December 7, 2007

Bakin' cookies with bacon!

Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies. Other bacon cookies have been mentioned before, but considering how well-received bacon and odd food pairings have generally been (among other unapologetic monstrosities), I decided this was worth sharing. [via]
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Atari Games, A good place to stay on your way to EA

10 Years of Atari/Atari Games VaxMail. For a glimpse of the Atari plant ca. 1992, view the cheesy internal 20th Anniversary video (part 1, part 2).
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Kleenex(tm) in aisle NSFW(tm)

NSFW (tm) --Drew Curtis (Fark) attempts to trademark "Not Safe For Work"
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Germany Seeks to Ban Scientology
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High quality re-creations of medieval armor

A few examples of high-quality re-creations of medieval armor. Much of this is created using historical techniques (youtube,) by men (slightly NSFW) who can only be called masters. But it ain't cheap. [more inside]
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The three together is God. That's the same thing with us three.

Imagine being born into a set of triplets. You are all inseparable... for an entire lifetime the three of you live together, work together, play music together... your bond is so unique and people find you so endearing that you all even become famous together. Now imagine that time has passed and you have become a frail 85 year old, left alone for the first time in eight decades... Send Milly Del Rubio a Christmas card. [more inside]
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Personal submarines

I think the trouble is telling them what the project is about. People think you are mad. Once I started telling people it was for “an oil tank”, they started to take me seriously. Guernsey Submarine documents the building of a homemade submersible. You can also watch another K-350 in action, read about how to design them, or buy plans, if you're truly inspired.
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"Hundreds of thousands of Americans have endured tours of duty in Iraq. They are returning home with a new word on their lips. It will have an impact on the American Experiment, inshallah."
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Mythbusters polygraph doctor is a quack?

Wednesday's Mythbusters episode had a known-quack "doctor" with a phony Ph. D? This guy says so about the beat-the-polygraph test's test-giver.
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Right Wing Rock!

Right Wing Rock! (Download links at the bottom of the page.)
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me and whoever down at the schoolyard

Can I Sit With You? The stormy social seas of the schoolyard
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BONUS: The Game is Really Fun to Play!

Iron Grip: The Oppression is a multiplayer total conversion mod for Half Life 2 that blends real time strategy and first person shooter elements along the lines of Natural Selection. One player takes control of “The Oppression,” playing the game primarily in a top down view, building and then issuing orders to AI units such as the stormtrooper-like Grenadiers, and tanks. Every other player on the server forms “The Resistance,” taking on, with a traditional FPS play style, the persona of one of ten freedom fighters and vying with the RTS controlled units for map control. [more inside]
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Crackdollhouse? Dollcrackhouse?

The Baltimore Block Real life in miniature.
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2.2 Square Miles, Most of It 6 Feet Deep.

Colma, CA is a necropolis created when San Francisco banned burials within the city limits in the late 1800's because of space and public health concerns. A town of 2.2 square miles, 73% is devoted to cemetaries and the dead outnumber the living thousands to one. Buckethead named an album after it. There's a musical about it (sort of). Other necropolises around the world.
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Rule 34 for photos of bacon on people

Food and Beauty is a series of portraits of models with meat (and fish, and other kinds of food). It's strange, it's off-putting, it's sometimes sexy, but mostly ewww. Somehow I bet somewhere there is a Rule 34 site dedicated to weird shit like this (via Serious Eats)
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Karlheinz Stockhausen Dead at 79

RIP Karlheinz Stockhausen, 1928-2007.
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The Commodore 64, many geek's first love, is turning 25. You can relive the glory, and still find a lot of the old software. Even more surprising is how much is still being done with it. Someone ported vi to it (obviously not EMACS). Somone else wrote a browser. For the ultimate, a souped up motherboard merges the C64 with contemporary peripherals.
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Obscure timelines and curiosities

Artslynx's theatre resources section is a goldmine of links to research and support sites for every aspect of theatrical production and dramaturgy. Especially useful are the Artslynx timelines. Need to know when cling wrap came into usage? Check out the prop timeline. Lots of additional links to outside timelines and history sites for anyone with a thirst for obscure sociological information, a love of craptacularly designed scrolling pages, and generally and too much time on their hands. For example: food, fashion, ephemera, and people who have died onstage [more inside]
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Ain't superstitious, baby.

Meet Mojo, a runaway who was finally buried 80 years after his death. Visit with the Orviss family in their spacious mausoleum. Don’t mind the whispers; there’s no reason to be superstitious. It’s just Calvert, Texas.
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Yet more B&W NYC (and Paris) photos for your enjoyment.

Louis Stettner: Atmospheric black and white photos of Paris and New York by Brooklyn-born photographer who now lives in France. Some are sexy, some amusing, some poignant. A series on Penn station in the 1950s is especially nice, and a big contrast to the candy colored Mad Men palette. Beware mispelled main url. via.
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Not that Big Box Armor you're used to.

"Your dog will need to be a pitbull shaped dog around 65 lbs or Ill need your dog here in person to get the right fit." Armor with a personal touch. A full suit of armor for $610! And you your pitbull shaped dog can even match. Oh, and in case you share a hobby with the janitor from Scrubs, you can get this as well. [more inside]
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Blondes have more fjords

The blonde map of Europe. According to this map at least 80% of the population is fair-haired, in the central parts of Norway, Sweden and Finland. So make your reservations to see the blondes now, as the BBC reports that we'll be out of blondes by 2202. Though, Snopes calls BS on this. [more inside]
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Cry "Havoc!"and let slip the cats of war

Cats in Wartime on land, at sea, and memorialized. (With discussion of some of the most famous-- like Simon and Oscar.) Also, What Cats Know About War, previously on metafilter. [more inside]
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¡ASK A MEXICAN! Not Playing in Peoria

The joke falls flat in Eugene, Oregon. [more inside]
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life in Bangladesh has excellent recipes, visuals, articles and information about life, history, living in Bangladesh, which borders India, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Assam, Burma and is near the Himalayan country of Bhutan. Among the many interesting things included in this site is disturbing information: mustard oil, whose production and consumption were until recently integral to India's way of life, has been banned, so as to provide a market for Monsanto's soya oil and the poisoning of between 85 and 125 million people with arsenic.
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Evin is a Kurdish female name, meaning "love".

Evin is a Kurdish female name, meaning "love": Part [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
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Incompatibility between French bread and German Nutella

Are you a Nutella connoisseur? Can you tell the difference between French and German Nutella? An informative 4 minute lesson on YouTube.
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....nothing but the truth so help you yourself

A judge has issued a court summons for Lord Hanuman and Lord Ram, two Hindu gods, to settle a dispute over ownership of a temple. The initial summons were rejected due to an incomplete address, following which adverts were placed in the local press. [more inside]
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A different album every night

The brothers Ron and Russ Mael a.k.a. Sparks intend to play their entire back catalogue of albums over 21 nights in May 2008 in London. The 'hugely talented Los Angeles wideacres' have crossed many genres in their career, combining a fine ear and eye for pop culture with fantastic lyrics. They have influenced Morrissey and Franz Ferdinand among many others. A youtube playlist pulled together for anyone who wants to see some great videos, tunes and some bizarre footage. [more inside]
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Indexed on US Politics

Jessica Hagy, author of indexed (previously) covers the 2008 Presidential Election for McClatchy's "alt.campaign" site.
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Mark Wahl Blog

Burning Man 1862. Brian Eno iPod. Worst captcha ever. Mark Wahl's blog.
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Flash Friday

Angular Momentum Get balls into holes, using curves, walls, levitating thingies, accelerators. (Via)
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