September 14, 2018

In the shadow of the Iraq War

Daniel Nexon writes for Foreign Affairs: Toward a Neo-Progressive [US] Foreign Policy - The Case For An Internationalist Left [more inside]
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Voice teacher reacts to ......

Voice teacher, Sam Johnson has a YouTube channel where he reacts* to ( analyzes) compilations of singers on youtube including:
"worst" contestants on American Idol,
pop singers who can't reach those high notes anymore,
k-pop best and worst,
k-pop high notes

* note: reactions are caring, kind and informative!
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The Rom Com Re-Revival

If you, like me, think about romantic comedies the way other people think of cigarette breaks—self-soothing with self-destruction—you already know the best part is what happens in our heads.
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Opting to leave inmates behind

South Carolina officials don’t plan to move at least 650 inmates from a prison located in a county that's under mandatory evacuation order as Category 4 Hurricane Florence approaches. [more inside]
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one woman, one road trip, 55 cats

ABC TV Interview with Mrs 'Manx' Morgan (SLyoutube) who in 1969 surprised her husband by driving from Sydney to Adelaide to be with him- with all 55 of her cats. (2 minutes, black and white, no subtitles.)
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Chuck! I'm really scared, so I'm hoping you can help me out.

One year ago, writers Chuck Wendig and Sam Sykes did a goofy Twitter thing. (previously) Today, they unveiled the first trailer for the feature-length slasher movie parody based on their goofy twitter thing, YOU MIGHT BE THE KILLER, starring Fran Kranz as Sam and Alyson Hannigan as Chuck. [more inside]
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One courthouse, told week by week

Serial Season 3 is coming on September 20th. You can play the trailer on their website. A year inside the criminal courts in Cleveland, Ohio.
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"I'll fight but not surrender": Australia's bushranger ballads

You’ve only got to look at the names of the most famous bushrangersJack Donohoe, Ned Kelly, Dan Morgan – to see this Irish lineage show through. It’s also noticeable how many of the bushranger ballads are composed to fit old Irish tunes: and often old Irish rebel tunes at that. Jim Jones, for example, can be sung to the music of Skibbereen.... Both Bold Jack Donohoe and The Wild Colonial Boy are written to fit the music of the Irish nationalist anthem The Wearing of the Green. “I’ll fight but not surrender”: Bushranger ballads, from MeFi's own Paul Slade. Too many stories of the lads? Skip to the appendix for Daughters of the Rum Rebellion, true tales of Australia's colonial women via original songs [Facebook] by Gleny Rae & Ilona Harker. [via mefi projects]
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Paulie Manafort Flips, Bada Bing Bada Boom

Trump Campaign Manager and convicted felon Paul Manafort will plead guilty to avoid a second trial and has agreed to cooperate with federal investigators (CNBC). In an unusually lengthy superseding criminal information document (PDF), the Special Counsel's office charges him on two counts: conspiracy against the United States from 2006 to 2017, with Rick Gates and GRU operative Konstantin Kilimnik (FARA conspiracy), and conspiracy to obstruct justice (witness tampering). In a 17-page cooperation agreement, Manafort promises to give interviews and briefings to the Special Counsel, turn over documents, and testify in other proceedings—and he has waived right to have lawyers representing him present at any interviews. In exchange, the agreement calls for a 10-year cap on Manafort's prison sentence and for concurrent time served for his separate Virginia and Washington cases (Politico). Manafort will also give up $46 million in criminal and civil forfeitures, making his plea deal effectively pardon proof. From the courthouse, CNN reports: “He's not smiling at all. He's glum and quietly responding, 'yes, your honor'” [more inside]
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The Great Recession Never Ended

It’s been ten years since America’s largest bankruptcy filing- how have things been going? (The Nib) cw: suicide
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Mayan Game of Thrones

A 1,500 year old Mayan altar discovered in a small archaeological site in northern Guatemala is drawing comparisons to popular fantasy drama television series "Game of Thrones" for its descriptions of the Kaanul dynasty's political strategies aimed at bringing entire cities under its control. [more inside]
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Comments That Hurt: "You never know true love until you have a child."

Each day of World Childless Week 2018, writers in the childless-not-by-choice community have responded to a different theme related to involuntary childlessness. Today's theme is "Comments That Hurt," specifically the comment, "You never know true love until you have a child." There are essays, video responses, and survey results that end with an email from a supportive parent.
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We know the violence of erasure quite intimately

On the challenges of defining Latinidad and the intersections of identity in queer & trans Latinx communities. (cw: domestic violence, child abuse, lgbtq hate crimes) [more inside]
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Pierre Menard's The Asteroids

Pierre Menard's The Asteroids: Like Menard, I didn't want to merely copy or emulate, and I wrote it using relatively modern tools, but at the same time, the closer I could get to the 1979 game, the better. Also, like Menard's Quixote, my game is a failure in the sense that it isn't exactly Asteroids. [via mefi projects]
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Best For Me or Best For All?

How Well-Intentioned White Families Can Perpetuate Racism
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Enter the world of Savage X Fenty

Rihanna closed NYFW with a plush body positive fantasia upending the traditional lingerie show. Featuring music by Sevdaliza, Catnapp, Shygirl, LAPs, and Nicolas Cage. Semi NSFW because, you know, lingerie.
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"Bonehemian Rhapsody" 28-Trombone Collaboration!

This is amazingly wonderful. (SLYT)
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Playing Jane

Regency rendezvous: inside the world of Jane Austen fandom [more inside]
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