September 17, 2021

volunteering, mistakes, & "when we get the least signaling about it"

"We have to be willing to let someone else make mistakes and do it worse sometimes." Marissa Lingen reminds us that it's important to step back from particular volunteer jobs if you've been doing them for a long time -- for your own sake, and for the health of the organization. And: "Also of concern, and very hard to bring up: sometimes A’s skills slip for one reason or another. Yes, you. Even if you’re A.....we never think it’s us. We never think, I bet I’m the problem here."
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Modern Sounds at the Mother Church

Adia Victoria's version of "You Was Born To Die" (feat. Kyshona, Margo Price, & Jason Isbell) knocked me flat. She's one of the seven women of color set to open Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit's upcoming series of concerts at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium. Sound up, enjoy the YT jukebox. [more inside]
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There will be no dice required for this phase

ProZD: ameritrash vs euro games. That is all.. That's the video.
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Life inside of a US detention center

(cw: physical and sexual abuse) Earlier today, Project South released their collaborative report, Medical Abuse of Immigrants Detained at the Irwin County Detention Center [pdf full text], detailing the results of their investigation into and eventual success at shutting down just one of hundreds of ICE detention facilities that exist in the US [more inside]
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How old do you have to be to consent to your own healthcare?

There is no fixed age for adulthood in England and Wales. At age 10 you have full criminal responsibility for your actions, at 14 you can get a job, at 16 you can change your name, at 18 you can buy alcohol, at 21 you can adopt a child. Since 1986 and the case of Gillick vs West Norfolk and Wisbech Area Health Authority (judgement) there has been no fixed age at which you can consent to your own healthcare treatment, overriding parental consent. Instead the competency to consent of a child under 16 is determined by the relevant treating physician on an individual basis, known as Gillick competence. Guidelines for its application were provided by in the judgement by Lord Fraser. [more inside]
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The economists’ reassurances were closer to hopeful guesses

Benjamin Franta has published an paper about the role economists in think tanks and academia played in global warming denial.
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A whole new way to make electronic music

In a way, Bespoke is like if I smashed Ableton to bits with a baseball bat, and asked you to put it back together. [more inside]
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A background noise generator that truly has it all

Ambient Chaos
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Minnesota police: Please help us not shoot you

Minnesota’s Department of Public Safety is offering a “Not-Reaching Pouch.” "It’s a clear plastic pouch ... for storing a driver’s license and insurance information. The idea is that the pouches will help reduce the likelihood of officers panicking and shooting drivers who are reaching for their documents during traffic stops. ... 'We are continually looking for ways to reduce deadly force encounters as these instances can be catastrophic for police officers, and community members,' said DPS Assistant Commissioner Booker Hodges." [more inside]
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Creating is the most intense excitement one can come to know.

Typewriters and tactile textiles: How Anni Albers brought a modernist touch to the ancient art of weaving - Maria Müller-Schareck in Kvadrat Interwoven [more inside]
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"disgrace and pride, forgetting and remembering, change and stasis”

Where the Devil Don't Stay: Traveling the South with the Drive-By Truckers: "The book is partly a band biography of the Drive-By Truckers, partly a travelogue through the South they depict in their songs, and partly an examination of the cultural and political underpinnings of their music. The chapters are all grounded in specific places—including the Shoals, Birmingham, Memphis, Richmond, and Athens, Georgia. Geography is more prominent than chronology, although it does trace their arc from southern rock band to American Band. That 2016 album is renowned for its very explicit political songwriting, but I argue that their songs have always had a political edge to them. They have always grappled with gun violence, income inequality, extremism of all kinds, the urban/rural divide, Confederate flag and monuments and Southern iconography in general, but for most of their career they did so through the filter of characters and stories and places. On American Band they confronted these matters very directly and very explicitly, which has carried over to The Unraveling and The New OK." (Bookshop/University of Texas Press) [more inside]
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The Pinball Wizard of Illinois

"McLean, Illinois, has a population of 750 people and 100 pinball machines." The tiny Illinois town, 15 miles outside Bloomington-Normal, is experiencing a downtown revival after a pinball collector opened not one but two pinball arcades. [more inside]
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Plainte - Chekoua - Lamentation / Épreuve - Mihna - Hardship

Chris Silver (Gharamaphone): "In May 2020, I posted Sariza Cohen's stunning recording of 'أَشْكُوا الْغَـرَامَ' (Ashku al-gharam) [Soundcloud], released ... in 1938. This is the other side of that record [Soundcloud]. It is no less remarkable. Here the pianist and vocalist from Oran performs a composition by Algerian Jewish impresario Edmond Nathan Yafil." More on Yafil in "Breaking the Colonial Spell" by Jonathan Glasser, whose introductory anthro lecture "What is a Boundary Good For?" also reflects on Line Monty, Alice Fitoussi, and Salim Hilali. A detail connecting her to music trends in metropolitan France and the US is that Sariza Cohen's brothers operated the well-known Café des Ambassadeurs (producing a revue by Cole Porter) and Maxsa record label (helping popularize jazz etc.).
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