April 8, 2020

Brothers Of A Feather

Via NPR's World Cafe: Chris and Rich Robinson (former Black Crowes) come together to perform and talk on the April 8 episode of World Cafe. Show runs 45 minutes. Song performed are Jealous Again, Thorn In My Pride, She Talks To Angels, and Descending. Page also includes bonus video of performance of Thorn In My Side. Accompanying article provides some perhaps needed context.
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An Exotic Drug 'Cocaine' Appears Popular

An oral history of Not The New York Times
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The Piano Is Still There

The video for Hania Rani's new song, F Major, is a single shot featuring the pianist and 3 dancers performing outdoors in -7C weather in Iceland.
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A musical interlude...

Sarah Vaughan, in a live performance from Sweden in 1958, sings Tenderly. Range, vibrato and phrasing...
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Where's the *BWOOOOP*? Let's color with Your Dinosaurs Are Wrong

Take a break and do some coloring with Your Dinosaurs Are Wrong. Chill Coloring Time! (Your Dinosaurs Are Wrong Livestream)
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Rewriting musical history, re-introducing female composers

She was a remarkably gifted French composer, pianist and singer with a voice of extraordinary range and colour. Rossini told an audience after one of her early concerts: “Mark my words, you will hear a lot more from her. Remember that Rossini told you this.” Liszt wrote that the works by her male contemporaries were mere trifles compared to her 1870 opera Astarté. Yet we find the press of her day concentrating instead on descriptions of her beauty and charm, and speculating about her affairs, and now she is called a minor figure among French composers of her time (All Music biography). Anastasia Belina writes for The Guardian, celebrating Augusta Holmès and other women erased from the musical canon. [more inside]
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̶P̶e̶p̶s̶i̶ blue.

How Mountain Dew became the Internet’s signature drink. A definitive ranking of almost every flavor of Mountain Dew. Mountain Dew Doritos are here. Pepsi has created Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew. You can buy a candle that smells like Mountain Dew. Mountain dew cake exists. As do Mountain Dew apple dumplings. Mountain Dew is probably not good for your teeth. There's no easy way to dissolve a mouse in Mountain Dew. Mountain Dew does not kill sperm, contrary to popular myth. Mountain Dew Amp Game Fuel is terrible.
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Socks, Mittens, Boots, Tux

Socks are rarely seen in wildcats, the elusive and undomesticated cousin of the house cat, so why do so many pet cats sport furry white feet? Turns out it's a result of genetic mutations, domestication and developmental biology. (Live Science). [more inside]
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When sports start back, let the women go first

Women’s sports will need help after coronavirus. Thankfully, the solution is simple.
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"I don’t think the government has the authority to close a church."

Florida this week joined the states directing residents to stay home to help reduce spread of the coronavirus but carving out exemptions for religious services [more inside]
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The Little Story of Gwen

American Cinematheque goes online and debuts Oscar winner Agnès Varda’s ultra rare short 'The Little Story of Gwen from French Brittany' (2008) (yt).
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Int’l Literacy Association offer free replay of 2019 conference sessions

“The theme of our ILA 2019 Conference—Creating a Culture of Literacy—focused largely on how to infuse literacy throughout every aspect of the school day and students’ lives. When literacy is embedded in every aspect of education, it creates the environment students need to reach their full potential in the classroom and throughout their lives. These ILA 2019 featured sessions demonstrate the importance of working collaboratively to build and sustain a culture that extends beyond the school setting.” The International Literacy Association is offering a free online replay of six sessions from last year’s conference, available until April 30, 2020. Sessions: 1) Creating a Culture of Literacy; 2) What Research Really Says About Teaching Reading—and Why That Still Matters; 3) We Need More Than Diverse Books; 4) Teaching Vulnerable Youth How to Read and Write: Lessons About Life, Literacy, and the Pursuit of Meaning; 5) Choice, Access, Empowerment: Changing the Game for Young Readers; 6) Motivating Readers From the Inside Out: The Five Key Beliefs That Matter Most for Student Literacy [more inside]
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It's raining, so time for some quick exponential decay maths

Tony Lewis, half of the famous Duckworth-Lewis duo, who created their namesake method for calculating the required score for rain-interrupted limited overs cricket matches, passed away this week at the age of 78. [more inside]
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Remember Blogs? They’re back now.

“ Only a third of NYFW shows were in person. People weren’t flying from Europe unless their companies could pay for carbon offset. An acquaintance who split car fare with me at the Paris shows WhatsApped me to say I should eat a plate of gnocchi marinara for her at the red sauce joint that used to be popular with our crowd. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that it was still boarded up.” Nostalgia Is A Permanent Condition, a near future short story at Indoor Voices, a group blog for quarantined writers.
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Drink your capitalism in coffee

“Coffee Collects and settles the Spirits, makes the erection more Vigorous, the Ejaculation more full, adds a spiritualescency to the Sperme, and renders it more firm and suitable to the Gusto of the womb, and proportionate to the ardours and expectations too, of the female Paramour.” An in-depth exploration of coffee as a weapon of capitalism and colonialism.
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