March 21, 2009

The "boss level" of internet worms.

Conficker C is scary as hell. Conficker C represents a best-of-breed specimen of malware, with its swiss-army-knife-from-hell approach to digging in, staying hidden, and making your life generally miserable. Telltale symptoms: you can't view such web sites as,,, or any other computer security-related sites the worm authors have thought to include in the blacklist; you can't run any of the superb Sysinternals utilities, or many other utilities, because they get killed within a second of starting them up; your antiviral software is impotent. But none of that is the point of the worm. [more inside]
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Map of Science

Knowledge, in Real Time. "A new picture of science — and possibly future innovation — comes into focus with the mapping of scientists’ online research behavior."
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Give the drummer some

Perhaps the most edifying one minute a twenty nine seconds you'll spend on the internet today is right here. [more inside]
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Spock's Brain - Live on stage!

Mike Carano staged a live version of Star Trek's "Spock's Brain" episode. He talks about it here and shows clips from the show.
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Kristin Cammermeyer: Paintings

More paintings that I like: This time, they are by Kristin Cammermeyer. Here is a statement about the paintings. Here are some examples that I particularly like. [more inside]
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Omit Needless Words

In 1919 while at Cornell University future children's author, essayist and New Yorker magazine editor Elwyn Brooks (E.B.) White took heed of the advice of his English professor, William Strunk, Jr., to "omit needless words" in his writing. Strunk advised such -- and more -- to his students in a self-published compositional guide known on campus as "the Little Book." In 1935 his pamphlet was revised and published under the title The Elements and Practice of Composition. In 1957, 11 years after Strunk's death, White wrote a nostalgic article about his professor and his grammar and style guide for the New Yorker. Persuaded two years later by Macmillan editor Jack Case to revise and expand Strunk's manual, White co-authored the book The Elements of Style (New York Times review, June 9, 1959] often referred to as Strunk and White. Since its publication the book has sold more than 10 million copies. The literary world is now celebrating the book's golden anniversary. [more inside]
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Teaching Art History

SmARThistory is an edited online art history resource to augment or replace traditional art history texts. For a given artwork, smARThistory brings together podcasts, video clips, images, links to other resources, and commentary, providing a rich context for the work. Indexed by timeline, artistic style, artist and theme.
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I shall become a bat!

Batman Logo Evolution
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Our Courts

Justice Sandra Day O'Connor has a web site, about constitutional rights. Sometime this summer they're going to roll out two games for students to play to teach them about their rights under the Constitution.
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The Neurobiology of Primate Sexuality

Who knew that FAP FAP FAP meant Fixed Action Pattern? Prof. Robert Sapolsky of Stanford University did. This is his three hour lecture on the Neurobiology of Primate Sexuality from 2002. Part 2
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I want my MathTV

MathTV is a real problem solver for many. It is also found on YouTube, and is free. Here is some background.
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Grab your gun and bring in the cat

Reviews and thoughts on the Battlestar Galatica finale, and a few answers from show creator Ron Moore
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Arthur! My mustache is touching my brain!

Leggman's The Tick Super Fanpage!
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