February 10, 2017

Talia is right here and says 'awful, I can’t breathe'

Quantity of Care Pt 1: A Lost Voice (Seattle Times investigative report) Talia Goldenberg emerged from the fog of anesthesia. The 23-year-old wiggled her toes. She wagged her feet. Good signs for a patient coming out of spinal surgery.
But as the anesthesia faded in Talia’s system, she realized that not everything was perfect, despite the confident assurances of her surgical team. [more inside]
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One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.

Worst Kitchen Fails (SLS&U)
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“can you hear my heart beat / tired of feeling never enough”

Skaters Are Recreating Stunning Yuri On Ice Routines In Real-Life [Kotaku] This isn’t a post about people dressed as Yuri on Ice [wiki] characters. It’s about people who can skate recreating some of the anime’s most famous routines. [Previously.] [more inside]
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Repeat to yourself, "It's just a show, I should really just relax."

Could the MST3K Logo Fit on the Moon?
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A woman who lives near Chennai, India, recently woke up with a severe headache and labored breathing. She went to the hospital, and they performed an endoscopy to determine the cause: A cockroach had entered her nasal cavity and burrowed into her skull.
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This post needs no title.

A logician approaches two men, knowing that one always tells the truth, and one always lies. She does not know which is which.
She asks the man on the left "Would your fellow tell me that Raymond Smullyan has died?"
The man replies "no."
The logician weeps.
Raymond Smullyan (1919–2017) [more inside]
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Manny The Selfie Cat

This Savvy Cat Is Extremely Good At Taking Selfies. Of course, he isn't actually taking pictures of himself. According to his human, he's just fascinated with GoPro cameras. Thanks to his good looks and technological finesse, Manny has earned over 47,000 followers on Instagram.
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Do You Hear the People Sing?

As artists, we can no more claim to be above politics then claim we are avoiding air. Politics is killing us. It’s the fish denying the existence of water. How to get people on our side with an idea of a compassionate social order? How do we get people riled up for justice and equality? How do we, as artists and designers and writers, go about spreading our message? Learning How To Scream Again: Promoting Leftism for Artists and Writers [via mefi projects]
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"And he basically frolicked, for want of a better word"

The thrown baguette, customised bus, and fateful Avicii concert that led to social start-up Fling losing $21 million in under three years. [more inside]
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If it wasn't on the last funny list it's probably on this one.

Vulture: 100 More Jokes That Shaped Modern Comedy: A second look at bits, sketches, one-liners, and even modern art that have influenced American humor for the past 170 years.

On this list you’ll still find traditional setup–punch-line zingers and acts of physical comedy, but we no longer demanded that a joke be performed. This time we considered passages from novels, cartoon images, and even pieces of art. (previously)
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Black lives matter, Theo L's life matters

Protests spreading across Paris to protest brutal police beating and rape of young, innocent black man [TW: Description of police attack on man]. Now on the sixth night of protest, a group of 150 has been teargassed in the area where Theo L was arrested, beaten, and raped after an ID check. An update from this evening is here (in French). [more inside]
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Sadly, Reiner already made the "up to 11" joke

The surviving members of legendary rock group Spin̈al Tap (Nigel Tufnel, David St. Hubbins, and Derek Smalls) have teamed with filmmaker Marty DiBergi to sue Vivendi for $400 million. [more inside]
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"Maybe it is the news we deserve, but is it the news we need?

Alexandra Petri at The Washington Post: "Leave Mr. Darcy Alone"
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“Bust 'em or dust 'em, noble mon"

James Lee Burke has written about one book a year since 1986, for a current total of 37 including short-story collections. Twenty of these novels feature his Dave Robicheaux character, who has in turn inspired a literary festival in New Iberia, Louisiana, slated to happen again this year. [more inside]
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Solved Mysteries

An unidentified man who was found wandering along a Brazilian highway near Manaus has been identified. He is Anton Pilipa, a Canadian who went missing from his home in Scarborough, Ontario in 2012 and apparently walked and hitchhiked the approximately six thousand miles over the course of 5 years. His family has taken him back home to Toronto, where he is apparently doing well and recovering from the ordeal.
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"What happened to her is not fiction"

The BBC aired a new drama this week about the disappearance of Shannon Matthews in 2008. The drama has been criticised for fictionalising a real child's life. [more inside]
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More Carla Bley Live!

It's been a few years since we last had a Carla Bley post, so why not warm up your wintery days with some fiery, insightful, and fun live performances posted since then? Begin with The Steve Swallow Quintet during their European tour of 2013, with Heineken Jazzaldia (Part 2) [~1h total] and Jazz A Junes [1h10m]. [more inside]
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If those with talent, too,/ must die/ surely they make/ a better manure?

My parents didn’t give me a name; they simply never got around to choosing one. On April 7, I nearly died after choking—and they saddled me with that date as a moniker, a sort of inescapable memento mori. Parting Shot - “Famous last words” and Japanese death poems (Angela Chen, the Paris Review). [via]
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The Devil Went Down To Georgia (Washing Machine Cover)

The Devil Went Down To Georgia (Washing Machine Cover) (SLYT)
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You Patriotic Junkies

Depeche Mode ask the musical question: Where's the Revolution? It is the band's 56th single; they have been releasing records now for 36 years. Video directed by longtime collaborator Anton Corbijn.
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