August 4, 2020

Baby Sea Otter Live Stream

Joey is an orphaned sea otter pup currently in care at the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre.
Watch him here.
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What ARGs can teach us about QAnon. "QAnon is not an ARG[Alternate Reality Game]. It’s a dangerous conspiracy theory, and there are lots of ways of understanding conspiracy theories without ARGs. But QAnon pushes the same buttons that ARGs do, whether by intention or by coincidence. In both cases, “do your research” leads curious onlookers to a cornucopia of brain-tingling information. [more inside]
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"but what normal looks like varies dramatically."

As the global death toll nears 700,000, the Guardian reports that six months on, coronavirus victories remain fragile, as public health authorities say the number of infections is accelerating and the peak still lies ahead. And yet, according to Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, areas that observed tight shelter-in-place constraints, like New York and some countries in Asia and Europe, showed that we can bring the deadly numbers down and bring back the economy in a safer public environment. [more inside]
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"This has to stop."

This afternoon, the District Court of Southern Mississippi confirmed the qualified immunity for Police Officers in the case of Jamison v. McClendon, where the black plaintiff suffered an hours-long roadside ordeal at the hands of a white officer who had pulled him over for the temporary tag on his newly-purchased Mercedes being too hard to read. But the opinion itself is a thing of tragic, righteous beauty.
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Harry Potter and the Deathly Weapons

Harry Potter with guns instead of wands. SLYT. Link to streaming full length movie in YouTube description. Warning: graphic gun violence
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The Truth is Paywalled but the Lies are Free

The Truth is Paywalled but the Lies are Free "let us briefly picture what 'totally democratic and accessible knowledge' would look like." [more inside]
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Four Hylian shrooms

While reading acclaimed Irish novelist John Boyne's latest book The Traveller At the Gates of Wisdom, a Reddit user spotted a strangely familiar set of ingredients for red dye that included "spicy pepper, the tail of the red lizalfos and four Hylian shrooms." This happens to be how you dye clothes in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – and the top Google search result for "ingredients red dye clothes". Boyne fessed up and plans to "leave it as it is".
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The Canada Formerly Known as a Dominion

An exhaustive FAQ on Canada's former formal title, the Dominion of Canada, which has almost, but not quite, entirely ceased being used. There remains only one officer of the federal government whose title still contains the word "dominion" — the Dominion Carillonneur. [more inside]
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"It would seem I had planned everything according to Hoyle"

Katia Kapovich (Body, 7/19/2014), "Soup Gazpacho": "it's Saturday, the supermarket is packed to the gills, the five cashier girls are busy like robots and don’t even have time to look up from their work. What's necessary is to act quickly and decisively. I tossed the package with the hot dogs in my purse, stacked the three freshly packed containers of gazpacho soup one on top of the other, and proceeded to the exit. Explaining why I did it would take a long time." Kapovich's story is semi-autobiographical. Her poetry, written in both Russian and English, includes "The Ferry" and "The Green One Over There."
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"Two studs wide and angled at 45°"

George Cave looked at 52 examples of the LEGO "2×2 decorated slope", the type of brick typically used for minifig instrument panels. Many of them illustrated design philosophies underlying real-world interface design. Some of them did not.
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