December 26, 2007

Brainwashed by a parasite

Brainwashed by a parasite A look at Cordyceps, a parasitic fungi that infects insects and other arthropods. Don't miss the videos, especially this one. They're the best part.
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quoting with image maps

Kwout, Use it to grab a quick quotation or other screen shot from a web site and embed it into a blog or other website (one click to Flickr and Tumblr).. [via/via] [more inside]
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Many Retirees May Lose Benefit From Employers

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said Wednesday that employers could reduce or eliminate health benefits for retirees when they turn 65 and become eligible for Medicare without violating the Age Discrimination in Employment Act [more inside]
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The Plesiosaur Directory: Your online resource for everything 'plesiosaur'. [Previously, on MeFi]
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The number of accidents at one intersection dropped by 95 percent, from 200 a year to about 10... "You can't deny the numbers," he added. "Half the world is eager to see what's going to happen with this program."
Apparently, people in India can handle it. (Surely you saw this on Reddit?)
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The Monarch & Dr. Girlfriend’s "Fairytale Of New York"

The Monarch & Dr. Girlfriend’s "Fairytale Of New York." The annual Venture Bros. Christmas song. (Previously)
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Human Album Covers

Half-human album covers. Also known as "sleevefaces."
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When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross

American Fascists: A CBC interview with author Chris Hedges regarding the Christians Right's onward march toward political power.
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The Imperial Presidency

Candidates on executive power: a full spectrum. Boston Globe reporter Charlie Savage, who won a Pulitzer Prize for his work on presidential signing statements, surveyed the major 2008 presidential candidates about their views on the limits of executive power. [BugMeNot, via Huffington Post.] [more inside]
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Do You Smell What I Smell?

77 year-old Robert Schoff spent Christmas Eve wedged upside down in the opening of his septic tank. And how was your Christmas?
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Photoshopped pictures of people with mouths instead of eyes

Photoshopped pictures of people with mouths instead of eyes via Neil Gaiman who may or may not have pioneered the concept with his nightmarish creation The Corinthian.
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Tales of marrying the devil

Did you ever hear the story / of Belinda O'McHugh / She was courted by the Devil / And she didn't know what to do / He came a courtin' ev'ry evenin' / So Belinda got to thinkin' / She would be the Devil's wife / It was better far than bein' / An old maid all her life
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The Bacon Cheese Baconburger
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So long and Thanks!

Some of the inventors and creators that died in 2007 who leave behind something for us to remember them by: David H. Shepard (Optical Readers, Farrington B numeric font), J. Robert Cade (Gatorade), Herbert Saffir (The Hurricane Scale), George Rieveschl (beta-dimethylaminoethylbenzhydryl ether hydrochloride --- a.k.a. Benadryl), Arthur Jones (Nautilus machines), Jack Odell (Matchbox Cars), Raymond Douglas (Color in the NY Times), George Kovacs (The ubiquitous halogen torchiere lamp), Martin J. Weber (The Posterization technique), Edwin Traisman (Cheez Whiz and McD's French Fries), Ed Yost (Modern Hot-Air Ballooning), Theodore Maiman (The Laser), John Billings (The Rhythm Method), Paul C. Lauterbur (The M.R.I.), John W. Backus (Fortran), Florence Z. Melton (Slippers), James Hillier (The Electron Microscope), Iwao Takamoto ("Scooby-Doo"), and Momofuku Ando (Instant Ramen). So it goes.
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Silicon implants for your Tattoo

Any idiot can tattoo a busty woman on his flesh. It takes committment to give your tattoo silicon implants.
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"MY DOG SOPHY" by Thomas Monahan

"MY DOG SOPHY" by Thomas Monahan This boy, 9, died in a house fire while attempting to rescue his dog Sophie. This article contains a scan the book he wrote for his companion. Devastating.
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Make me a Muslim ...wait, what ?

Make me a Muslim. The recently aired three episodes show takes a glamour model who wants to experience being completely hidden under a dress ,a skin therapist looking for meaning of life, a taxi driver that strongly feels islam is threatening UK lifestyle, a school teacher who wants to learn, an interracial interreligion couple and a flaming gay hairdresser tired of shallow party life. Take this colourful bunch and have two imams, a preacher and a converted woman lead them through an "islamic lifestyle" experience. You can watch the results here , I guess at least for a while.
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US Census Bureau's DataWeb

TheDataWeb - a network of online data libraries on topics including census data, economic data, health data, income and unemployment data, population data, labor data, cancer data, crime and transportation data, family dynamics, vital statistics data
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Straight on Till Mornin'

"23 days, 12 states, five Canadian provinces, and 10,923 miles. We came within a hundred miles of the Arctic Circle and 500 miles of Russia. And we saw the most beautiful place that can be imagined." In June of last year, Clint and Robin drove from Chicago to Alaska and back again. Last August they headed into the great American west. Along the way they took some beautiful photos and made some inspired observations. If you've got some time on your hands, and some wanderlust in your heart, read along.
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Clock Evolution Model

Natural selection and evolution in clocks(youtube) - Video of the details and results of a program written to model the evolution of clocks (if they were alive). [more inside]
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