December 11, 2002

Hitler's teeth and other gory regime-change artifacts

How did they die, and why is it important? The Death of the Father is an exhibit tracing the deaths of some modern political villains [Stalin, Ceausescu, Tito, etc.] and exploring the political importance of death-as-closure in the ending of tyrannical regimes. A bit pomo at times, but you get to see Hitler's teeth! Just one of the many fascinating sites from the Cornell Institute for Digital Collections.
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Official Page - The Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Official Page - The Democratic People's Republic of Korea Lots of nation-states have official webpages. But I'd like to single out this one page as an interesting link between the old, pre-internet, communication and this Inter-Web thing as we know it.
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Preemptive Funerals

Dress Rehearsal Rag: Well we have pre-nuptials; trial separations; 30-day pre-purchases; secondary virginity and revirginizing and preemptive wars: so why not hold your own funeral while you're still lively enough to enjoy it?
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Georgia Legislature -

Legislators in Georgia next month plan to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision by introducing a bill that legally defines abortion as "executing" an unborn child, requiring any woman in the state who wants to have one to apply for a death warrant, at which point the child still in the mother's womb will be assigned a separate legal guardian who may choose to appeal the application for the mother to abort the child. Such a case will then lead to a trial similar to a death row appeal in which a jury will decide who's rights are dominant in the case- the mother or the unborn baby.
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The Freezing of Funds

The Freezing of Funds. The White House is cutting funding for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) in the cold of December.
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Blowback from Three Strikes Laws

Three Strikes Laws May Increase Murder Rates A recent article in the journal Criminology & Public Policy suggests that the politically popular "three strikes" laws may have the perverse effect of causing more murders. Because the sentences for murders and "third strikes" are the same, criminals have an incentive to change their M.O. to murder witnesses and police officers. Maybe using baseball metaphors in determining crime policy isn't such a good idea after all.
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Mix Tape for Dead Girl

Mix Tape for Dead Girl. Writing a eulogy used to involve hours of revising and a good thesaurus. Joshua Allen opts for a cassette of field recordings and madrigals instead. Found sounds find their way to lost loved ones.
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How to prevent theft of your source code.

How to prevent theft of your source code. From Frequent Questions Answered, a list of useful tips in web development. I'm thinking of trying a few of these, especially the <INVISIBLE> tags.
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Solresol: The universal musical language.

solresol: the universal musical language. There are many artificial or planned languages. Some were created with the hope of universal communication, while others were nearly accidental creations that went from fiction to fact. Solresol remains, to me, one of the most interesting planned languages of all. It contains only the seven signs of the musical scale and isn't spoken as much as it is hummed, sang, whistled or played on an instrument. Once totally obscure, Solresol is making a quiet comeback.
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Mary Hansen (1966-2002)

Mary Hansen (1966-2002) "Mary, vocalist and guitar player with Stereolab since 1992, died in a cycling accident in London on December 9, 2002."
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BODYSCAPES® are NOT double exposures. Nor are they the result of computer montage. These unique landscapes are created by photographing toys and miniature "people" directly on the human body.
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Automotive Literature

McLellan's Automobile Literature covers everything from Alfa to Zeta. You can purchase the advertising which feeds your fantasy even if you did not, or can no longer, camp down live it. They even have the car of tomorrow!
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Stupid baby names

Stupid baby names. Parents share suggestions about misbegotten, badly-spelled monikers with which to saddle their innocent offspring for life: I named my daughter Madyson Caite and I regret doing that because every little girl in the last 3 or 4 years has been named Madison. Everyone complements it, but I still hate it. I would rather call her Caite (Kate) but am not sure. Please, everyone, pick something normal for your child. If you choose something different and unique, please don't keep following the trends of Madisons, and Mackenzies, and Taylors, and Destinys. This is getting old.
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Freaks and geeks.

Freaks and geeks. Etc., etc., etc. And so on. And so forth. Blah blah blah.
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Postcard Exchange

Do you know a elementary teacher? Rob from wants to create an interstate postcard exchange! If you ask me (no-one has) this is far too good an exercise to go to waste, so if you know a 3rd - 5th Grade teacher, point them in the direction of this!
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New Google Toys

New Toys from Google Labs. The Viewer is a slide show of your search results. Google WebQuotes provides third party opinion on your search results. Which one would you find useful?
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The barter system lives!

The barter system lives! is a recently unveiled bartering hub where you sign up, list three items you're willing to send away to new owners and start out with three credits for items of the same kind you listed, then accrue more credits every time someone requests one of your items.
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