May 16, 2016

Beach Bully Bingo

"As The Encyclopedia of Surfing also points out: "Visiting surfers since the early 1970s have had rocks thrown at them while walking down the cliffside Lunada trail, and returned from the water to find their car windows broken and their tires slashed — the work of local surfers, the sons of millionaires, determined to keep their break free of outsiders." -- L.A. Weekly's Hillel Aron asks, Can a Cop, a Model and Two Lawyers Break a Surf Gang’s 45-Year Grip on Lunada Bay?
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Art of the needle drop

Q-Tip is a Beast (SLYT)
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Yass – The Jazz, the Filth and the Fury – Poland's musical rebels

"Polish jazz, which was celebrating its triumphs in the 1950s and 60s, gradually became bogged down under the power of omnipresent and omnipotent institutions" ... "The 1990s saw the birth of a musical trend that wanted nothing less than to turn the established order of things to ash by the most drastic of means. This new trend was called yass." Though the headiest and most experimental days are behind them, "yass" is still used to indicate Polish jazz that's more than traditional jazz, and has been used to describe Skalpel, Jazzpospolita, and Pink Freud, who have performed Autechre live for Boiler Room and RBMA.
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A capybara with two ducklings on its back, in the bath

That's it basically.
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All the Marbles

Longest sand marble run ever [SLYT] [more inside]
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Did you know that kangaroos have a trifold vagina? And that as a result of this complex reproductive architecture, a kangaroo neonate emerges after only 28 days gestation, raw-looking, jellybean-sized, body essentially just a head, trunk, and forelimbs, from its mother's cloaca to climb up to her pouch? And that at this stage, the neonate can't suck, so when it finds one of her four nipples the nipple swells up inside its mouth so that it is stuck, remora-like, and can't disengage until its jaw develops further? (Post inspired by a fascinating conversation with mefite athanassiel)
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K.K. Slider plays the hits

There are plenty of cover acts, but it's a rare talent that carries a crowd-pleasing repertoire, yet can still make each song their own. K.K. Slider pulls it off with simple acoustic stylings and howling vocals. He's covered them all: Adele. DJ Snake and Lil Jon. Lady Gaga. Outkast. Michael Jackson. Survivor. Bobby McFerrin. Celine Dion. Darude (yes, that song, and a vocal mix, natch). [more inside]
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Assistant Deputy Provost for the Office of Dining Technology

University Title Generator. Includes estimated salaries.
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Your children, and grandchildren, and therapists.

Lin-Manuel Miranda delivers the University of Pennsylvania commencement to the class of 2016.
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“I have three children & a husband who is prime minister. I need help.”

Criticism leveled at Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, wife of prime minister Justin Trudeau, dismissed as ‘sexist and spiteful’ after she says she needs more staff. [The Guardian] The wife of Canada’s prime minister has sparked a fierce national debate after saying she needs more help to expand her official role and take on more public duties. Sophie Grégoire Trudeau last week told a French-language newspaper that she wanted to do more, but struggled with just one staff member. [more inside]
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Let's go on with the show

Jane Little, assistant principal bass emeritus for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and the world's longest-serving orchestra musician, collapsed and died Sunday during an encore of "There's No Business Like Show Business."
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Citizen Journalists start your engines.

The Intercept is broadening access to the Snowden documents. Here´s why.
We encourage other journalists, researchers, and interested parties to comb through these documents, along with future published batches, to find additional material of interest. Others may well find stories, or clues that lead to stories, that we did not. A primary objective of these batch releases is to make that kind of exploration possible.
The Intercept’s first SIDtoday release.
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"There was no support system for this shit."

"The obscurity of this music, that someone had found, catalogued and championed it pre-Internet, boggled my mind. It was an esoteric document in the sense that it was full of obscure knowledge intended for a small number of people. But it was also esoteric in the sense that there seemed to be something mystical about it. A sort of musical Nag Hammadi Library of hidden music, rare artifacts, treasures reverently compiled, to be listened to in a ritual way." The story of the Nurse With Wound List.
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Shuffleboard At McMurdo

Coming around the top of Ross Island, the suspense is almost too much for me to bear. I want that goddamned lighter. - Maciej Cegłowski
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According to United States law, fetuses are not people.

"Indiana may not legally be able to declare fetuses human in life. But in death, apparently, it can." Among a host of other restrictions, Indiana House Bill 1337 makes it illegal to dispose of fetal remains as medical waste: As of July 1, whether aborted or miscarried, they must be transported to a funeral home and cremated or buried. [more inside]
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death cafes: tea, cake, and a discussion about mortality

In 2000, shortly after the death of his first wife (anthropologist Yvonne Presswerk), Swiss sociologist Bernard Crettaz set up a series of cafés mortels, or death cafes--informal gatherings where ordinary people could talk openly about death and dying. Crettaz inspired Jon Underwood and his mother, Sue Barsky Reid, to begin hosting death cafes in the UK ; eventually they put together a guide [pdf] for those wanting to host their own. Death cafes have now been held in 35 countries. They are not meant to be grief or bereavement support groups; instead, Underwood says, their purpose is “to increase awareness of death with a view to helping people make the most of their (finite) lives." [more inside]
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how could you have not seen this coming?

As new revelations come to light that claim that not only was there widespread and elaborate cheating at the Sochi Olympics, but that Olympic officials may have been involved as well, Russia's Sports Minister says that they are very sorry "that athletes who tried to deceive us, and the world, were not caught sooner", and hoped that they would be cleared of wrongdoing in time for this summer's Games in Rio. [more inside]
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Monstrous vasectomy bludgeon penis

Is there marketing potential for this game? It's difficult to say. (Sorry- a single link YouTube post.)
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Notify Police - Murder!

npm-expansions is a git repository, currently holding 250+ pending pulls requests of what NPM (Node Package Manager) might stand for*: Notify Police - Murder!, Neurosis Prevention Mechanism, Narcissistically Plush Moostache and to quote a specific commit - "the very first Portuguese extension" - Não posso mais ("I can't take it anymore"). [more inside]
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