November 12, 2008

How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you.

How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you.
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Paper Dolls Aren't Just for Sissies Anymore

"You're a paper doll and you're confronted with a horde of hungry zombies. Whose weapon do you wish you had?" Pick your doll. Dress her up naughty or nice. Pick a pet. Stick around for Mermaid Monday, and have fun. My girlfriend says she'll wear this Cupcake Dress for me. Be sure to check out Hobbit Girl. Or the Original Silk Spectre (Sally Jupiter) from Watchmen and Rachel from Blade Runner. There's the obligatory wtf? And finally Sarah Palin. Sorry guys, she doesn't draw men (even if she likes all the same things you do). [more inside]
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yeah i thought it sounded like paladin too

Forget all your worries with PALADON - the singing gardener.
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Palin & Africa Redux

A false expert and phony think tank fool bloggers and the mainstream news media. [more inside]
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Nanobliss: now with extra audacity, hope and change!

Nanobliss "Nanobliss is a gallery of visualizations of small-scale structures of carbon nanotubes and silicon, created by John Hart." I came for the awesome Nanobamas [Flickr set here], but was impressed enough with the rest to share the whole. Enjoy---particularly the informative techniques page. At the very least, have a look at some of the pretty nano pictures.
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At Gamestop at Midnight? You might be a Lich King

Gee, boss, I'm feeling a cold coming on. I definitely won't be in to work tomorrow. What's that? You saw me at Gamestop and/or Best Buy at midnight? I, er, well, I was dealing with a nasty bug. No, not that one, the other one (no worries, I'll be compensated!). I'm quite talented, you see. If I was in Europe, they'd already be showing me the way to Northrend. Alas, I'm not, and I have to wait until 9pm PST. In the meantime, there are those who've been where I'm going, and have nicely posted a review already.
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"We did some Chuck Berry and took it from there. I suppose it worked."

Mitch Mitchell, best known as the drummer in the Jimi Hendrix Experience, dead at 61. The last member of the trio to pass away, Mitchell was found in his hotel room early Wednesday morning. Give the drummer some!
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Where will your water be coming from and will you have to fight for it?

The map to "blue gold" may define or avert future wars.
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Foot by Foot, oooh baby

Remember those pesky left feet that kept washing up on Canada's West Coast? One of their counterparts finally showed up. The plot thickens with the knowledge that The Sixth Foot was a hoax... [more inside]
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Productivity geeks of the world, rejoice!

Love the idea of Google Apps, but feel like they already have more of your data than they should? Self-hosted, open-source app OpenGoo just released version 1.0, and it appears to be taking on not just Google Apps but services like Basecamp and Backpack, too. Live demo. [more inside]
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What happens when the Big One hits?

Is Oakland supposed to...ripple like that? [more inside]
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Yes, I would like to purchase a 12-pack of radial tires please.

Ken Block Gymkhana Practice [video] (an obstacle course for cars)
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The Complicated Relationship Between Bailarinas And Their Clients

Rosa is a bailarina. For a couple of dollars per song, she dances with strangers in a bailarina bar. It’s a job held by many immigrant women in Spanish-speaking New York, filling a need created by many immigrant men. The man on the phone is typical of her clients. He’s in his twenties, doesn’t speak English, and immigrated to the United States by himself—no mother, no girlfriend, no wife. He works six days a week at a restaurant and sends his money back home to Ecuador. Most of all, he’s lonely.
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Are you making a living wage?

Are you making a living wage? An online calculator from the Poverty in America project's set of tools. [more inside]
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Wong Kar-Wai's Mood

In 2005, Margaret Pomeranz interviewed Wong Kar Wai. In 2007 GoldenDragonPictures posted the unedited footage to YouTube [parts 2 3 4 5 6] wherein he discusses his career to the point of 2046. [more inside]
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Greetings... from the woooorld of tomorrow!

This morning, New Yorkers were offered free copies of the New York Times--which happen to be fake, including a clever twist on the Times' slogan reading 'All the news we hope to print. The accompanying website may or may not open for you, but Gothamist posted the front page at least. Rumors are that this is the latest work of culture jammers, the Yes Men (whose site is also down today).
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How do you say 'Get me off this crazy thing!' in Estonian?

