April 10, 2001

I don't like GWB,

I don't like GWB, but even I think this artist goes too far sometimes. Like here. (but he is dead on at times)
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and speaking of mergers...

and speaking of mergers...
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Is this banner offensive?

Is this banner offensive? I'm all for using a little sex to sell product, but this execution shows no link between the ad and the actual product that I could see...
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Coach Touretski Suspended Over Steroids Charge

Coach Touretski Suspended Over Steroids Charge - Leading swimming coach Gennadi Touretski has been suspended from the Australian Institute of Sport following allegations of illegal possession of anabolic steroids. This is very big news here in Australia at the moment.
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Riots in Cincinnati.

Riots in Cincinnati. Cincinnati city police have this odd habit of killing unarmed young black males. In November, two men were killed. One was shot, another was crushed or suffocated while already in police custody and, according to witnesses, not resisting. Several weeks later a policeman shot and killed a twelve year old out joy-riding. Saturday night an officer chased down and shot a nineteen year old he 'thought he recognized' as someone with outstanding traffic warrants. Every time someone is killed Cincinnati city council promises to look into the matter but does nothing. Today someone decided to take action, even if it was in a destructive and politically impotent form of action.
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OtherSide is a program written by Jordan of Digital Swirlee and powered by Audiodenst and MapQuest, that will show you the place on the earth opposite yourself. In other words, it will tell you where you'd end up if you dug a hole straight down and kept digging until you got to the other side. So, where exactly is your other side of the world?
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This is very old

This is very old (especially in web years) so i won't be surprised if i'm scolded for a possible repost, but you all have to read this. No description, just these three words: God Save Disney.
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Borders outsources online sales to Amazon.com

Borders outsources online sales to Amazon.com The alliance, scheduled to be announced at a press conference in New York, is expected to involve Amazon effectively taking over the online operations of Borders, according to people familiar with the matter. Borders is expected to effectively exit from the online book-selling business, these people said. Further terms of the alliance couldn’t be learned, though Amazon is expected to receive promotion from Borders through its chain of off-line book stores.
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Focus on the Family Contacts Will & Grace Story Editor

Focus on the Family Contacts Will & Grace Story Editor
...and gets more than it bargained for!
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Does This Website Make Me Look Fat?

Does This Website Make Me Look Fat? Tired of websites that showcase weird kinks and fetishes? Me neither. This fellow enjoys photoshopping female celebrities so that they look fat. Ooookay. (Everything I saw was OK for work, but beware irritating Angelfire popups.)
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eCompany's "Boo! And the 100 Other Dumbest Moments in e-Business History". Some of these are just hilarious.
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Bill Gates created MacOS X?

Bill Gates created MacOS X? I came across this memo written by Bill Gates on July 29, 1985 to John Sculley, then president of Apple Computer. In the memo, Gates writes about the possibility of licensing the Macintosh operating system to third party companies. Here's where it get wierd, Bill suggests that Apple talk to AT&T about migrating the MacOS as a GUI layer on top of their UNIX. Makes me wonder who had the idea first, Steve Jobs or Bill Gates?
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Missing server found... behind a wall...

Missing server found... behind a wall... Got this from Scott's site and thought I would share it. I'm just amazed the thing stayed up for so long.
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is this

is this justifiable? i'm sure that both sides have their own reasons. but, honestly ... all the fatalities. how can there be any possible rationale for the loss of so much?
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The 5k entries are now viewable

The 5k entries are now viewable...and boy are some of them amazing! 5k chess games, 5k pornography, 5k mandelbrot sets, even a bunch of 5k Flash movies...fantastic. Leave last year's entries in the dust. (a MetaFilter password works for login.)
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Not the Dot-Com Guy, he's a guy.com

Not the Dot-Com Guy, he's a guy.com An Israeli fellow has legally changed his surname to .com; his website is just the usual personal website and doesn't seem to offer any deeper clues, so you figure it out.
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corporate totalitarianism and the ftaa:

corporate totalitarianism and the ftaa: Activists will gather in Quebec City, Canada on April 11, 2001 to protest the upcoming Summit of the Americas (SOA) meeting. The purpose of the SOA, which will be held April 18-22, is to hammer out the first full text of the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), a proposed agreement that would turn the entire Western Hemisphere (except Cuba) into the largest international trading bloc in history.
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The first cut is the deepest: Smithsonian to take massive money cuts

The first cut is the deepest: Smithsonian to take massive money cuts Under the budget submitted to Congress this week, deep cuts to be made in Smithsonian programs and divisions, as well as personnel. It is, I believe, cuts, seldom making big media stories, that give us an idea of what is viewed as important by our political figures
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Palm Vx & cell phone combo

Palm Vx & cell phone combo has swept the streets of New York ... the Verizon stores sell out of them within hours of each shipment's arrival. I was one of the first, and I am, by and large, extremely satisfied ... more within.
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Blogs of Our Lives.

