town to fill up his truck with gasoline before a weekend hunting trip. U.S. officials noticed a hunting rifle on his front seat. A subsequent computer search by American authorities revealed that he had a criminal record in Canada, related to a 12-year-old breaking and entering conviction. Now he's facing four months in jail. An editorial in the Maine newspaper The Portland Herald called the decision to keep Jalbert locked up "odd" and said he "is no threat to anyone (unless you're a duck)."
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Standing in the Shadows of Motown,

Standing in the Shadows of Motown, a documentary about Motown Records' legendary house band, the Funk Brothers.
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"President Bush is a liar. There, I said it, but most of the mainstream media won't."

"President Bush is a liar. There, I said it, but most of the mainstream media won't."
From an article in The Nation...prompted by all the talk of lies in this thread.
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Ever dream your teeth fell out?? I did. I used to think it was because some of mine really did once (through violence, not poor dental hygiene). Turns out everybody dreams this.
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'Dear Mr. President' letter is a hoax.

'Dear Mr. President' letter is a hoax. You may remember the story of President Bush writing an author and telling him that his book was "unpatriotic and ridiculous and just plain bad writing"... [more inside]
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"I am the first to say that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a forgery, but what is strange is that they [the Israelis] perhaps read it and decided to implement it." Mohammed Sobhi, screenwriter of The Horse without Horseman, reacts to charges that his Egyptian mini-series is anti-semitic. The program tells the story of an Egyptian who leads the struggle against the British colonizers until he finds a book that provides proof that the true enemy is not the British, but the "Elders of Zion".
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Lovely Pointy Photos

Lovely Pointy Photos - A visual diary of produce from the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket in Brooklyn. Autumn, Summer, Spring, Winter.
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Breast Cast Art.

Breast Cast Art. (NSFW? I don't know, your call.) Modart's Keep a Breast 2002 is currently auctioning off these artistic busts to benefit The Breast Cancer Fund.
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AMERICA'S DARK SECRET- The Port Chicago Disaster

AMERICA'S DARK SECRET- The Port Chicago Disaster Did America's first atomic weapons test take place on US Soil? Although, cited as an accident at first, on the night of July in 1944 a mushroom cloud exploded killing hundreds. Twenty years of investigation have found links between Port Chicago and the Manhattan project as well as Los Alamos. Mutiny? Cover up of Nuclear disaster? Read it and see what you think.
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DOH! the Rollingstone Simpsons quiz!:

DOH! the Rollingstone Simpsons quiz!: doh!
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pointless but surprisingly beautiful photos

pointless but surprisingly beautiful photos taken using a kite on the northern California coast
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Heavens to mergatroid!

Heavens to mergatroid! Who, what, or where is mergatroid? (Or is it murgatroid?) In what way does it relate to Heaven? Maybe it's an angelic sound.
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I'm amazed. (And no, this isn't a Lone Star thread.) For all the politics fuss we've engaged in over the last 2 years, I'm a bit surprised that no one thought it a fit topic for discussion that Florida lost 100,000 votes this week. In Broward County. But of course, those are the *only* votes we lost track of, right...?
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A quick HIV test is about to hit the US market.

A quick HIV test is about to hit the US market. An HIV test that is easy to administer and provides results in 20 minutes has just been approved by the FDA. This is a big deal partly because almost 250,000 Americans are infected and don't know it. The ease of this fast-response test will help identify some of them.
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Name That Fundamentalist!

Name That Fundamentalist!
Is everyone ready for some Friday fun? How about online quizzes today? Here's one where you try to guess which fundamentalist is responsible for a quote. Go ahead, give it a try and post your favorites too!
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Job got you down?

Job got you down? Why not switch careers to the exciting field of necro-janitorial service? Join Crime Scene Cleaners today and be like your favorite movie hero, The Wolf. (Test your personality here). With high murder and suicide rates, you'll have that job security you desperately seek. Grab a broom and get busy!
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Menstrual Art:

Menstrual Art: Vanessa Tiegs uses her livejournal and her own, uh "natural" paint supply to make some pretty cool paintings. (via fullofnothing)
My intention in making paintings using my menstrual blood is to create beauty from something that most people would rather avoid. I consider my paintings as personal and political images presenting a positive and celebratory attitude toward menstruation.

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U.N. passes Iraq resolution on weapons inspections

U.N. passes Iraq resolution on weapons inspections "The resolution passed unanimously, after Secretary-General Kofi Annan joined the assembled delegates in the Security Council chamber." I really hope Iraq takes a new approach, and actually genuinely disarms. Next year will be so much more pleasant.
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Bet the Farm.

Bet the Farm. Friday Flash Fun! Do you have what it takes to run a modern farm? This online game pits your decision making against the forces of nature and the market in a simple, clever, educational flash game. I made $9.33 an hour! Who will be MetaFilter's master farmer?
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Akiyoshi's illusion pages.

Akiyoshi's illusion pages.
This japanese psychology professor has been collecting and developing geometric optical illusions, some of which are found on the streets [inc. Brighton, UK!], notably he is inspired by traditional japanese design and architecture. NB: Though not exactly Friday Flash, the emphasis on clour & motion illusion prompts Akiyoshi to warn: "Caution: This page contains some works of "anomalous motion illusion", which might make sensitive observers dizzy or sick. Should you feel dizzy, you had better leave this page immediately." How polite!
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Song of the South

Song of the South has been withheld by Disney since 1986. Based on Joel Chandler Harris' Uncle Remus tales, it depicts Reconstruction-era Georgia through Disney-tinted glasses. It won an Oscar for its song "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah," but will we ever see this classic again?
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Axl Rose causes a riot?

Axl Rose causes a riot? Give it up Axl, riots were so 10yrs. ago.
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Teaching physics with superheroes...

Teaching physics with superheroes...
...and comics in general. Comics are used to teach math, in "The Mathematical Cartoons of Larry Gonick". While this flash animation addresses the physics of everyday life. Interesting ways to present basic and sometimes not so basic [~400k jpg] topics in science.
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Jiang outlines plans to make China wealthier

Jiang outlines plans to make China wealthier Ah, Adam Smith in and K. Marx out. Brting on the Krispy Kreeme franchises. Bet there won't be labor unions in the near future but an economically powerful China plus the EU will give America some strong competition.
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Enfants Don't Come Any More Terrible Nor Is Any Poète More Maudit

Enfants Don't Come Any More Terrible Nor Is Any Poète More Maudit than "bad, mad and dangerous to know" Lord Byron, which is why biographers can't resist delving into his multitude of sins, transgressions and crimes. Increasingly, the life of a great writer overshadows his work and the consequences of this mania look bleak indeed... [More inside]
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