December 5, 2002

Two shirtless kids goofing, singing, dancing. WTF.

I have no clue what is going on here, but I love it. High energy homebrew music video of two shirtless guys dancing, singing, goofing. Impossibly catchy tune. Probably work-safe, but very strange. The song is about a Chinese restaurant in Korea? Anyone who speaks Korean and/or has insight into Korean pop culture, please enlighten us.
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Almost Friday Flash

Mario makes me feel like a kid again.
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'A day in the life of my mouth'

'A day in the life of my mouth' shows a sequence of photographs of everyday events' taken with a pin-hole camera made from a 110 film cartridge placed inside the photographer's mouth. His pin-hole photography has gained its reputation through local exhibitions and through the pages of the British and international photographic press.
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Hand Washing Awareness Week

Henry the Hand - bet you didn't know that Handwashing Awareness Week is right around the corner - Dec. 8 - 14. Let Henry the Hand teach you how to prevent your hands from turning into dreaded Germ Weapons. Henry travels far and wide to spread his message, but you can download the theme song and order reinforcement tools right from home! brought to you as a public service message
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Show and Tell Music - Thrift Store Vinyl.

Show and Tell Music - Thrift Store Vinyl. There are lots of vinyl sites out there, but some of the items in this collection had me floored. And the quantity is just as impressive as the quality -- several pages of unintentionally funny Christian vinyl you have to see to believe. MP3 samples too! Via BoingBoing, but got lost under a lengthy EFF post (which was also good).
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Random generators of slogans and acronyms

Will Sir be needing a catchy slogan to go with that acronym?
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eight terms in office, one hundred years on earth.

eight terms in office, one hundred years on earth. he has been a democrat, he has been a republican, and at one time he was a mere three heartbeats away from sitting the oval office. he is senator strom thurmond, and today is his 111th 100th birthday. pushng shadows of ageism aside for a moment, this begs the question: just how old is too old to remain in office?
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Bigfoot is dead.

Bigfoot is dead. The original 'creator' of the legendary bigfoot hoax has died. Some of his "work". How much more difficult to pull off would a 'hoax' of this magnitude be today?
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NFL blames league violence on video games.

"After weeks of reviewing hard hits that have resulted in a bevy of fines, the NFL has decided to review the video game industry." When all else fails, blame video games. [from]
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to integrate or not?

the dangers posed by the call to integration an interesting article explaining why some muslims harbour reservations regarding integration into western society.
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Magic 8 Ball Santa

Magic 8 Ball Santa Witness the jiggling fat man! This couldn't wait for a Friday humor post. I've asked questions like: Will that cute brunette ever return my call? Will the Cincinnati Bengals go undefeated next year? Oh those lonely times at work...Huzzah!
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All about toad licking

Toad licking - Ever been tempted? DON'T: read this magisterial blog piece on the dangers of Toadlicking first!. But for a really fun time, look for this hilarious documentary at your local independant video store: "Cane Toads: An Unnatural History": "When the Australian sugarcane crop was attacked by beetles, someone decided to import cane toads to combat the pests. But somebody didn't do their homework: beetles can fly, but cane toads can't. What can cane toads do? Reproduce, big time..." [I'll graciously leave the post on Australian plagues - of rabbits, toads, and so on - for somebody else. Then, of course, there's Kudzu and Killer Bees...]
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Harvard Mouse Not Patentable In Canada

Harvard Mouse Not Patentable In Canada The Supreme Court of Canada ruled in a 5-4 judgement Thursday that the so-called Harvard mouse cannot be patented in Canada. The decision here.
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It's Little, It's Lovely, It Lights!

It's Little, It's Lovely, It Lights! "I made my debut in the tail end of the fifties; just long enough to say I was there. I was this pink oval thing with a cord and yet I wasn't alone. For just a few months prior another pink oval thing made its debut. Actually its gestation period was a little longer than mine but in the end we found ourselves in the world together."
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Lord Of The Rhymes

Hobbiton It's On!!! "Yo, I'm harder than a Mithril coat / A hundred is the number of the orcs I smote / I battled Helms Deep and I took Minas Tirith / If you don't watch out, I'll make your ass dissappeareth.." - Lord of the Rhymes. For those of you who can't wait to see Legolas bustin' caps again in "The Two Towers," settle down for some gangsta rap (5.61 MB MP3), Middle Earth style. "He's mean / he's green / Gollum beat box like you never seen!" (via firda)
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2002 Year in Review Courtesy of's 2002 Year In Review What a damn busy year it's been - wait a minute - why don't I show up anywhere.
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RaptureLetters sends an email to your unsaved friends, after the Rapture, explaining where your good soul has disappeared to. I suppose this means that they only employ sinners, in order to ensure that someone remains behind to operate the site...
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The world's most ominous building?

The 300m (984ft) Ryugyong Hotel in North Korea isn't a hotel - it's a metaphor. (pictures, comparative diagram)
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Annoying Audiences

That Show-Stopper: The Bloody Audience! Interrupting a performance of Hamlet, John Barrymore once threw a large fish at a group of coughing members of the audience, shouting: "Busy yourselves with that, you damned walruses!" Stephen Pollard, in The Independent, suggests people now behave in public as they do at home, oblivious of their fellow concert or theatre-goers. Art-house audiences are equally annoying. Perhaps show rage will become the road rage of the 21st Century? [The main link, addressing rock audiences, comes in very small type but is worth reading all the same. The third link is an amusing mini-play about audience harrassment.]
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