December 13, 2007

DOOOOOM! Oh wait, Nevermind. We're fine. You're still doomed though.

Some see an economic apocalypse. Others see an err.. economic apocalypse. But have no fear! A solution is at hand. [more inside]
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salmonerd to nsynchottie503

Instant Messenger” performed by Nick Thune. (Found on the original blog your monkey called)
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MOMA's Collection of Illustrated Books

MOMA has around 400 images from its collection of illustrated books available online. It's heavy on the works of the early 20th Century European avant-garde, especially the Russian Futurists, though it extends into the present day. Here are a few of the images that I liked: Aleksei Krucenykh and Kirill Zdanevich, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Olga Rozanova, Ekaterina Turova, El Lissitzky, Max Ernst, Raymond Pettibon, Vasily Kandinsky and Natalia Goncharova. [more inside]
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Do Do ... DoDoDo ... Do Do ... DoDoDo

Merry Christmas, Mefites! Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, you might enjoy this fun bit of flash goodness.
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Astronomy Pictures

Bad Astronomy's Top Ten Astronomy Pictures of 2007.
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Lay out!

Ultimate: The Greatest Sport Ever Invented By Man is coming soon to a bookstore near you.
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New Jersey abolishes the death penalty

New Jersey abolishes the death penalty. Just one step in a long nationwide move away from capital punishment. Now, New Jersey hasn't actually executed anyone since it first instated its death penalty - but this move is hardly symbolic, as the state has spent about a quarter billion dollars on its death penalty, revealing a counterintuitive fact: the death penalty is far more expensive than life without parole.
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"Next Christmas we're spendin it with Duncan Hunter"

Lobbing rocks, lighting fires, talking to himself - Mike Gravel has had a troubled relationship with artsy online message videos this year. Now that he's being barred from debates again, he's reaching out across the aisle and appealing to the common man by dressing up as Santa and delivering Budweiser to the boys at Red State Update.
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The asterisk wing of Cooperstown.

So, who doesn't use steroids or HGH? So what do you do when MVP winners, Cy Young award winners and some World Series winners all have cheated? Any ideas? [more inside]
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Vintage Christmas

Vintage Christmas Wax The Edison Concert band never sounded so good.
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Just drawings of bears in ill-fitting hats

Bears in ill-fitting hats. [Via.]
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"Christmas Makes Me Blue": Simone White

Simone White can help calm your holiday rage. White is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter whose new CD, "I Am The Man" has been inching its way up the indie charts; people have been comparing her voice to Karen Dalton and Billie Holiday, but she's really her own creature, as you can tell from this dreamy new video, well-timed for the seasonal onslaught of consumerism and carols: "Christmas Makes Me Blue."
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Ted Corbitt, "the father of American distance running," dies.

"In 1968, I received an invitation to the hundred-mile run at Walton-on-Thames, England, scheduled for October 1969. I pulled out all the stops for this one, running every marathon possible and enduring unheard-of training mileage when not racing. In July alone I ran a thousand miles, two hundred short of my goal[...]My only goal was to break the existing American record of 16:07:43." (Which he did, finishing in 13:33; still the U.S. 45 to 49 100-mile record.) Ted Corbitt, Olympian, American Record holder at 100 miles, died yesterday. NYT obit. [more inside]
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Historic Celestial Atlas Illustrations

In 1627, Schiller's Coelum Stellatum Christianum attempted to replace the mythical constellation figures with Christian figures. More from the Linda Hall Library Digital Services Unit. Art, illustration, and astronomy aficionados will appreciate the beauty of historic celestial atlas illustrations: Bayer's Uranometria 1603 (also the 1661 Edition), Flamsteed - Fortin Atlas Celeste - 1776 (text intro), Celestial Atlas by Alexander Jamieson. HubbleSource is cleaning up scans from one historic atlas and making them available in web and hi-res versions for use in non-commercial applications. (See also: David Rumsey Map Collection, and the exhibition Out of this World (index & T.O.C.), more Images, Artwork and Historical Objects at the US Naval Observatory. [more inside]
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The rush to clear police in shootings. An eight-month Chicago Tribune investigation of 200+ police shootings going back 10 years. (h/t Radley)
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Wrecked & Abandoned Sci-Fi Models

The winners of's "Wrecks" challenge are a mixed bag, with some absolutely incredible destroyed sci-fi models, both kit-built & free modeled, and dioramas. And then others that are less impressive.
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snowflakes in socal

40 years ago today. The day it snowed in San Diego.
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Flip a coin

If you need a foolproof way to decide whether to kill someone or are simply curious as to whether probability is still operating as a factor in your existence (and find yourself out of change but near a computer with an internet connection), you can just use flip a coin.
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Google Answers rises from the ashes

After shutting its virtual doors, Google Answers is set to return, this time modeled on Yahoo Answers' no moderators, no limits, no rules concept. If paid researchers is what you need to answer your question, go to Uclue. Or just keep it green.
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Sprinkle with water to make it look more realistic

The ultimate in gag gifts.
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Cry "Havoc!" and let slip the uninvited guest

Who invited the dog? People who think their pets are people vs. people who don't.
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And a little bit of mystery goes out of your life ...

Bob: "______________” Charlotte (Johansson): “Okay.” Lost in Translation's mysterious whisper finale revealed by audio processing. (via kottke)
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Newsfilter: w00t! w00t! w00t!
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How Africa's desert sun can bring Europe power

How Africa's desert sun can bring Europe power. A £5bn solar power demonstration project called Desertec is being developed by Trans-Mediterranean Renewable Energy Cooperation (TREC) that would send solar energy northward from African deserts. The goal is in 30 years to provide a significant fraction of Europe's electricity needs.
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Audible Illusions

Holophonic sound is an audio recording technique which operates on a principle similar to Holography. The result has been reported to be realistic and life-like three dimensional sounding audio recordings. [more inside]
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Coffee Bukkake Man Arrested!

Girlfriend just broke up with you? Feeling a little stress? Be careful how you relieve it - you may end up on the wrong side of the law (or be the subject of a cartoon depiction).
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The warmth of your love's like the warmth of the sun

"I edited this short film set to the tune of The Zombies' "This Will Be Our Year" featuring Super 8 footage shot by my parents between 1965-1979."
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Have you got a receipt for that inflammatory literature...

The Hijacking of British Islam (PDF) has been widely reported in the British media. However, it appears that the story is not all it seems. Newsnight (A television news program) has unearthed evidence that receipts for extremist literature supposedly bought from mosques were faked. Despite this new evidence, The Policy Exchange stand by the report.
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