December 11, 2010

If you did your vacation slideshows this way, everyone would want to watch.

Pummelvision squishes your entire life into mere minutes. Let it access your photos on Flickr, Facebook or Tumblr, then hook it up to your Vimeo or YouTube account. In a matter of hours, you'll have a super fast, rather unique slideshow set to music (brought to you by Jake Lodwick, creator of Vimeo, amongst other things).
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Findings: A Daily Roundup of Academic Studies Serious, Sublime, Surreal and Otherwise, compiled by Kevin Lewis
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The World in Pictures

Fernando Volken Togni created a set of illustrations for Oryx Magazine of 24-hours in world cities: New York, Shanghai, Moscow, Madrid, Casablanca, Beirut, Phuket, Zurich, and Barcelona.
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The Edges of Society

Nightscapes by photographer Anthony Kurtz. Other albums include "So Close to Never Happening", "American Protests 2003-2010", "India: Beautiful Struggle", "iReality", "Hip Hop Elements", "Ministry of Truth". [more inside]
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"What to do when the shells hit Seoul"

"A general rule of thumb: Go underground to avoid artillery and conventional bombing runs, but go up as high as possible in a chemical weapons attack." A major South Korean newspaper reports on what to do in the case of North Korean attack and the state of evacuation shelters in Seoul. [more inside]
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Five more for Lucien’s shelves.

Five books to add to the holiday wishlists of children everywhere. [SLCH]
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Keep It Pimpin

Keep It Pimpin is a handwritten rhyme-filled pimp business plan, uncovered in Youth Radio's investigation of sex trafficking.
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It’s the latent insecurity

"Virtually every Irish I’ve known gets mean when he drinks. Particularly the real Irish... The Italians, of course, those people course don’t have their heads screwed on tight. They are wonderful people, but,... The Jews are just a very aggressive and abrasive and obnoxious personality.” Dick Nixon, the taped gift that keeps giving, catalogs ethnic types. [more inside]
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The Who Live in 1965

The Who in 1965. They are featured in a French documentary on the Mods. You can skip ahead to the Who live songs if you are not in the mood to watch the whole documentary.

From Google Translate: "Discover the new English youth in the district of Hammersmith, London suburbs and particularly the movement "mods" or "Modern", new dandies, mavericks ouvrier.Les interviews from rural youth about drugs, Police headquarters, politics, racism, society in general, alternate with concert footage of WHO on a small stage in London. Interview in French Kit Lambert, manager of the WHO, about Teddy Boys movement, rockers, mods."
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Vladimir "Fats" Putin

Vladimir Putin sings "Blueberry Hill" - SLYT
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Cold War vs. Modern Day U.S. Propaganda

Cold War vs. Modern Day U.S. Propaganda - from Russian Times
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To Baldly Go?

"Do I wear a toupee?" One blog takes up William Shatner's challenge with meticulous detail and scientific inquiry.
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Officials Worry About Some Latino Converts To Islam

"Latino converts to radical Islam have been connected to terrorism cases in this country with increasing frequency — and officials are trying to understand why."
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If you're looking for a ride...

Fuck your Honda Civic, I've a horse outside. [more inside]
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American Pyrex Less Resistant to Thermal Shock

Flying Shards of Hot Glass. Reports of consumer injuries led Consumer Reports to investigate the safety of glass bakeware. It turns out that US-made Pyrex glass bakeware is no longer as resistant to thermal shock as it used to be, nor as resistant as European-made Pyrex still is. [more inside]
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Blah Blah Blah

Blah Blah Blah. (youtube, 0:41 sec) Blah blah blah blah; blablah blah. Blah Blah blablabla? Blah blah blah! [more inside]
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Can I Interest You In A Brand New 1987 Buick?

A car dealership in CA has a brand new 1987 Buick GNX on the showroom floor. It's been there since 1987. GM only produced 587 of this model, and it is believed that this vehicle is the only new one left on the planet. The GNX was a hot rod; turbocharged, high horsepower, and could match any production vehicle available in the US, going 0 to 60 in under 5 seconds. The $29,389 stick price from 1987 equates to $54,771 today. Sorry Buick enthusiasts, the dealership says the car is not for sale.
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After a 25,000 vote campaign on facebook, Brian Blessed is now available as a downloadable voice for TomTom GPS devices. Fortunately, the resounding actor's excited acceptance speech only shattered windows for three city blocks.
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