November 15, 2008

The psychology of cons

How to Run a Con. A neuroeconomist looks at the Pigeon Drop. [Via]
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Tokyo Glow

"The beauty in chaos." Photographer SATO Shintaro's Tokyo Twilight Zone and Night Lights.
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If it ain't Dutch dominos, it ain't much dominos.

Where does the domino theory still apply? Why, Holland, of course, where a new record for most dominos toppled was just set, in their annual Domino Day. See the 2006 competition (and brush up on your Dutch) here: part 1 and part 2. No one can deny, the Dutch have a way with dominos. [more inside]
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FWD: fwd: Fwd: RE: nuclear launch codez

U.S. Presidents have had an uneven relationship with technology. The Clinton Presidential Library has more than 40 million White House emails on record (but only two are from the man himself). The Bush Administration, on the other hand, junked the Clinton archival process and replaced it with a comically inept alternative that has lost more than five million messages, many concerning official government business. (President Bush, for his part, gave up his longtime address -- -- just before his inauguration). Even the Reagan White House had its share of problems with the digital age. Now, as tech-savvy Barack Obama prepares to implement his technology plans, does he have a shot at dragging the Oval Office into the 21st century? Or will he have to surrender his laptop, his email account, and his beloved Blackberry?
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Alebrijes, first created by Pedro Linares, are brightly-colored Mexican folk art sculptures of fantastical animal-like creatures. [more inside]
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The Secrets of Talk Radio

"I was distraught. I felt I was actively participating in something so inconsistent with reality that even most conservative talk radio devotees would see this. But in a way, it was merely a more obvious example of how talk radio portrayed reality selectively." A former producer reveals the secrets of talk radio. via
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Malcolm Gladwell on genius

Malcolm Gladwell asks: is there such a thing as pure genius? [more inside]
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Lawless Lands: Justice Denied to Native Communities

"Lawless Lands": Michael Riley, writing in the Denver Post, investigates the dysfunctional state of law enforcement on Native American reservations, and the shocking consequences for crime victims. Bill Moyer's Journal has followed up with an excellent documentary expose entitled "Broken Justice." [more inside]
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Wrists Of Fury

Wrists of Fury: Flight Of The Bumblebee on the marimba.
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Shoddy Experiments and the Newspapers Who Love Them

An experiment published in Biology Letters has been interpretted by the press in different ways. The Daily Mail: "Women over the age of 50 may be less frisky, less nimble and less cute but, as if by way of compensation, they are also a lot less bitchy." The Telegraph: "So today’s research published in Biology Letters, that finds women become less bitchy when they are older, is frankly, unsurprising. The mistake however is that the researchers thought the decline in bitchiness came post-menopause, when they should have set the benchmark as post-puberty." Dr. Petra Boynton's take: "If we don’t take action we’re going to keep on seeing this carnival of poor sex science being promoted. With poor media coverage following as a result."
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All Your List Are Belong To Us

It’s been said that if you can’t find what you’re looking for, make it yourself. In searching for a list of lists, these guys noticed a lack of sites that aggregate lists, so Listropolis was born. For example, The 10 Worst Places to Get Caught Having Sex. Some of their lists are a little more useful like 20 Essential Sources for Free HD Videos, or the aptly named 7 Big-Ass Holes in the Earth.
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Springsteen tackles 'Dream Baby Dream,' teams up with Suicide

Suicide's "Dream Baby Dream" YT Link is the duo of Alan Vega and Martin Rev at their most anthemic and uplifting, a different side of their confrontational synth-punk. Bruce Springsteen closed his shows on the 2005 Devils & Dust tour with a fantastic solo cover of "Dream Baby Dream," and is sharing a new split 10" with the NYC electronic pioneers themselves.
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Making a Mockery of Meat.

Meat analogue or faux meat comes in a variety of forms with plenty of ways to cook it. Although not the first, Seth Tibbott invented Tofurky back in 1986, with KFC getting in on the action earlier this year.
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Preliminary sketches of Tony Blair invariably had the PM knocking off the head of a robot.

When the House of Commons required a portrait of outgoing PM Tony Blair, to whom did they turn? Phil Hale. [more inside]
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Myra, It's Getting Too Damn Hot In Here!

The Funky Fresh Senior Choir, also known as the FBC Senior Adult Choir. (via Neatorama) [more inside]
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Meet Chikan. He likes to touch young women in the crowded subway of Tokyo. Meet Chikan, Otaku, Pachinko, Yopparai Salaryman, and yes, even Geisha at 51 Japanese Characters. [more inside]
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Letter From Iceland

Letter from Iceland. There you see the Iceland of today – the victim of an economic 9/11 and one of the very few places in the world where the words “financial meltdown” can be used without fear of exaggeration. [more inside]
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I can haz hooman condishun?

I Can Has Cheezburger... and pathos? : Salon writer Jay Dixit discusses the link between LOLCats and the human condition.
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Radio in Name Only

[An Important SLYT from President-elect Barack Obama] President-elect Obama releases his first Weekly Radio Address over Youtube. This marks the first time the weekly address has ever been released on web video, and the first of his promised web addresses that will be broadcasted throughout his administration.
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Failing Hard Drive Sounds

Failing Hard Drive Sounds. via
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In case you were wondering

Joyce explained. (via)
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TV Offal's songs and the US radio jingles which inspired them

TV Offal's songs and the US radio jingles which inspired them. "It's nice in Detroit." "It's nice being Esther." TV critic Victor Lewis-Smith's late night comedy show was short lived but well remembered by those of us who saw it on Channel 4in the UK (cf, Google Video and YouTube).
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