August 4, 2019

Journey Across Japan

A little over a year ago, British-guy-living-in-Japan-youtuber Chris Broad/Abroad in Japan revealed an ambitious plan to undertake a 2,000 km Journey Across Japan on bicycle. While the journey has been complete for a while now, his painstaking editing process has meant that the final instalment has only recently been completed. The whole thing is available to watch now in this playlist. [more inside]
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Paper Planes but every time there's a gun shot it's a musket

Paper Planes but every time there's a gun shot it's a musket
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Caution, Hazard Detected: Robots Of Late Capitalism

Martys are googly-eyed robots working at Stop & Shop grocery stores and are designed to warn unsuspecting shoppers of dangers such as adversarial bottle caps or cilantro. Martys aren't, however, sophisticated enough to actually clean shit so they need assistance from their hominid colleagues. At least they only cost 35K each.
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Four bonga for 20 cents to four for 50 cents.

The women fish sellers of West Africa. This 6 min video from China Dialogue Ocean shows how global demand for fishmeal (mainly used to feed farmed fish) affects locals in the Gambia. According to the Gambian ministry of fisheries, the establishment of Chinese fishmeal factories on the coast is part of the difficult calculus for national development. But women looking to feed their families, see it quite differently: "exporting fishmeal doesn't benefit us, it makes us suffer... we Gambians should have access to the fish before the factory."
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The forgotten ‘wolf children’ of World War II

Following the end of the devastating conflict, children of East Prussia went to great lengths in order to survive. Via
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Tulsi Gabbard Thinks We’re Doomed

The New York Times profiles the outsider Democratic candidate somehow admired by the far left and right—and supported by Putin's propaganda machine and his American apologists. She's received the endorsements of Twitter's Jack Dorsey (who maxed out his contributions to her campaign), Ron Paul, Steve Bannon (who set up an interview with her and Trump for a Cabinet position), former Klansman David Duke, and white nationalist Richard Spencer. So what does she really believe? [more inside]
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How to politely smoke weed

Emily Post’s great-great-granddaughter wrote a book about cannabis etiquette — a thing you never thought you’d need. Lizzie Post is the great-great-granddaughter of Emily Post, the legendary etiquette expert responsible for sculpting the transactional courtesies of an entire generation of Americans. She’s also, in her words, a “classic stoner.”...Post’s recently published guidebook, Higher Etiquette, reflects a national turning point. For weed-curious amateurs, the book serves as a life raft for the next time you’re not sure what to do when a joint makes its way around a party. For aficionados like Post, it offers guidance on how to comfortably introduce the plant to their less seasoned friends.
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Banana Hill 2 Character Contest: Enter the WoobWorldz

Banana Hill is a goodlarious cartoon about food, a zany misunderstanding and 90's-era technology. Its sequel, which will go heavy on the 90's-era technology by way of an online virtual world, is in progress, but its background character designs need YOUR help! As was done twice with the first episode, a contest is being held for retro virtual world avatar designs, at least some of which will be featured in the episode. Anything goes, but the aesthetic smacks of, Active Worlds, and the aesthetic of Hypnospace Outlaw. Hard-and-fast rules: None (multiple submissions were allowed last time and probably this time too). Deadline: August 29th. [more inside]
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Documentary History of American Water-works

An extensive history of early US water and sanitation infrastructure, by Morris Pierce, based on the 1888 Manual of American Water-Works (, but with much added material, and links to online historical resources. There's a lot on the site, but you can start to drill down by location here
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Cyan. Magenta. Orange.

some works of instagram artist alberto_sting
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All You Need is Hate

One of John Peel’s indie darlings, The Delgados were a Scottish indie band from Motherwell. Highlights from their five albums include The Light Before We Land (used as the theme for anime Gunslinger Girl), Woke From Dreaming, Child Killers, American Trilogy, and Coming In From The Cold – ranging from achingly beautiful melodies to dramatically dark ballads. [more inside]
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Like Rock Paper Scissors, but a Bit More Complex

With the Evolution 2019 fighting game tournament going on this weekend, now is the perfect time to learn about how, and why, to watch a fighting game. Even if you can't play them, they can make a great genre to enjoy as a spectator once you understand some basics!
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