April 6, 2001

Mobile phones alert husbands to cheating wives

Mobile phones alert husbands to cheating wives
i suppose this could work both ways...
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A dot com (sort of) that's making money

A dot com (sort of) that's making money I'd love to post this link to f****dcompany.com but unfortunately these people claim to be profitable. So I have to wonder if some of those really stupid business ideas from the web boom weren't so so stupid after all.
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"Apple to Users: 'It's Not Our Problem'":

"Apple to Users: 'It's Not Our Problem'": Apple is doing nothing about their new firmware update which doesn't recognize some third party RAM chips.
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George Jetson, your car is here!

George Jetson, your car is here! We have miniature phones, pocket computers, and wristwatch MP3 players/cameras. Now DaimlerChrysler's working on the bubble car! In lieu of faster toasting devices, can a bubble car make driving safer?
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Center of the World

Center of the World is a dynamic flash site that takes the viewer into a strip club where he (or she i s'pose) can interact with girls. it's pseudo 3D and there are some other nifty things the creators did to make the experience seem live. It may be soft core porn, but it's really high tech softcore porn with a spiffy interface (found on markside )
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Shockwave 3D Beta

Shockwave 3D Beta - Yet another re-entry into the world of Web 3D, this one long-heralded. It definitely looks a lot nicer than the last one we discussed here, but details on authoring are sketchy. Though it's pretty, it still doesn't really answer the question - is there a need/demand for Web3D?
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Happy 71st Birthday, Twinkies!

Happy 71st Birthday, Twinkies! Let's all just stop flinging doo-doo and bangin' the baloney for a moment and enjoy a true American original -- Twinkies-- which were invented 71 years ago. I'll bet the very first package still hasn't reached its freshness expiration date.
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Britney's Battle Plan?

Britney's Battle Plan? Leaked document or Internet bs, you make the call...
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No Free Lunchster!

No Free Lunchster! No discussion is really necessary-- cause this is just plain stupid...(well, ok, we can discuss if you want:)
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New book talks about democracy and the web.

New book talks about democracy and the web. The student newspaper that I work for reviewed the new book Republic.com, which talks about the potential problems that the Internet poses to democracy. Contrary the ideal of free information and exposure to new ideas on the Internet, the author concludes that in online communities, people choose to associate with people who share similiar opinions, which subsequently radicalizes their opinions and shuts them out to opposing voices. Food for thought.
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If you don't stop, you'll go blind.

If you don't stop, you'll go blind. Americans for Purity winning the war on masturbation. Not sure if this is disturbing, or just plain hilarious. Make sure you check the hate mail, and the responses, which make me think that this is one big joke (or at least I hope so).
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Culture as Culprit.

Culture as Culprit. Myron Magnet is the author of The Dream and the Nightmare, which George W. Bush has called the most influential book -- aside from the Bible -- that he's ever read. Is poverty in American less an economic matter than a cultural one?
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PG & E declaring bankruptcy.

PG & E declaring bankruptcy. So if every website in the bay area goes down, it may not be due to the dotcom fallout. And remember kids, when the lights go off, you'll want to loot your local Fry's before anything else.
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Monkeys head/brain transplanted to another monkeys body.

Monkeys head/brain transplanted to another monkeys body. Yeah, some poeple think it's unethical, but I think it's cool. At least in fantasy. Imagine the horror stories if they tried it on humans......
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Teens Sue MTV Over Defecation Incident.

Teens Sue MTV Over Defecation Incident. In addition to a cosmically beautiful headline, this should give everybody plenty of opportunities to gripe about pandering to the lowest common denominator in entertainment, why television is going to hell, etc. Boy, MTV is receiving quite the drubbing these days, eh?
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Scientists discover secrets behind aging process raising the possibility that hormonal therapy could add decades to the human life span. While I'm generally environmentally aware and concerned about overpopulation, all I can think is - sign me up!
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Linus no likey MacOS X

Linus no likey MacOS X Linus apparently doens't like the microkernal that X is based upon. Talk about details. Can't he just get over it and ooo and ahhh over the Aqua?
(side note: Yahoo claims that Linux Torvalds created Linux)
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Help for mathowie's toaster problems?

Help for mathowie's toaster problems? While I don't know about the speed with which it toasts, the sheer novelty (and arguable usefulness) of it may take your mind off the wait. Next: porn on your bagels.
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"China's lumbering propaganda apparatus"

"China's lumbering propaganda apparatus" may be an accurate description, but is it appropriate for the New York Times to use such a phrase in a news article, especially given the present crisis?
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chunk 666

chunk 666 Bicycles ready for the apocalyse: After the imminent Apocalypse, gasoline and bullets will be rare. Those who already ride bicycles and shoot bb guns and slingshots today will easily dominate the huddled masses tomorrow.
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Is anyone else getting really irritated over the no right click java-scripts? The thing does mostly nothing, if you wanted to steal something, you could through the source code, and most of the sites that are tacky enough to place it in there have really crappy graphics anyway. What I use the right click for is opening a link in a new windows, if there's a list of links and you go through them one by one. *Sigh*
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Hillary rules out running for president - ever!

Hillary rules out running for president - ever! Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton yesterday ruled out ever running for president - a startling declaration that even seemed to leave her own aides stunned. And a domain useless...
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Remember Dart Pigeon?

Remember Dart Pigeon? Check out this guy's beef on music funding. Please note the authors of both pages. Coincidence? Perhaps. Perhaps not.
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