December 31, 2002

Ringed Uranus with its moons

Ringed Uranus with its moons : I love it that one moon is named Puck. ( courtesy Robot Wisdom)
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Happy New Year

Happy New Year[in the language of your choice] Happy new year, my friends. See you on the other side.
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Evolution continues

Evolution is a process that hasn't stopped just because humans now rule the planet. What will animals look like in 200,000 years? The Discovery Channel's Animal Planet asks experts to predict the future of life on Earth.
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Decasia: a symphony in decay

Decasia: A symphony in decay. Via a NYT article, via /. The decasia site is Flash, the NYT article is words. The images are arresting.
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Overrated and underreported stories of 2002

2002 media follies. The most overhyped and underreported stories of the year.
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forget cola wars. this is a cola jihad.

`Papa, I agree not to drink Coke, but you have to give me something.'
so what do you do when the populace calls for a tall glass of fizzy sugar water, but the primary suppliers are bonified infidels? you make your own...

and you call it Mecca-Cola.
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"Be one with your sense of humor."

The magazine industry's oddest moments this past year include a very "Bird Talk" September 11 and Detroit (among other cities) being named Maxim's "The Greatest City on Earth".
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Hogmanay ya Bass !

Hogmanay ya Bass! wishing everyone a guid New year : )
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Tired of haikus? Then it might be time for tanka. Older than haikus, tanka is 31 syllables divided into lines of 5-7-5-7-7. There's been a World Tanka Competition (mostly in Japanese, but the poems are translated into English) and a modern tanka poet, Machi Tawara, has had her work turned into movies, television shows, and a musical revue. All that's needed now is to make it popular in the English-speaking world...
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Obscure Animal Quiz

You're an animal and you're obscure - that much is clear. But which one are you? Perhaps you're an obscure band? Or a strange being? Or just some punk? Either way, I think we should know. ;)
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