December 19, 2007


Scoutmaster is a blog from a long-time troop leader in which he talks both about practical scouting tools, such as how to make a fire and how to lash a tower together, and about current issues with discrimination in the BSA.
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The War on Saturnalia.
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Wanna get ripped off? Buy from these guys!

Brooklyn thrives on ripping off unaware camera buyers. Here's where these guys operate from...
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Touch not my anointed.

Brooklyn Storefront Houses Of Worship. Amateur photos of 100 storefront houses of worship in Brooklyn, NY.
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The Trophy World Tour

Back in 2005, I (a trophy) was awarded to a team I didn't think deserved me. So I set out across the world in search of owners. Over the course of two years, said trophy visited throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, including celebrity visits with Phyllis from The Office and Shawn Marion of the NBA's Phoenix Suns. An exercise in dedicated pranksterdom.
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Cool art russian artists found on livejournal

The livejournal group ru_graphic has been showcasing great artists for years, such as soamo, desmonych, floksystar, malli-ly, olliwander, omie-yomie, zuza1, ya-ya, varka, solntsev-gleb, adul and names.
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"I never expect to see a perfect work from an imperfect man."

Who was Alexander Hamilton? Bastard, immigrant, Federalist, Secretary of the Treasury, speechwriter, philanderer, industrialist, duelist.
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Make your own flag!

Michel Gondry on the making of "Declare Independence" (also, YouTube), his seventh collaboration with Björk. It makes their romp with a Paint Piano a couple years ago seem oddly prescient. [more inside]
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The chimp sat on its haunches, making "ook-ook" noises, while Gordon circled, his gloves held high.

Lucius Shepard has a terrible website, but he tells good stories. For example, his friend Gordon once fought with a chimpanzee. (Cecil Adams said such a fight would be unwise.)
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Best Buy Bodhisattva

Best Buy Bodhisattva. [more inside]
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The dangers of living in a zero-sum world economy - naked capitalism reprints (with added commentary) an FT article by Martin Wolf on why it's vital for (civilised) society to sustain a 'positive-sum' world, otherwise: "A zero-sum economy leads, inevitably, to repression at home and plunder abroad." Wolf's solution? "The condition for success is successful investment in human ingenuity." Of course! Some are calling for more socialism, while others would press on to build more megaprojects. For me, at least part of the solution lies in environmental accounting and natural capitalism :P
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40 Blogs a seguir en 2008

40 Blogs in Spanish Recommended for 2008 by the authors of Minoic blog ring
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Wow, isn't that... doing...? Wait.

Alison Jackson takes paparazzi shots of celebrity lookalikes. (NSFW) [more inside]
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World Orgasm Day

December 22 is World Orgasm Day. "WHY? To effect positive change in the energy field of the Earth through input of the largest possible instantaneous surge of human biological, mental and spiritual energy."
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Impress your dolphin girlfriend

And here I am kicking my own legs like a sucker. From DEKA Research the folks that made the Segway and DARPA the little defense department that could (bomb you) comes Power Swim which uses an oscillating foil to develop vortices that...uh, it makes you go faster in the water. Some pictures, here. [more inside]
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Does anybody remember she loves you?

I Wanna Hold Your Stairway The Beatnix perform Stairway to Heaven... as the Beatles might have done it. Probably not much different than the Rutles might have done it.
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To no one will we sell, to none will we deny or delay, right or justice.

Ross Perot auctions Magna Carta. Winner: The Carlyle Group [more inside]
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2-plankers beware

Enjoy snowboarding but upset over restrictions at certain premier ski areas? Burton Snowboards [embedded sound warning] has a favor to ask...
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Rockin' the Paradise

The Paradise Theater opened on Chicago's West Side on September 14, 1928, and was billed as the world's most beautiful theater for its stunning interior and exterior beauty. [more inside]
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math for dummies

Calculations and conversions made simple.
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Pepsi BlueCross BlueShield

The Prepaid Healthcare Visa® Gift Card, for that special someone without insurance on your holiday list. Rejoice! Terry Gilliam's dystopian future is now! [via]
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There's definitely a method to my madness. Definitely.

Lightning calculator and "mathemagician" Art Benjamin goes through his paces in a 15 minute video.
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beautiful old illustrations

Packed full of galleries of beautiful illustrations by Maxfield Parrish, Aubrey Beardsley, William Morris, Gustave Doré, Arthur Rackham and others with prints one can buy of any illustration, Artsy Craftsy includes a sumptuous collection of Victorian Fairies illustrations. The site also has the illustrated Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde, illustrations of cats in fairy tales, Magic Cats, and a selection of beautiful free ecards as well. [more inside]
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Nellis AFB Air Show.

Wednesday morning plane pr0n.
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Wikipedia: COO wanted

It was revealed last week that former Wikipedia Chief Operating Officer Carolyn Doran was a convicted felon, her prior record includes four convictions for driving under the influence, two of check fraud and petty larceny, one hit and run with fatality, one unlawful wounding for shooting a former boyfriend, suspect in a murder case, and some suspicion surrounding the drowning death of her newlywed husband. Senior Wikipedians are "shocked", and the waves are still reverberating as apparently something totally secret and big is going down at the Foundation (that runs Wikipedia) that may radically alter the board for better or worse.
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A Tsar Is Born

A Tsar Is Born. For his "extraordinary feat of leadership in taking a country that was in chaos and bringing it stability," Time has announced Vladimir Putin as Person of the Year. Al Gore and J.K. Rowling are runners-up.
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Post the past

Gutenberg-e now offers open access to Columbia University Press history ebooks. "These award winning monographs, coordinated with the American Historical Association, afford emerging scholars new possibilities for online publications, weaving traditional narrative with digitized primary sources, including maps, photographs, and oral histories." Found via a link to How Taiwan Became Chinese, one of the books available.
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glass art

Andy Paiko's Glass Sculpture
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101 Simple Appetizers in 20 minutes or less

The Minimalist: 101 Simple Appetizers in 20 minutes or less NYT. Registration etc.
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