December 12, 2002


The toughest Chelonia to every grace the media. Come on. Everyone had to love them at some point, with their pizzas and funny weapons. This page has some interesting sketch art. This one includes the complete cast of the cartoon and movies, with links to their career since said roles. This site, my favorite, has the entire "Coming out of our Shells" tape for download. Remember the classic, Cowabunga?
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Bicycle safety on the Planet of The Apes

One Got Fat "Somewhere along the line, a cute little safety movie for the kiddies turned into a dark journey through a grotesque nightmare world of misshapen monkeys in stupid hats." - Scott Munro
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Busy Marquee

Busy Marquee. "The idea behind Busy Marquee is very simple and yet very immature: find signs that have interchangable letters, bring your Scrabble skills, and rearrange omnipresent advertising to form Dadaist bits of landscape." My boner is screaming hello!
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They say I'm a dog, but I think I'm a monster

Pupkin is a daily comic strip. Warning: it may get odd.
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Feng Shui for Web Designers

Feng Shui for Web Designers Contains such helpful tidbits as "Macromedia Flash encourages curvy images and is therefore blessed with positive chi" and "The messy dithering of colours that occurs with JPEG compression is bad feng shui."
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The BBC World Service World's favourite song

The BBC World Service are searching for the World's favourite song. If hundreds of Irish students have their way it'll be the kitschy rebel song A Nation Once Again but by the look of the contenders they'll have a fight on their hands.

What would your choice be?
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best book in history

Don Quixote voted best book ever.{more inside}
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GameFAQs has got your back!

Need help trying to beat one of your Vectrex or Apple II games? GameFAQs is the place you need to be. Covering just about any system on which one can play a game, this archive is for the serious gamer in you. Also, everyone should begin pronouncing "FAQ" as "fahh-queue". Thank you.
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9/11 Congressional inquiry results

The final report of the joint Congressional committee investigating the Sept. 11 attacks was released yesterday, criticizing the intelligence agencies for their failure to prevent the attacks. Senator Shelby also released a minority report, calling for senior officials to be held accountable. But perhaps more provocative is what isn't in the reports: classified information about Saudi Arabian links to U.S.-based terrorists which may not be declassified until the archives are opened in 30 years. [More inside]
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Piracy is progressive taxation

Piracy is Progressive Taxation says Tim O'Reilly. Of the 7 lessons in this article, "Free is eventually replaced by a higher-quality paid service" is probably the best model of how things will progress.
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I'm pretty obsessed with my sites' stats , but I have nothing on Google's Year-End Zeitgeist. There's an ebb and flow for various celebrities searched in Google, and looks like Iraq became a major issue in August of this year. And looks like "Las Ketchup" is huge in Germany at the moment. There is also a huge (and, quite frankly, cool) timeline of 2002 searches. I *heart* Google. via google-friends
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E-Bay Scammers and Internet Fraud

A Mac user scorned is a dangerous thing... Gotta hand it to this guy: persistence pays off. After being scammed with $3000 in forged cashier checques in an eBay transaction, this seller took matters into his own hands. How secure do you feel making transaction over eBay and related services? What kinds of internet fraud have you faced or fear? And most interesting of all, to what extent have you gone to correct evils done to you?
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Henry Raddick

Henry Raddick's Amazon Reviews are among the most insidiously hilarious works I've seen in some time. From his review of "McDonald Happy Meal Toys From The Nineties: With Price Guide": "An essential guide for the fast food promotional toy collector, this fine book lists each and every one of the toys given away with Happy meals in the 90s. If you choked on it, it's in here. It even had listings and recent auction prices for some of that weird "McCrying Game" merchandising. A must. " Indeed.
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Is a Christmas Registry a bad idea?

Is a Christmas gift registry a bad idea? WalMart doesn't think so? However, a manner expert warns that it is "very, very tacky."
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Robots @ Home?

Have Home Robots become a "thing of the now" rather than "thing of the future"? This company seems to think so. It's even got a list of the Top 25 things to do with their new robot, the ER1. This is certainly a big step up from the "toys" that The Sharper Image and other shops sold in the 80's and early 90's, which would bring you a drink on your tray via remote control, etc.
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It's the ten-year anniversary of NAFTA this week. Has it been a success? [more inside].
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Froogle - Google goes Shopping

Froogle - Google launches a new beta site for Shopping. Apparently their spiders have been storing results they think contain items for sale, and now they're gathered and searchable/browsable via Froogle. No paid placements, but Text Ads still seem to be fair game.
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Animated chinese characters.

Animated chinese characters. Using the web and a bit of javascript this site draws Chinese ideographs. The site might be useful to some people but I'm just fascinated by watching the characters being drawn and by the idea of usring the web to teach people to use the ancient technology of writing.
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Duct Tape Fashion

Duct Tape Fashion sells accessories made of duct tape, of course. Order a billfold, or a backpack, or even roses for that "special someone" for Christmas! (I'm hoping for a hat, m'self)
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Entrances to Hell

Entrances to Hell abound throughout the United Kingdom. Who knew?
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8 Minute Dating

8 Minute Dating. Start the clock! Is it possible to find your soulmate in under 10 minutes? Forget about those long romantic dinners and slow walks on the beach. The trend now is to just meet, greet, check for a spark and move on. Talk about making a first impression count!
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Dastardly dividends of

The Perpetual War Fund - First there was the Vice Fund (covered in Mefi Sept. 3). Now, The Perpetual War Portfolio: "an evenly weighted basket of five stocks poised to succeed in the age of perpetual war. The stocks were selected on the basis of popular product lines, strong political connections and lobbying efforts, and paid-for access to key Congressional decision makers." Somebody's going to profit from the machineries of death. Why not you?
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802.11b Survey Map of NYC

802.11b Survey Map of NYC Following the NYC Bloggers Map, what else should mapped in NYC, smoking rooms?
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Thogchags, Tsha tshas, Netsuke, or ???... What's your favorite fetish?
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How are your project management skills?

You are the training manager in a large, progressive company. You get 12 turns and a $200,000 budget, which you can spend in six ways... [more inside]
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