August 27, 2001

"They all look the same to me!"

"They all look the same to me!" Just by looking, can you tell a Chinese person from a Korean? Or a Japanese? Take the Asian Aptitude Test and find out.
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Get the skills to tend the grill.

Get the skills to tend the grill. Grand Royal present an Inspirational Guide to all things BBQ, featuring tips from the guy who did the backstage cooking at the original Woodstock.
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The Whole World Toilet Paper Museum

The Whole World Toilet Paper Museum
Because you've never really lived until you've seen toilet paper autographed by Barbara Walters.
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Increasingly, London is its bars. Twenty-seven new drink portals open every week. Luckily Chris Morris has sorted through the chaff to give us the definitive London bar guide.
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This interesting mini-series

This interesting mini-series about the human face on TLC (via BBC), claims that technology and the Internet are replacing face-to-face contact, but without much needed facial expressions that play a crucial role in communication. No doubt, this is why we THINK OF CAPITAL LETTERS as "yelling" and use :) and :P in online communication. Where do you see online communication in 10 years?
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The Little League World Series: Part 2

The Little League World Series: Part 2 The controversy continues...
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I thought I was the only one

I thought I was the only one who giggled at the name of this British sweet treat. Traditionalists balk at changing the name, but supermarkets report sales lags because folks are embarrassed to ask for it. What would you re-name this dessert?
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Is it just me (again), or does Ann Marie Smith, the next in line to Gary Condit, look bizarrely like Wendie Malick in a wig?
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Oops. Where did the surplus go?

Oops. Where did the surplus go? It' fascinating how MSNBC bends over backward to make it sound as if both parties shared blame equally rather then pointing straight at Bush's outrageous tax cut.
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Internet Explorer 6 final is out

Internet Explorer 6 final is out for windows. Hopefully they've worked all the bugs out from the public beta. They're claiming full 100% standards support for DOM level 1 and CSS 1 (it only took five years!), though time will tell how accurate that claim is.
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Guess the Poll, Win $5000.00 FJ

Guess the Poll, Win $5000.00 FJ (with the Fiji Post) is hosting a contest to guess who will be the next prime minister. Voting for parlimentary elections began on Saturday in Fiji, with few observed problems. Charges of intimidation, illegality, et cetera fly back and forth. Someone circulated some pamphlets that said paraphrasedly "a vote for Chaudry is a vote for bloodshed." Mahendra Chaudry was the Labor prime minister deposed while being held hostage in May last year. Several of those involved in that abortive, yet destructive coup are also running under their own banners. They seem to have split the ethnic Fijian vote (approx 51% of the population) more than anything.
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Bad Software

Bad Software. Has anyone ever seen Gigex? Its a Download delivery helper for the PC. Thru I just tried to dl a demo for a game and Gigex tried to help me. It helped me by completetly locking up my PC. A reboot launches Gigex again which freezes everything again and again. What to do about obnoxious software 'helpers'?
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Apparently the Web is getting less eclectic.

Apparently the Web is getting less eclectic. The basic gist is that the Web, once a vibrant and quirky place, is just becoming a repository of dullness and repetition with such an overabundance of information that people tend to stick to sites that they know and love. What's your take on it?
(Thanks to Zach at for the link.)
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If you were to assassinate someone what weapon would you choose? Some poison or maybe a sniper rifle. Well L. Piyasena decided to try something different, assassination by bus.
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Back to two tin cans and a string?

Back to two tin cans and a string? With so many of the broadband providers going down (and with it, their service), will the promise of broadband ever be fulfilled, or will consumers decide we can get by without it?
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The Onion: The Movie?

The Onion: The Movie? In an internal memo posted to Fucked Company this morning, The Onion's Publisher/President Peter Haise (allegedly) says they're working on a sketch comedy movie with David Zucker. Considering Zucker's filmography, this could be really, really great, or really, really terrible.
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Dark Tower V Prologue available

Dark Tower V Prologue available at Stephen King's official website. Apparently, King is "hoping to press on to the very end and publish the remaining volumes all at the same time. That probably means three books, one of them fairly short and one of the other two quite long." If he continues the increase in quality that he established with Wizard and Glass, we'll be in for quite a treat.
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Argentine Peso Crashing, Provinces Pay in 'Patacon'

Argentine Peso Crashing, Provinces Pay in 'Patacon'
The new scrip will be accepted, officials hope, until the recent US bailout makes it possible to print pesos. The IMF posted 8B dollars last week, at which time 'patacon' was being used in ATMs (Surprise!) I like the above articles noting that it "fits into a wallet like money" --- was there ever a case of design problems in emergency paper currency?
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A rare (in the US) view of the conflict in Israel

A rare (in the US) view of the conflict in Israel from the point of view of a Palestinian. His conclusion: young men are making suicide attacks because "death is a better option than the life they are leading." Meanwhile, Sharon's long term plan is to make things even worse for the Palestinians.
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Free Anime!

Free Anime! Manga Entertainment will stream their new release Blood: The Last Vampire on the Web for 24 hours Tuesday, while simultaneously showing the film at theaters in Los Angeles and New York. They will then sell DVDs of the movie online and in retail stores. [More inside.]
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Brothel Goes Live on Net

Brothel Goes Live on Net RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (Reuters) - Rio de Janeiro's Vila Mimoza (Pamper Village) brothel is propelling the oldest profession in the world into the 21st century. Within the next two weeks, the Vila Mimoza prostitution cooperative, just north of downtown Rio, plans to launch a Web site ( aimed at luring customers and making the "village'' a major stop on the tourism trail. Oh boy. Not much different than porn sites, but the "sex workers' labor movement in the 1970s" history tidbit could be interesting.
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No more Muzak™ and classic rock?

No more Muzak™ and classic rock? "The [IBM] interns collaborated on something called Hold Freedom, a way to ease the tedium of being on hold while waiting to talk to a human. The program enables callers placed on hold to listen to news, music of their choice, enter a chat group with other customers or even make another phone call without losing their place in the queue. The choices would be based on personal profiles that the customers had previously completed on the call center to phone company's Web site." (Also cool that the idea comes from summer interns.)
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As Carlo Giuliani's anti-globalization martyrdom continues apace, an object-throwing youth has killed a NATO soldier in Macedonia. Tie game?
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US drone lost over Iraq

US drone lost over Iraq - It seems it's only a matter of time before they shoot down a piloted plane (even if by accident). What are we still trying to accomplish over there and what would the reaction be if they succeed?
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Two months from illiterate to MP3 trading hax0rz.

Two months from illiterate to MP3 trading hax0rz. Very cool social experiment showing how easy today's GUIs are to use, especially for kids.
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