March 10, 2002

Learn Irish Slang In Under 20 Seconds

Learn Irish Slang In Under 20 Seconds
Jaysus - an expression of disbelief or despair: "Jaysus! Didya see that?" "Jaysus woman! Will ya leave me be?"
discuss amongst the fecking banjaxed gobshites in your midst.
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New star wars trailer posted.

New star wars trailer posted. This is the fourth trailer, entitled Clone War.
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Isaac Asimov died of AIDS.

Isaac Asimov died of AIDS. His widow, Janet Jeppson Asimov, reveals that Asimov acquired AIDS from a blood transfusion during bypass surgery in 1983 in a condensed version of his biography just published this month ("It's Been a Good Life"). Apparently his doctor advised that they not disclose his AIDS infection.
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StorTroopers suck. Long live Scholz & Volkmer's 60/90/60! The whole site is in German, unfortunately, but it's not that hard to figure out. If you want to skip directly to creating your own figure, click "Selbermachen." Otherwise, click "Loben" to view and vote on other people's. Too bad you can't download and post these to your site...
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Ready for a little MARCH MADNESS!?

Ready for a little MARCH MADNESS!? My school, Marquette, has finally made the NCAA! tourney. I say, let the Madness begin. See where else the top 64/5 are going to play and make your predictions now.
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Yeah, we all know that PETA is pretty loopy. Well ok, that's unfair. I meant to say we, the thinking, know that PETA....

Seriously tho, even tho I'm not into PETA, and I don't agree with a lot of what they do, I think one of their latest ideas, the concept of taxing meat is such a good idea. I mean why not? Meat's about as healthy as cigarettes, coffee, and beer, and those products are taxed. Mostly, I'd like to see some money come in to balance out the money spent to fix the damage created by the Meat Industry. []
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FLOW is a spiffy flash-animated music video thingamabob, if you're into that kinda thing. Very clickable.
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"This is like someone handing you a camera before the first-ever picture was taken. You have no idea what the light will do and it's the same light that Moses read the Ten Commandments by." Farrell Eaves was heartbroken when his digital Nikon Coolpix fell into a New Mexico pond. Now he's grateful. He fished it out and dried it as best he could, and now it's a magical camera. Read more about the metamorphosis here (frames ahoy - click on "NEW !! Mr Eaves and his Magic Camera" in the upper left). I'm just this close to dunking mine in the tub.
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"To this day, the illustrations march right off the page" describes a rare book published in 1493 found in a Maine farmhouse. The book is illustrated with more than 1,800 exquisite pictures made from woodcuts. Where will they find my rare digital photo in 500 years and will they say "it marches off the CD-ROM" or "data-error.. should have used wood block"
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Experiences of voting in Zimbabwe

Experiences of voting in Zimbabwe - BBC News Online has a forum where it is displaying emails from Zimbabwe about voter's experiences in the current presidential poll. I think the BBC are using their status responsibly in providing direct information about the conditions there.
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