August 25, 2001

Singer Aaliyah Killed in Plane Crash

Singer Aaliyah Killed in Plane Crash

R & B singer and actress Aaliyah died after a small plane that was to carry her and eight others back to the United States crashed after takeoff in the Bahamas, authorities said.

I keep typing a description here. and erasing it. I don't know what to say. This is beyond awful. :(
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As funny as a sitcom set in a concentration camp.

As funny as a sitcom set in a concentration camp. So, your dad was into sex play and amateur "photography." Oh, yeah, and he was a celebrity. And he died under mysterious circumstances. Would the thought ever occur to you to charge folks to take a gander at your pop "gettin' it on?" This is several levels of creepy-from low level "huh, that's odd" all the way up to "oh, god I didn't need to see that!" levels of creepy. Link not safe for work, unless you work at a place where they encourge you to look at celebrities getting hummers.
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Uh, guys? It's just a damn game.

Uh, guys? It's just a damn game. Three different stories on the same page about people taking games far too seriously. I love my video games as much as the next person, but the closest I've come to injuring myself (or others) was getting an hour or two less sleep on the weekend from playing Civilization too much. Does anyone have any personal stories about games (video, board or card) unexpectedly causing injury?
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Up, Up, and Away! It's Captain Viagra to the rescue!

Up, Up, and Away! It's Captain Viagra to the rescue! Take a look as our hero is shot into action from his trusty megagun, Straightshot.
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Wandering Camera

Wandering Camera doesn't strike you with quality of the pictures, but with sheer volume and coverage. I've only been to SPb once, and didn't see nearly as much as what's covered in the albums. Rather than to capture the best visuals of a site, it puts you into its atmosphere.
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Is American TV funnier than British TV?

Is American TV funnier than British TV? Who watches both? I really don't know but describing American comedies as "machine-tooled one-liners" is pretty damn accurate. (via
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Mama, don't let your babies grow up to be freelancers

Mama, don't let your babies grow up to be freelancers Maybe I should get my plumber's license?
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Should Teachers be Tested?

Should Teachers be Tested? In Ontario there is a power struggle between the provincial government and the teachers union over whether teachers should be subjected to testing to ensure they are current on their subject knowledge. Personally, I have enjoyed every ironic complaint of the teachers that testing is unfair. It seems to me that they are failing the test before even taking it when they implicitly claim that testing is good for the students but bad for them. What do you think?
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Netscape 6.1????

Netscape 6.1???? Have you tried it? Do you like it? Should we get Mikey?
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The Little Ninja.

The Little Ninja. A beautiful Flash series, one of the best I have stumbled across in my travels around the web. The music, artwork and production are all top notch, and Ninjai's voice is just spellbinding. Anyone know of any other high-quality flash comics like this one?
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Why can't you people keep an eye on your instruments?

Why can't you people keep an eye on your instruments? Vintage violin left in a cab. A different, rare, $40,000 violin left in cab. A $4 million, 1673 Stradivarius cello left in a cab. A $35,000 violin bow left in a cab. And of course, Yo-Yo Ma's $2.5 million, 266-year-old cello, left in a cab.
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Not many still-practiced sports existed at the dawn of recorded history. Sumo wrestling is one of them. I've been trying to learn more about Sumo lately, and with the Aki-Basho tournament coming up next month, now is the time to follow along on the web as the drama unfolds.
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Do you know me?

Do you know me? "I am a white male, Caucasian, about five feet, nine inches. I weigh 150lbs. I have no visible marks on my body. I have no memory of any events prior to waking up in the hospital in November of 1999."

"Philip Staufen" has naturally dark brown hair and he has brown eyes. He doesn't have any tattoos, distinguishing marks, or scars. He is a Vegan and has a digestive disorder called Celiac.

"Philip Staufen" is living a nightmare.
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Are there limits to Freedom?

Are there limits to Freedom? Liberty means responsibility, said Betty Knowles Hunt in 1951. "The answer, and the only answer, is for all of us to educate ourselves to the responsibilities as well as to the benefits of freedom. Perhaps as a people, we are not morally strong enough to be free. If that is the case, then we shall certainly lose our freedom, and it will not matter much what "ism" supplants Americanism. But this will not prove that our free way of life was not the best way. It will only prove that we were not worthy of it. " What a spoil sport. Best sell the SUV, eh?
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Golf course: men only

Golf course: men only PGA golfer Fred Couples is helping build a golf course open only to men. Is this any different from a womens-only gym, or more sinister?
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