Kiiking means 'swing' in Estonian. Estonian swing culture explained.
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Small-scale nuclear - not an oxymoron anymore

For sale: 25 MWe uranium hydride nuclear reactor. $25 million. Size of hot tub; transportable on back of truck; suitable for burial next to steam turbine generator. No risk of meltdown. Powers 20,000 American homes, or significantly more remote African ones. Provides electricity at 10 cents/kWh. To join the waiting list or if you have questions, please contact Hyperion Power Generation.
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Now. I mean NOW!!!!

Everything. Right. Now. Sprint presents an overwhelming, sprawling, entertaining dashboard that both mocks and plays into data overload. See how many people are stuck in elevators while you play pong, hear the latest music, and observe internet buzz - all at the same time (and yes, it is an ad for something). Overwhelmed? A more sedate text-only version of live world statistics can be found at worldometers.
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The latest in women's safety devices or modern chastity belts?

Brazilian lingerie leaps into the world of technology with the"Find Me If You Can". Geocachers everywhere rejoiced. The design targets "techno-savvy" women but might sell better to women frequently misplacing their undergarments.
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The Art of Onfim: Medieval Novgorod Through the Eyes of a Child

Amazing collection of sketches and doodles, drawn on birch bark, created by a child in Medieval Novgorod.
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I'm doing fine with my shoes right now...

Sneakers: A Short Film Meditation on International Shoe Culture [more inside]
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Civl War Dinosaurs

"It's 1863 and Union soldiers have discovered a hidden valley filled with dinosaurs. Now the Yankees plan to use the dinosaurs as weapons of mass destruction against the South." Presenting Professor Cline's Dinosaur Kingdom at Natural Bridge VA. Providing fun for the whole family, this is "not your father's dinosaur park." [via] [more inside]
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Would you like to buy an fuzzy multi-instanton knot?

"...the best place to hide bulls**t is in a refereed journal that’s not open-access!" The math-physics blog n-category cafe digs into the curious case of M.S. El Naschie. El Naschie is editor-in-chief of the journal Chaos, Solitons, and Fractals, published by the well-respected scientific publisher Elsevier and sold to academic libraries for US$4,520 a year. The problem? El Naschie has published 322 of his own papers in the journal -- papers that John Baez (of "This Week's Finds in Mathematical Physics" and "The Crackpot Index") describes as "vague, dreamlike imagery," "undisciplined numerology larded with impressive buzzwords," and "total baloney." Is El Naschie a reverse Sokal? Or a Markov process for producing random publishable papers? One thing's for sure -- he knows how to cure cancer.
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Xanax withdrawal isn't pretty

"The agonizing final hours" of Sean Levert ("Put Your Body Where Your Mouth Is") of the R & B group, LeVert. Deprived of his Xanax, the R & B singer "shrieked delusionally for more than 24 hours before collapsing in the overcrowded jail." [more inside]
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Gandy Dancers

Gandy Dancers is a fascinating and inspiring look at the music made by the African-American workers in the south who maintained railroad tracks, "lining up" the tracks manually. This hard work required synchronized effort, and the rhythm came from improvised songs. The film features a group of retired Gandy dancers talking about and demonstrating the songs they sang and the work they did.
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Hiroshima: The Lost Photographs

Hiroshima: The Lost Photographs
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Money for nothing: a new era of zero interest rates?

The Fed cut 100 bps. BOE cut 150 bps. ECB cut 50 bps. India, Vietnam, The Czech Republic, Switzerland, Denmark, South Korea and other nations have all cut interest rates in recent weeks, with many Central Banks cutting more than once. The G20 is now discussing the possibility of further, coordinated interest rate cuts. As interest rates globally plummet, we are observing what some analysts are calling "The Race to Zero". [more inside]
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OS Wars: The African Theatre

Microsoft and Linux have been battling for dominance in Africa for some time now. In South Africa, Linux elicited the help of a former Microsoft executive, to which Windows countered with a massive free software giveaway. A more recent front has been in Nigeria, where Mandriva looked set to secure a government contract, until Microsoft allegedly paid $400,000 to have that contract dumped. Microsoft, for its part, has denied the allegations.
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Direct Postage

What happens if you post a letter using coins instead of stamps?
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