November 10, 2002

Playing with Lists and Playlists:

Playing with Lists and Playlists: Hi, my name is Carlos and I'm a playlist junkie. They're just as much fun to read as to compile or even, if you're really desperate and have the time (or are too young, busy or sensible to have a less than encyclopedic knowledge of popular music) actually listen to. Thanks to Wood's Lot, which featured the "excellent pinko" anti-war set, I came across this intriguing, humorous and idiosyncratic collection of playlists by Scott Williams of WFMU. (Here is how to listen online.) My favourites are An Italian Lesson and Pleasant Here At The Lake. I wonder what he has planned for tonight (or tomorrow night?), as Monday is the day of his weekly show...
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Cheer up, things could be worse.

Cheer up, things could be worse. War hysteria and Republican triumphalism got you down? Contemplate the array of potential extinction-level events that Nature has seen fit to confront us with, no matter what we monkeys choose to do. What do you think? Are we approaching another evolutionary bottleneck?
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Ghostzilla "is a browser for surfing the Web when you don't want anyone to physically see what you are doing." Bang goes productivity! [Also on /.]
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Let the people decide.

Let the people decide. There's lot's of initiatives trying to push Direct Democracy, like Philadelphia II, as a solution to all of the problems inherent in the political process. A few places like Switzerland, ancient Athens, and some New England towns already have it that way. A lot of them want electronic and phone voting to pave the way. Is it possible, or was Machiavelli right to believe that politics is best left to the politicians. That's what the electoral college is for.
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The Conceptual Metaphor Home Page at Berkeley offers a fascinating compilation of the metaphors underlying our everyday speech, such as Fear is Cold, Facts Are Points, Money is a Liquid, and Sexuality is an Offensive Weapon.
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While the UK, US and UN prepare for various forms of battle, the Commonwealth remembers it's dead from two world wars, the Falklands war, the Gulf war, the Korean war, the Yugoslavian wars or any other conflict where servicemen died. Despite having my own to remember I can't help feeling maybe it's time to let the dead rest...
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Yoga as Self-Transformation

Yoga as Self-Transformation is an interesting article on the mental and physical effects practicing yoga can have on a person. Anyone who practices yoga will probably recognize some points in this article, and may enjoy some of the author's other articles as well.
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The Color of Cool,

The Color of Cool, a Business 2.0 article about why so many new products use blue LEDs. Pantone even declared Cerulean Blue (Pantone 15-4020 TC), the colour of the sky on a serene, crystal clear day, as the official colour of the millennium.
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Late for Halloween, but could come in handy the next time you want to give someone the finger.
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What do moedy, cruxtaposition, daugahyde and posolutely have in common? Don't bother looking up at, Merriam-Webster OnLine or All these words are newly made up words and only the pseudodictionary knows them. Don't know what NSFW means? Want to submit a new word creation of yours? You have no clue and want to brush up your vocabulary? Try the randomerizor and get smart!
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Naked man festivals

Naked man festivals - if you're a fan of unique and colorful folk festivals, you may want to plan a trip to Japan. Naked man festivals are a fairly common occurrence. There's Hadaka Matsuri in January, Houne Matsuri in March and Minato Matsuri in August. Probably lots of others. Guys will need to dress in the fundoshi, traditional garb for the occasion. There are a few styles, one of which can be a little tricky. Women are generally on the sidelines, and their attire is colorful yet somewhat less revealing. Probably not safe for work, despite being steeped in tradition!
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Steal This Link.

Steal This Link. It looks like the guys at Tenant Net are the latest to take Abbie Hoffman's classic piece of advice. Will the recession (not to mention, teehee, the US dollar being at a three-year low against the euro and the British pound) make it relevant and, er, practical, again? Or subversive even? [Via LinkFilter]
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Home improvement

Home improvement Twenty years saying nothing but "Hello" and "Goodbye" to the neighbours, all the while fixing to kill people after you're dead ... this man deserves to become the sixth famous Belgian.
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Reading the 9th Prophecy of the American Hopi Indians has sent a chill in my spine!

Reading the 9th Prophecy of the American Hopi Indians has sent a chill in my spine! Some interpretations I have read say that this prophecy is an interpretation of Nasa's Skylab falling back to Earth circa 1979. However when I read this prophecy a few months ago the crash of the World Trade Center immediately popped into my mind! The Hopi's 9th prophecy states "You will hear of a dwelling-place in the heavens, above the earth, that shall fall with a great crash! It will appear as a blue star." "These are the Signs that great destruction is here: The world shall rock to and fro. The white man will battle people in other lands - those who possessed the first light of wisdom. " Is this not our time?
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Geekroom contest 2002.

Geekroom contest 2002. [this is a mirror, the site was recently slashdotted] They say these are the best geekrooms; to me they seem to fall somewhere between somewhere between quintessential, and epitome-of. Does your computing take over a significant chunk of your space? A room? A nook? What do Mefites' geek lairs look like?
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