August 1, 2020

The Hugo Awards for 2020

2020's Hugo Award winners were announced this weekend in a lengthy livestream available as a merciful edit. Full stats [PDF] break down votes on nominees discussed previously. Rebecca F. Kuang's acceptance speech for the newly-renamed Astounding Award movingly summarized issues in the field, and Jeannette Ng won a Hugo for her previous acceptance speech for the renamed award. Departed members of the community were memorialized in an annual list and in Neil Gaiman's acceptance speech. As for the presentation, Andrew Liptak says, "Last night's Hugo Awards ceremony was a mess," and Natalie Luhrs says, "George R.R. Martin can fuck off into the sun." SFWA President Mary Robinette Kowal: "This is a large systemic failure." ConZealand's statement. GRRM's first comment and his second. John Scalzi on how to be a Hugo MC. Incidentally, the Retro Hugo results [PDF] presented a related issue for the eighth time.
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#Cocovid is a online, interactive multiday event with live panels and other videos with members of the Youtube costuming community (known as CosTube). In normal times, this weekend would see costumers and cos players head to Costume College, a 3 day conference with classes and events for all aspects of costuming. Due to covid-19, the conference has been cancelled but the costuming and historical fashion community has come together to produce #CoCoVid. [more inside]
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In the pre-internet days, a notorious punk hotline was one of the few ways hardcore teens and metalheads could get up-to-the-minute information about upcoming shows in NYC and the surrounding suburbs.
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harmony between precisely structured Kufic & exuberance of living matter

In the Over the Shoulder series, London-based, French-Lebanese artist Joumana Medlej gives us glimpses into the exquisitely detailed process for "The Book of the Moon" and "Reverence for the Land" which "used pigments extracted from stones I picked up in Epping Forest and in Mount Lebanon so that it brings together the two lands I call home." Medlej's list of resources on Arabic calligraphy and sacred geometry. [more inside]
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Build a Pop Pop Boat! By Marc Horvitz. More about Pop Pop Boats, seen by many in Ponyo!
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