September 17, 2022

‘Hey, how are we going to make this work today?’

Inside the $100 Billion Mission to Modernize America’s Aging Nuclear Missiles. "Walking into Moffett’s capsule at Alpha-01 is like walking into the past. Banks of turquoise electronics racks, industrial cables, and analog controls have been down here since the U.S. military installed the equipment decades ago. Look closely at the machines and you’ll find names of manufacturers like Radio Corp. of America, defunct since 1987, and Hughes Aircraft Co., defunct since 1997. Some systems have been updated over the years, but these advances are unrecognizable to anyone who lived through the personal-computer revolution, let alone the internet age. The entire ICBM fleet runs on less computational power than what’s now found inside the smartphone in your pocket. When something breaks, the Air Force maintenance crews pull parts from warehouse shelves, pay a contractor to make them to specifications, or even occasionally scavenge them from military museums."
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Moderation Is Censorship, Sayeth The Fifth Circuit

In a ruling that has left the legal commentariat in confusion and befuddlement, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled in favor of Texas in the lawsuit by NetChoice and other online service providers over the state's new social media law. [more inside]
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All models are wrong, but some models are useful.

Do you think machines are neat? Ever regretted not getting that mechanical engineering degree? Enjoy playing with legos? Can you appreciate things that will teach you stuff without having much other use? Here's something that might tickle your fancy.
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The newest in encabulation technology

Hot on the heels, only a 11 years after the creation of the retro encabulator (a follow up to the wildly successful turbo encabulator), comes the hyper encabulator for all your cyber security needs. (Featuring Mike Kraft again, explaining the benefits of the new model.) [more inside]
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Contaminated Peat Bog Mud Product MLM May Be Back From Dead (still MLM)

(TINA.ORG) BlackOxygen Organics, MLM company, died when its products were banned by FDA and HealthCanada in 2021 for containing elevated amount of arsenic and lead. However, in 2022, the same products are apparently being brought back by a different MLM company under a different name... [more inside]
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Autism is a Spectrum

“Autism is a Spectrum” Doesn’t Mean What You Think
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The Merge

Ethereum just completed The Merge — here’s how much energy it’s saving [The Verge] [more inside]
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