July 24, 2018

Liberty or death!

Trailer for Peterloo a Mike Leigh film dramatising the infamous 'Peterloo Massacre' of 1819 where 15 people were killed and hundreds injured when cavalry charged a crowd that had gathered in Manchester to hear speeches on political reform. [more inside]
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The Goonies are Good Enough for Cyndi and friends

Cyndi Lauper’s 1985 music video Goonies 'r' Good Enough (part 1; part 2) is perhaps one of the single most bat-shit-crazy crossover moments in the history of pop culture – and I mean Japanese Nic Cage commercials crazy. [...] Lauper essentially takes on the role of The Goonies searching for buried treasurer (standard), The Fratelli’s however are replaced by an oddball selection of WWF wrestlers [...] Throw into this the actual Goonies themselves making an appearance in shameless Goonies promo t-shirts and Steven Spielbergo doing a piece to camera like a local sports anchor. It’s sheer 80s gold. Here’s a quick list of the [13] highlights that make this one of the greatest 12 minutes in entertainment and marketing history... [more inside]
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🎶 Hola, ç'est bon, ça va, konnichiwa, tu danses ce soir? 🎶

For your happy, mellow, summer music needs, the latest video from Youngr: Lost in Translation [more inside]
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We Want Plates [more inside]
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Georgia Has a Coast?

Photos by drone of the Georgia coast that fills his soul.
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"Gua bao is the Asian equivalent of a taco."

An illustrated compendium to Chinese baos with THE ULTIMATE BAO GRAPH - When it comes to Chinese food, few dishes are as beloved and portable as the bao. The etymology of the Chinese character bao 【包】 is “to wrap up,” which is a rather apt description for it. In the West, the term bao is often used interchangeably with dumpling. That’s not entirely accurate—not all baos are dumplings, and not all dumplings are baos. [By Clarissa Wei, Sierra Chao, and Ashley Kung; Goldthread] [more inside]
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neither Northern nor Southern, but an amalgam of everything

"Florida is no place for those who want to view it from a safe distance. This state is invasive, creeping, needy. Hardy and scrabbling, our peninsula’s sour with poison and rot and choking vines. You fight for the right to live in its greenery, and once you’ve finally carved out a space, you stay tangled in the wreck. Once you’ve left, there’s no coming back. The best you can do is hack out a different life somewhere else. This place isn’t yours to write about. It’s barely mine." Kristen Arnett: The Problem With Writing About Florida
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"The state of the Beach Boys in 1988 was, in a word, shitty."

If Brian Wilson was like Paul McCartney, pushing his bandmates to precisely render his sonic fancies, Mike Love was like … well, Paul McCartney, desperately trying to keep all the stakeholders happy and productive. He’s rarely given his due as a songwriter: He sued Brian in 1992 more or less for this reason, eventually winning co-writing credit for 35 Beach Boys tunes. The occasional “Good Vibrations” aside (a lyric written with McKenzie’s “San Francisco” in mind), his gift is punch-ups: tweaking phrases and adding earworms. He scrapped Phillips’ past tense. It sounded like regret, which is not Love’s bag. All he’s ever wanted to do is provide escape. So when it came time to write the chorus, Love sang Melcher a map.
"Kokomo” Is 30: The Strange Backstory To The Beach Boys’ Last Cultural Gasp [Brad Shoup, Stereogum] [more inside]
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Pulling the ladders up all the way

How tech's richest plan to save themselves after the apocalypse
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The evolution of water rendering in video games [Gamasutra] “Water levels in video games may get a lot of flak, but the technology behind how H2O is rendered has only improved over time. A recent video published by Digital Foundry [YouTube] dives into the evolution of video game water from 8-bit all the way to 3D.” [more inside]
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The Most Feminine Black Metal Album of All Time

Smashing Nazism Through Tolkienist Thematics with Feminazgul - Astral Noize I think it’s fair to identify with either side of the conflict in Lord Of The Rings, in some ways. I’ve long held that the orcs should become the proletarian analogy they were born to be and overthrow Saruman and Sauron. But the Feminazgul, in particular… what do the Nazgul do besides find men who have power (the ring) and take that power away from them? Sure, the regular Nazgul then give it back to Sauron, but hey, since I’m making this shit up, the Feminazgul can do whatever they want. So yeah… in short, Feminazgul hunt men who hold power. [more inside]
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Minnesota Nice, Hot Dog Edition

Jerk calls city on kid's hot dog stand to get it shut down. City helps kid pass Health Department certification and pays for his permit to sell hot dogs legally as a pop-up.
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How I've Navigated Sex And Consent As A Hard-Of-Hearing Person

When you have hearing loss, as I do, sex is always a gamble. "Hearing is intimacy. It’s longing. Hope. Connection. A series of grand and momentous and pointless unities that most of us take for granted. Every interaction, from the briefest encounter with a barista to the most intimate sexual exchanges, becomes a question for me. I’m never sure I’ve gotten it right. I’m never sure I’ve understood you correctly."
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Jordan Raine had a hunch that humans might use roaring to communicate information about size and strength, so he scienced it. He found that we're pretty good at determining whether someone is stronger than us based on their roar, with one exception: In cases where males were weaker than female listeners, they were only correctly identified as weaker 25% of the time.
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"The stage is a living-room set: couch, TV, coffee table, food."

In Conversation: Billy Joel -The superstar on his songwriting silence, the country today, and his ideal farewell (SL Vulture)
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Gaming History Riven in Two

At first glance, the two histories related above are diametric opponents. One, on the mainstream side, tells of a heroic savior ignored; the other details an antichrist narrowly (if at all) defeated. What unites them is an inaccuracy of memory.
How the history of video games is constructed, and what differing narratives about Myst teach us about that construction.
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The Untold Story of Otto Warmbier, American Hostage [in North Korea]

SLGQ "As the Trump administration and North Korea spun Otto's story for their own ends, I spent six months reporting—from Washington, D.C., to Seoul—trying to figure out what had actually happened to him. What made an American college student go to Pyongyang? What kind of nightmare did he endure while in captivity? How did his brain damage occur? And how did his eventual death help push America closer toward war with North Korea and then, in a surprising reversal, help lead to Trump's peace summit with Kim Jong-un? The story I uncovered was stranger and sadder than anyone had known. In fact, I discovered that the manner of Otto's injury was not as black-and-white as people were encouraged to believe."
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Three Major Physics Discoveries and Counting

Meet the Woman Who Rocked Particle Physics—Three Times (Quanta) - "Sau Lan Wu spent decades working to establish the Standard Model of particle physics. Now she’s searching for what lies beyond it." (via)
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Look on my neon corporate wokeness, ye Mighty, and despair.

Watson hosted a panel consisting of former New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez, Soulcycle founder Ruth Zukerman (because of course), former New Zealand soccer player Tim Brown, who now sells shoes, and Ryan Williams, who founded a real estate technology company with Middle East peace envoy Jared Kushner [...] The panel, "How to Succeed In Business Without a Rule Book," offered helpful advice on being rich, like fly "20 hours" if you have to in order to get to an important meeting.
' Fear and loathing at OZY Fest
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“You can't EAT EVIDENCE, Sam!”

YouTube user glumshoe loves old-timey noir detectives. [more inside]
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Ever wondered what life was like on an Australian cattle station?

"The Central Station journal has been created by a group of women who love their way of life in the northern [Australian] cattle industry."

My time in the North Australian Beef Industry
The Vegetarian Backpacker
Socialising and schooling in the outback
The Royal Flying Doctor Service
Dealing with depression
School of the Air in the 60’s
[more inside]
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