November 23, 2018

Architecture Trends: Hip-Hop & Instagram

Hip-Hop’s Love of Remix Is Influencing Architecture. and How the World's Leading Architects Fell Under the Instagram Spell
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Let The Savings Wash Over You

99% Off Sale from the folks behind Cards Against Humanity. Literally 99% off items, new items posted every 10 minutes. [more inside]
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Tea. Noises occurring from the drinking of. Especially slurping.

If you face Christopher Nolan, then ... drinking tea ... can be annoying ... if you choose to slurp ... loudly ... and relax afterwards ... though do it gently else consequences ... because this is how you do it ... as this way is unconvincing ... even if it is apparently an art ... and this guy is more convincing ... and she aims for the back of her mouth ... but this is how The Master does it ... though this sounds like tea entering the wrong end.
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slurp gulp crunch smack

1 Hour of Crunchy/Soft Eating Sounds (Grilled Cheese)2 Hours of Crunchy/ Soft Eating Sounds (Pizza)1 Hour of Soft Eating Sounds (Hamburger)1 Hour of Crunchy Eating Sounds (Popcorn)1 Hour of Soft Eating Sounds (Fried Chicken)1 Hour of Crunchy Eating Sounds (Potato Chips)1 Hour of Crunchy Eating Sounds (Pickle Biting/Chewing)
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First women of philosophy

Philosophy was once a woman’s world, ranging across Asia, Africa and Latin America. It’s time to reclaim that lost realm
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The Triumph of Ayn Rand's Worst Idea

"I lived in a subculture that embraced Rand’s virtue of moral intolerance, and saw the devastation. Genuinely smart and nominally rational people were quick to take offense and afraid to ask questions. Indeed, many were so afraid to talk to the “wrong people” that they stayed in their Randian intellectual ghetto, parroting their guru and her appointed successors. Vocal free-thinkers were often purged. As a result, Randians were mired in error. When they were wrong (as they often were), they lacked the cognitive methods and social lifelines to stop being wrong." [more inside]
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Black Fridays: A Brief History

CW below the fold: sexual assault. From Teen Vogue by Rebecca Ayres: The day of deals hasn’t been around for that long, but has changed in its time: It now stretches well over a week, heralding the busiest shopping period of the year with deep discounts, hype, and hysteria. The National Retail Federation estimates that more than 164 million plan to shop this weekend, with 116 million buying on Black Friday alone. To put that into perspective, that’s the same number of people estimated to have voted in 2018’s midterm elections. So where did this celebration of commerce come from? [more inside]
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Native Americans are recasting views of indigenous life

By countering the racist fixations that have plagued stories of Indian culture, they hope to reverse the “invisibility” that many feel. [more inside]
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Q. Does anything happen in these books?

The inimitable Fredric Jameson reviews Karl Ove Knausgaard's "My Struggle: Book 6. The End". [slLRB]
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The ancient ritual of the earth

Earlier in the summer, he had told me he would prepare for the world championship by drinking five pints the night before. When asked if any other international athlete adopted a similar strategy ahead of a major competition, he disputed the terms: “I wouldn’t say athlete.” The Guardian covers the World Ploughing Championships.
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