December 8, 2007

...because any course of action can be made out to accord with the rule...

Is Kant wrong for America, or is deontism defensible? (via) [more inside]
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Tanks for the Holidays.

Please buy me a tank for Christmas.
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The Urge

Al Scaduto, illustrator of anachronistic comic They'll Do It Every Time passed away yesterday at the age of 79. An impressive tribute by the band of irrepressible cynics who warmed to his style and generosity despite themselves and had recently comprised a great deal of the participating audience component of the strip, joined by family and friends.
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Lake Michigan First, Last Stop on Dream Voyage

Pavel Bernek had grand plans for his newly-refurbished, 34-foot sailboat. "He schemed to cross the Atlantic, blow through the Strait of Gibraltar and drop anchor in the Mediterranean Sea, where he hoped his girlfriend would be waiting for him. But here in reality - in Milwaukee - the wounded "Falcon" lies on its side, in shin-deep water, ravaged by more than a month's worth of wintry punches from an ornery Lake Michigan." [more inside]
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50 Answers

50 Answers. Like AskMe, but not helpful, and in comic form.
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I want you now on a silver platter

Unknown Hinson is the stage name of Stuart Daniel Baker. The persona is "dark parody of the country western stars from the early/mid 20th century." according to a Wikipedia entry. Playing this archetype his songs expose the often misogynistic, and violent life between the lines of "Old school country artists". [more inside]
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Two interviews for 'Blade Runner' fans

This link goes to an discussion with 'Future Noir' author Paul Sammon... then this one goes to a Q&A with 'BR' director Ridley Scott, talking about the upcoming re-release.
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War Games

What Mahmoud Ahmadinejad needs to survive politically is possibly a War. However the possibility that plans for military action have been torpedoed have brought 'howls' from the neocons.
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American Elf free for all

The archives of American Elf, the celebrated online comic diary of cartoonist and rocker (audio) James Kochalka, are now free. There's the occasional NSFW-ish cartoon nudity and swearing. [more inside]
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1st OLPCs in Uruguay

First OLPC deployment, in Uruguay.
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`Love the fucking baby, yourself.`

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Ring Cycle - Superheroes, Steroids and Suicides

"'It's been a magical evening,' Joel says as the Great Khali hits the Undertaker with a dustbin lid." Jon Ronson (and son) journey into the world of WWE to investigate the death of Chris Benoit.
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Wally Deane: rockin' 'n' rollin' 'n' coppin' a cartoon riff.

Hey daddy-o, when you hear that big brash horn section pump out that oddly familiar riff, only to stop cold and make way for that that prescient single note from an electric guitar, followed straightaway by a twangy voice in perfect rockabilly delivery proclaiming "well, she's got a dress that looks like a sack!", then brother, you're listening to the hoppin' boppin' sound of Wally Deane's Drag On. Once you hear it, you'll wonder why Quentin Tarrantino never put it in a movie. Wally Deane: one of the greatest rockabilly acts you never heard of.
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Luc Sante blogs

Luc Sante has started a blog (according to Sasha Frere-Jones). Two entries so far, the first on a book cover from the 60's and the second on a picture of a rockabilly band. From the 2nd blog post: And that is why we come here once a year to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown rockabilly band: to persuade them to rest, and lay off the young. But just have a look at them--they were never meant to be! They should never have tried occupying the same stage, and they should have left music to find its own way home. The piano player, with his incipient Mickey Mouse ears, was clearly destined for a career working with puppets. The twins on guitar and bass were natural-born casino greeters. The other guitarist has the fine tapered hands of a pest-control agent specializing in silverfish. And the drummer--he was meant as an example. What happened to him should have been shown to driver-safety classes in every high school in the country. [more inside]
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The Zen Mind

The Zen Mind - An Introduction. A Day in the Life of a Zen Monk. Zazen - A Guide to Sitting. Interview with a Zen Buddhist Priest (previously). [more inside]
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