November 18, 2007

Sarcasm: no longer the lowest form of humor

How to win friends and influence people.
Or, how to earn two dollars, three balls at a time.
Or, why Lynn Swann was a wide receiver.
YouRUBEry? Step right up. That is, if your fat butts aren't stuck to your chairs from reading all the rest of this crap, heh heh heh heh, high and dry. [more inside]
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Who would the World Elect?

Who would the world elect for President of the United States?
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Mass Psychogenic High School

Several students at William Byrd High School in Virginia have a mystery illness that causes twitching. Parents are concerned, students protest, Center for Disease Control checks things out- but it appears the twitching could be the result of a mass psychogenic illness.
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Kodos 2008!

Reading Tea Leaves and Campaign Logos, a design critique of the 2008 presidential campaign logos. Via Daring Fireball
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Happy 75 Trips Around The Sun!

In honor of his 75th birthday, Michael Grbich tap danced across the Golden Gate Bridge followed by an entourage of confetti-tossing grandchildren, neighbors and a friend with an iPod boom box. He's also a local artist and survivor of the Oakland Hills Fire.
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Your Underground Real Estate Agent©

You have to make sure that St. Joseph is facing your house, if you face it out, the neighbor's house across the street will sell instead. "We buried our little gem under the for sale sign just like we were supposed to do. On October 4th, yes the 4th, just 24 hours after we buried him, we had a showing and after several counter-offers back and fourth, we finally signed a contract on October 19th!!!!! 7 months after the house was sitting and not getting any bites at all and after 1 day, its sold!!! I have complete and utter faith." America's desperate homesellers and realtors are turning to St. Joseph, Your Underground Real Estate Agent.
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flying plastic poop is something I need in my life

The 25 Most Baffling Toys From Around the World
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Telegram from the Future

kkerins made a dozen charming and moving fan videos out of public domain film and music by John Fahey, The Rachel's and others. Two to start with are "Fight On Christians! Fight On!" and "Wally, Egon and the Models in the Studio".
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Collective Perception

Collective Perception
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Chuck Norris doesn't endorse.

My fellow Americans, behold your next President.
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The future of reading?

Amazon's Jeff Bezos wants to change the way we read. Amazon's new e-book reader, Kindle, is not just a device, it's a service. With EVDO wireless connectivity you can download content to your Kindle any time any place. "This is not your grandfather’s e-book," said one publishing executive to the New York Times. "If these guys can’t make it work, I see no hope."
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I was cheering for Lost Pig, too.

To celebrate the results of this year's IF Comp, why not check out the entries on the new Interactive Fiction Database? [more inside]
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Race and Intelligence

Among white Americans, the average IQ, as of a decade or so ago, was 103. Among Asian-Americans, it was 106. Among Jewish Americans, it was 113. Among Latino Americans, it was 89. Among African-Americans, it was 85. Was Watson right?
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Algorithms for dumb security questions

Algorithms for dumb security questions
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The Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot is actually a cradleboarded Chinook. Discuss.

Cradleboards are North American Indian baby carriers. [more inside]
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The Great World of Sound!

Want to be a recording star? The Great World of Sound is looking for new talent!
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Hello out there, kats and kittens...

WFMU's The Hound has been delighting record geeks for the past few decades with sets of some of the wildest, wooliest rockabilly, R&B, blues, gospel, garage rock, and punk that can be dug out of crates. His site offers full podcasts, and individual mp3's under the show links, and organized by artist, and title. Bo Diddley singing to Kruschev! Blues songs about the Kinsey report! The Cashmere's talking about the hop! Brownie McGee singing about baseball's integration! Roughly 4 million variations on 'The Twist!' And that;s just the tip of this glorious iceberg. [more inside]
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Black 20

"Satire with the Blessing of Lady Luck Herself" is a review of Black20, the comedy site that started when a couple of disenchanted NBC writers decided to go off on their own. Why were they lucky? They made their startup budget by gambling everything they had at roulette, and won. They have produced a number of shows and viral videos that you might enjoy, such as Wheels , Sheffield Quigley: Professional Myspace Photographer, Bathroom Adventure, (pt. 2), Phortal, and Percussion Eruption.
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Say No To Grandpa Joe

Say No to Grandpa Joe. Exposing the "dark underbelly" of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: finally, in one place, a body of categorised analysis and evidence, footnoted and attributed, proving conclusively that Grandpa Joe is a "ratbag industrial spy bastard".
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It aint the reading room, but its still pretty sweet

James Fenton writes in the Guardian that the entire "flat" collection of the British Museum is going into a searchable online index. Currently there are about 265,000 objects in the database with about 100,00 images. The article says that high quality images, suitable for print reproduction, and free to academic users, are coming soon. The search page is here. [more inside]
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Symmetry. Shakespeare. Islamic medicine. Creative writing challenges.

Symmetry. Shakespeare. Islamic medicine. Creative writing challenges. Four podcast series from University of Warwick.
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It ain't gonna work.

Randy Taylor is not happy about Jimmy Dean's change from 16 oz to 12 oz of sausage in a package.
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Economic Consequences

The Economic Consequences of Mr. Bush. "The next president will have to deal with yet another crippling legacy of George W. Bush: the economy. A Nobel laureate, Joseph E. Stiglitz, sees a generation-long struggle to recoup." [Via Firedoglake.]
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