Blogs of Our Lives. There I was, enjoying a Burger King breakfast, reading the local Gannett paper, when I turn to their Tuesday technology section and find . . .
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School's mathematics don't add up!

School's mathematics don't add up! PS 234, a primary school in TriBeCa, is at the forefront of the revolution in math instruction being carried out in more than half of New York City's schools. The district's approach to math instruction follows an egalitarian theory called "constructivist math," which is the idea that children shouldn't learn basic techniques for adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying. Rather, emphasis is placed on "feeling good about numbers" etc. Said one angry parent, "The idea that the home has to be turned into the school because the school is the testing ground for inane programs - that's frightening." And leading university mathematicians have joined parent groups in denouncing the method. All things concidered, is it right for schools to use children as guinea pigs in this manner?
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He's baaaack.

He's baaaack. Business news bad boy Lou Dobbs returns home to CNN, and his estranged babies CNNfn and Moneyline. No word on whether he'll have to divest himself of his personal playtoy, Space.com. (My guess is he won't. CNN is desperate.) Can he restore Moneyline's past glory and steal back the ratings crown from Baldy and Bubbles?
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Conjoined twins separated.

Conjoined twins separated. But while that operation is always challenging, this one was particularly bad. The girls were joined at the top of the head, and their brains were merged -- and shared common blood vessels. It took eight-eight hours of surgery to separate them, most of which was spent rerouting blood vessels. Both girls survived the operation. This is only the sixth time this operation has been attempted and only the second time that it has succeeded. (Vertical craniopagus is, mercifully, exceedingly rare.) The operation was only possible at all because the surgeons have spent the last four months practicing it with virtual-reality software on computers (presumably using models based on MRI). Anyone have any idea what software package they used?
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Sure, you've seen Tie-Tanic, Troops and American Jedi, but is there room for another short spoof? Why yes, and I feel like I can watch them all day.
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Another childhood icon bids farewell

Another childhood icon bids farewell First it was Bozo, now Mr. Rogers announces he's ending production on his television series, which has been on the air for 33 years. The show will continue in re-runs, of course. Suddenly I feel very grown up and more than a little wistful. (very sorry for the NYT link, maybe someone can post the free mirror link inside)
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Sometimes conspiracies are real.

Sometimes conspiracies are real. The real reason the 3d net software is showing up again might best be summed up by a quote from this article: ' "The focus was to get someone to go out and upgrade to a Pentium 4," Benoit said. "We wanted to create new and compelling content that wasn't out there and that would cause people to make a decision to upgrade their processors." '
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Strategic Forecasters

Strategic Forecasters broke the story that the U.S. was spying on new Chinese Submarines a week ago. NPR just got the story out yesterday. They publish one free story a day. You have to pay to get the rest, but it's worth reading just for the one free forecast.
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big mac's big voice in meat plants

big mac's big voice in meat plants
"Bloodied in past scrapes with animal rights groups, McDonald's has been positioning itself in recent years as an ardent defender of farm animals... the company's headfirst plunge into slaughter policing is revolutionizing the way slaughterhouses do business, according to a wide range of industry experts and observers."
part of an ongoing washingtonpost.com series entitled "Modern Meat."
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Shatner! The man! The myth! The legend!

Shatner! The man! The myth! The legend! He once told actor Kevin Pollak, who does the definitive Capt. Kirk impersonation: "At 'Star Trek' conventions, I do you doing me and it kills!"
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Brand Ben Brown Software launches

Brand Ben Brown Software launches
- with Discuss being the debut release; a configurable Perl discussion list script.
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Goodness gracious, what is that?
It's Mr. Pugwash, my black cat.
Goodness gracious, are there others?
Yes indeed, my cat Carruthers.

Ann Widdecombe, December 2000.

And you Americans worry about your politicians?
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