November 28, 2002

David Cross

You've been Crossed. Comedian's comedian David Cross would rather open for bands than typical comics and has had some funny roles in some unfunny movies and TV shows, but Cross has taken centre stage with his new double comedy album on Sub Pop and several biting columns in vice magazine. There is also a newly published behind-the -scenes look at his cult sketch comedy show ("Mr. Show") and Cross recently appeared at a Autism fundraiser called "Clash of the Titans" alongside his Mr. Show alumni and Janeane Garafolo, Triumph the Insult Comic dog and the Kids in the Hall (here is a related auction and show review). Even though it looks like the feature "Run Ronnie Run" has been shelved by New Line, the future is looking bright for Mr. Cross (including the possible addition of more live dates for "Hooray for America" in the spring). For a brief look inside his mind, check these out.
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We Didn't Start The Flash Fire

We Didn't Start The Fire in Flash. Hilarious and educational. All together now ... [via LMG]
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Motorbike game

Side-view trailbike game (java) Addictive timewaster. (It's Friday where I am)
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Tech Support

"Cryptophis nigrescens killed my computer."... "my computer was making a strange hissing noise last night and this morning when I turned it on there was a crackling noise and some smoke then nothing, if I bring it in can you fix it?"

One of my colleagues took this tech support call and has the photographs to prove it.
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Bom Shelter Gets Makeover

Bomb Shelter Gets Makeover Got an old bomb shelter sitting around? Wondering what to do with it? Why not turn it into a shopping mall? Across China, more than 3,700 hotels and dormitories and 1,270 shops and restaurants have been created in former bomb shelters, according to an article in Beijing Youth Weekly last year. In Beijing, a youth hostel has been established in a bomb shelter below Wangfujing, the glitziest shopping street in the city. An estimated 20,000 workers are employed in businesses in former bomb shelters in Beijing alone.
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Spiders weave huge natural wonder in B.C. It was bound to happen sooner or later.
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Ghost Towns

Ghost Town Gallery 1300 Pictures from 174 Ghost Towns and historic places. (They've also got maps.)
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The Massey Lectures

The Massey Lectures are the CBC's annual effort to give exposure to eminent minds working on 'big ideas' in the realm of social criticism. This year's lecturer, Margaret Visser, undertakes a very engaging attempt to explain and undermine fatalism. The site links to transcripts and audio files of some past lectures. Some Canadian book-learnin' for those of you who aren't sleepily digesting your Thanksgiving turkey!
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Canada's royal commission on health care

Canadian Royal Commission: medicare a 'moral enterprise, not business venture'. After 18 months of talking to Canadians, former premier of Sastatchewan, Roy Romanow, has releases the final report from the royal commission on health care. The word is: public is good, and it's gonna cost us. Also see CBC coverage including video of the release.
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Thanksgiving Prayer

William Burroughs--Thanksgiving Prayer Worth recalling, since today is Thanksgiving in the United States.
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Well, now that his cover is blown, he'll probably be hired to work for Henry Kissinger on the 9-11 coverup, or with Admiral Poindexter, on "Big Brother." Whips and chains and weapons of mass destruction.
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Colonial recipes and holiday fare

Thanksgiving Bill of Fare - "If you will boile chickens, young turkeys, peahens, or any house fowl daintily, you shall, after you have trimmed them, drawn them, trussed them, and washed them, fill their bellies as full of parsley as they can hold; then boil them with salt and water only till they be enough." When sated with peahens and house fowl you might have enjoyed a taste of Pumpion Pie. Early colonial cuisine probably borrowed heavily from the New Booke of Cookerie from London and were no doubt greatly influenced by native recipes and cooking customs.
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Shhh! American Prisoners Being Held in Afghanistan

Shhh! American Prisoners Being Held in Afghanistan This report is from Pravda, the Russian newspaper. I have not seen any media posting of this story and I wonder whether the story is false or our media does not want to go into this. Anyone at MF hear of this before?
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Ruavista - Signs of the city (Photography)

Ruavista explores city streets and urban life through all kinds of signs: street graphics, architecture, street sounds. Put simply, a fantastic resource for urban photography.
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don't breath
google shoots out some adds for cheap perfume with a search for perfume allegies...apropriate. but's could be bad.
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An shocking act of terrorism

Israelis targeted in Kenya attacks
On the day of important primary elections in Israel as Prime Minister Ariel Sharon faces a party leadership challenge from Foreign Minister Binyamin Netanyahu ahead of January's general election, suicide car bombers have killed at least eight people at an Israeli-owned hotel in Mombasa, Kenya, just as two missiles were fired (but did not hit) at an Israeli jet that had taken off from the city's airport. The Kenyan ambassador to Israel suspects these attacks were carried out by al-Qaeda, and this theory is being checked on as I write.
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Are Americans really so imperial?

A Funny Sort of Empire: Are Americans really so imperial?
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Thanksgiving turkey flash animation

Bad Flash! A little respect, gentlemen, please! Er, it's not that I'm a vegetarian, but, just this once, I think I'll stick to the hors-d'oeuvre and the Wild Turkey on the rocks, thank you very much. But have a happy Thanksgiving all the same - and don't let this Flash animation or that NYT registration ruin your appetite!
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