December 21, 2007

Yahoo's new BravoNation

Yahoo's new BravoNation brings Xbox Live type achievements to the world outside of gaming. You can send or receive homemade awards from any user. They are banking on third party sites using their API to hand out bravo awards to people for doing various things. Our own waxpancake has the exclusive first look.
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13 shot venti soy hazelnut vanilla cinnamon white mocha with extra white mocha and caramel

The Most Expensive Drink at Starbucks.
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The real life Papa Smurf?

The man with blue skin. No, not these posers, but this guy. Fifty-seven year old Paul Karason has blue skin. He drinks colloidal silver which can cause a medical condition called argyria.
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Who is naming who?

This Flash tool from the New York Times shows you how many times each candidate has named each of the other candidates, suggesting which candidates the others perceive as worthy of addressing. It's a very neat and efficient visualization tool. Guess who everyone can't stop mentioning?
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to ascertain what degree of resolution was necessary in order to place one’s self in formal opposition to the most sacred laws of society

Stand and Deliver! Dick Turpin was the quintessential highwayman, perhaps not as flamboyant as "Swift Nick" Nevison or as low profile as Jerry Abershaw, but legends abound about his exploits. He was buried (several times) in York after throwing himself off the gallows. 'Course, he's got his own heavy metal band, and his own swashbuckling t.v. adventure series (from 1979 to 1982) in which breathless maids said with heaving breasts "Dick 's been taken" (but of course, you can't hold Dick for long).
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This list will eat itself.

Best list of Best of 2007 lists of 2007.
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Fake news is dead! Long live fake news!

The Daily Colbert Show Report returns January 7th! ...sorta. [more inside]
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'Werewolf Boy': The Wild Child of Russia

Like Victor, the Wild Boy of Aveyron (made famous through François Truffaut's film L'Enfant Sauvage), a modern-day feral child, known as 'werewolf boy ' "who snarls and bites [has] escaped from a Moscow clinic just a day after being rescued from the wild." "The boy, who looks about ten, moves around with his legs half bent and 'was running with wolves and searching for food with them.' Police, who named him Lyokha, said villagers found him in a lair made of leaves and sticks in freezing temperatures." * [Feral Children previously on MeFi - 1, 2]
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1961. The Alvin Show

The Alvin Show, 1961. The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late). The Witch Doctor, Pop Goes The Weasel, Chipmunk Fun and The Alvin Twist
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The arms of the wicked shall be broken, but the Lord upholdeth the righteous.

Armed guards in church? Colorado's New Life Church: "The church's undercover security force is made up of an undisclosed number of volunteers with military or law-enforcement backgrounds, who carry radios and concealed weapons when they attend services." One of these guards recently shot a deranged gunman. [more inside]
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The Dec. 13th cover of the Lewiston Tribune [pdf] features an "unidentified thief" under a picture of a familiar looking window decorator [via waxy via vsl] [more inside]
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"Moving The Homeless Forward One Step At A Time"

"When we're running, you can't tell. When people look at us, they don't point and go, 'Yeah, he's homeless, she's not, she's educated.'" Mahlum explained, "You look and say, 'Oh, look at the runners.' That's a positive association, because there's no separation." [more inside]
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Scooch closer, children.

Christopher Walken riffs on a Christmas classic.
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Free online games, courtesy of Slate

Just in time for Flash Friday, Slate lists the best free online games. The first one they mention, The Tall Stump, has been on MeFi previously, but there's more—even an Infocom-style text-based game.
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Family Adopts Slain Son's Military Dog

"Lex has had two tours in Iraq," Jerome Lee said. "He's been through a lot, and we just want to get Lex home to our family and let him have a happy life." It is the first time a working dog has been granted retirement to live with a handler's family. [more inside]
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O Wholly Night

In a small triumph of humanity/common sense over technology, a supermarket experiencing a computer crash gives customers their "purchases" free of charge until the cash registers are up and running again.
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Let These Earth Creatures Have Their Fun - For Now!

Invaders from the Ice World is a Silver Age DC Comics story (available here as a PDF in its entirety) about the time living Snowmen who shoot lasers from their eyes came to attack the Earth. Merry Christmas!! (found via I'm Learning To Share)
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"You scumbag, you maggot / You cheap lousy *BEEP*"

Fairytale of New York... censored! No, not now... Shane will make 50 this Christmas... Sadly not Kirsty.
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Bureau of Communication

Send messages to friends with fun, bureaucratic fill-in forms! Bureau of Communication has funny faux-bureaucratic forms that you can send to your friends. Whether you need to communicate a problem, send an invitation to an event, or simply apologize for a transgression, our easy-to-use forms will ensure that your message is clearly conveyed.
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The "attractive nuisance" in the red suit.

He keeps his white gloved hands where parents can see them. And buys liability insurance, just in case.
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Arabella Spencer-Churchill, RIP

Arabella Spencer Churchill, granddaughter of Winston Churchill and co-founder of the Glastonbury rock festival is dead at 58. Sadly, on this very same day, her son was sentenced to three years prison in Australia on drug charges.
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Let The Bells Ring Out For Christmas

Dingle Bells - Friday Festive Fun. Not very entertaining without speakers. [more inside]
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The experiments of Sergei Bryukhonenko

After inventing the autojector, the worlds first artifical heart-lung machine, Sergei Bryukhonenko began to experiment on keeping severed dog heads alive and bringing dogs back from the dead, as shown in the film Experiments in the Revival of Organisms (some links contain mildly ghoulish stills from film).
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The Flash days of Christmas

An Advent Calendar of games
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