February 10, 2013

All your devices belong to US

Wired: DHS Watchdog OKs ‘Suspicionless’ Seizure of Electronic Devices Along Border [Source policy document]. Americans may find it useful to note that the definition of 'border' includes up to 100 miles from the nearest actual international border line.
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Could be worse. Whatever.

How To Speak Minnesotan [slyt]
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Single Molecule Determines Complex Behavior, Say Scientists

Single Molecule Determines Complex Behavior, Say Scientists.
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The rate of grooming accidents is exploding. When did we start hating pubic hair? Waxing Our Way to the Emergency Room.
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"Hey, Morris" Prince and I said in unison

Stories About Prince When Prince presented a Grammy to Gotye and Kimbra tonight, he put them in a tizzy. But if you live in Minneapolis, Prince is just somebody you know.
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"Remember: you’re not littering if it ain’t touchin’ the ground!"

Litterplugs: "Now, I can understand how generalized holes — containers, street light bases, flower pots — become makeshift trashcans. Even if they’re obviously in no way trashcans, and likely will never be emptied or cleaned by any human being on earth, and in most cases there’s a real trashcan mere feet away, they at least share a vague similarity to the raw concept of a trashcan. But the best litterplugs take it to a new level. They raise not-littering littering to an art." An observation by Cabel Sasser.
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"It tastes like the ocean!"

6 Fast Food Mashups Worse Than The Doritos Taco (Trigger warning: vomiting)
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Blue, Blue, Electric Pepsi Blue

Accompanied by 150 musicians, Beck does an 8-minute re-imagination of Bowie's "Sound and Vision" (SLYT) [more inside]
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My brother and I used to say that drownin' in beer was like heaven, eh?

"The stubby (or steinie) in many ways embodied all that was solid and stoic in the Canadian character. Think of the two adjectives most appropriately applied to it - "tough" and "squat" - and what it also brings to mind are the great goalies of that era, those stalwart unbreakable warriors who worked between the pipes." - Ian Coutts Brew North. [more inside]
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It's hard to describe - impossible to forget

"THIS is my favorite video on the internet. I insist that you watch it!!!! ... Generally what the vid is about is training girls to be an Amazoness. GOD IT’S SO GOOD." Mildly NWS. From the same animation studio who brought you Gal-O.
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Living like it's stardate 5928.5

Upcoming web series Star Trek Continues (warning: transporter sound) plans to pick up "right where the original left off", completing the last two years of the 5 year mission.
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What My Daughter Wore

Documenting the sartorial choices of my ten year old daughter, her brothers, and their friends.
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A free and curious woman!

Known affectionately as the Grandmother of the French New Wave, documentary filmmaker Agnes Varda has captured alien, and familiar aspects of life in China [1957], Cuba [1963] and her own memory of of life in France. DOC Alliance is currently screening 17 of Varda's documentary works until February 17th. [more inside]
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Chrono Ark Soundtrack, from the incomplete fan-made video game

Alex Roe's Chrono Ark soundtrack is the most complete element of the fan-made sequel to Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross sequel video game, with almost 4 hours of music available to stream, or download for a price of your choosing. Some character and story design was done from 2009 to 2010, and some very basic gameplay was demo'd in a video in 2009, but the project has largely stalled.
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(First) Man's (First) Best Friend

"Adam and Dog" is a beautiful animated short by Disney artist and animator Minkyu Lee (features some nonsexual nudity). [more inside]
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"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to violence."

Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! - a look at Russ Meyer's finest film. (possibly NSFW)
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"they did not know or expect that the evidence would point to Tehran."

A Trail of Bullet Casings Leads From Africa’s Wars Back to Iran. Iran’s Cartridges & Their Quiet Distribution to Brutal Regimes and Many Wars. [more inside]
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A Building Full of Ice

Before thawing out their former cold-storage facility, Fulton Market Cold Storage (now Hasak Cold Storage) invited nature photographer Gary Jensen to document their abandoned building full of ice. (Via.) [more inside]
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Charlie Says No More

Road safety adverts will no longer be shown on television in England because the Department for Transport has decided to "re-prioritise" its budget. Commenting on the cutting of TV adverts, road safety Minister Stephen Hammond said: "Road deaths are at a record low but we know that one death is one too many. [more inside]
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A Warning to College Professors From a High School Teacher

A Warning to College Professors From a High School Teacher
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Start of a Duel (Buried in The Sun)

For years, rumors have swirled about a picture of Richard Fariña and Thomas Pynchon dueling in a cemetery. We heard about this rumor, dug around, and found that the picture is hidden in plain site on the Internet.
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“The nurses are bringing the babies down first."

The night Hurricane Sandy hit New York, New York University Hospital evacuated 204 patients, down the stairs
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When good food...goes bad

Foodfight! is an computer-animated "movie" starring Charlie Sheen, Hillary Duff, Eva Longoria, Wayne Brady, and Christopher Loyd. Set in a supermarket that transformed into a city when the lights came off at the end of the day and inhabited by mascots for food products coming to life. After a theft of company's computers in 2003, and numerous other delays, the film would not see the light of day until 2012 [more inside]
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Urquhart and Muzyka RPG design talk at DICE 2013

Obsidian’s Feargus Urquhart and Bioware co-founder Ray Muzyka gave a joint talk during DICE 2013 on the future of RPGs . Topics included player engagement, modding, (a)synchronous multiplayer and ways of interacting with players. [more inside]
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Reading Wikipedia Randomly So You Don't Have To

Random Article. Bunny Ultramod likes hit "random page" on Wikipedia and sometimes he reports what he finds there. [via mefi projects]
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"a most wonderful invigorator of sexual organs"

This "intellectual beverage" and temperance drink (after they took the alcohol out) contains the valuable tonic and nerve stimulant properties of the Coca plant and cola (or Kola) nuts. Or it used to, until they took the cocaine out. But why did they do that? Not because it was illegal--that didn't happen until eleven years later.
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From Shag Point to Humptulips

Vaguely Rude Place Names of the World. [more inside]
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The Christopher Dorner Manhunt

Timeline: Christopher Dorner is a former U.S. marine and police officer with the Los Angeles Police Department. He is wanted in the largest manhunt in LAPD history. Dorner is wanted for the alleged murder of a police officer and a young couple from Irvine (though evidence linking the murders to him is still largely circumstantial). During the ongoing investigation, LAPD officers have wounded various civilians in three separate cases of mistaken identity. In once incident, officers fired dozens of shots at a car in Torrance, CA, wounding two women who were delivering newspapers. [more inside]
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Musical Dogs

Do dogs have perfect pitch? [more inside]
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