December 15, 2002

Essentially, Canadians regard all Americans as morons, unless proven otherwise

Canadian American Relations According to the Guardian: essentially, Canadians regard all Americans as morons, unless proven otherwise.
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Republicans and Civil Rights

Republicans and Civil Rights A somewhat opinionated but generally fact- and history-based (which is why I found it unusual enough to post) look at the place of the Republican party in the history of American civil rights.
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Not Just Whistling Dixie

The neo-Confederacy movement is a potent force in the Republican Party in today's South, as Trent Lott's comments about Strom Thurmond demonstrate. Trent Lott has neo-Confederate ties, as does John Ashcroft who praised Jefferson Davis in an interview with the Southern Partisan magazine. Associated with the United Daughters of the Confederacy and the Sons of Confederate Veterans, adherents of the neo-Confederate movement can even buy T-shirts gloating transforming the Republican Party into Abraham Lincoln's worst nightmare.
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No More Gore in '04

Gore won't run for re-election; Howard Dean, John Edwards respond by asking who the other is.
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10 Country Expansion Of European Union

My Union Is Bigger Than Your Union: On May 1 2004 the European Union will become 25-country strong and the most powerful political and economic force in the world. And? [More inside.]
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The politics of consumption

The New Politics of Consumption, an excellent article by the author of The Overspent American, examines why so many want so much more than they need, and offers a rough sketch of an alternative consumer ethos. The responses to the article are also quite interesting. Via Sassafrass.
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The new math....RIAA style.

Not 421 CD burners but "the equivalent of 421 burners". Now, most agree the RIAA is grasping at straws trying to control something they clearly can't, but this seems to be the most amusing yet. This article offers a suggestion or two concerning the possible music industry slump.
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Holiday geek shopping ideas

Last minute shopping? Still looking for the right thing for that special geek in your life? Perhaps you might cater to the fetish for the modern-day Mona? Or maybe a propeller beanie? Some sophomoric seasonal gag gifts? Some retro kitsch? Some religious memorabilia? Some odd surplus? Or if money is no object, gadgets and robots are always a safe bet. But you better hurry - you're down to the wire! thanks, amberglow!
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Cultural Commentary in 10 Easy Lessons

Cultural Commentary in 10 Easy Lessons "....there's an astonishing abundance of cultural criticism these days -- in magazines, newspapers, web sites, blogs, television....if you removed the five or 10 most abused forms of criticism, there would be a deafening silence. Or perhaps room for other kinds of commentary to grow..." With so much published and available these days. it's damn near impossible to sound original.
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