September 19, 2022

Biden says pandemic is over

Politico: Biden's "60 Minutes" remarks surprised his own health advisers, and came as the administration seeks more Covid response funding. [more inside]
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Tiny Tapestries

The Tiny but Mighty exhibit was in Knoxville, TN in conjunction with Convergence this summer. This was the biennial un-juried small format show for members of American Tapestry Alliance. One hundred thirty eight small tapestries hung at the Emporium Gallery from July 1-29th . The emphasis this year was in “new approaches to design, materials and/or techniques in creating a small tapestry.”
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We Prepared for High-Level Chess, and They Came Out Playing CandyLand

A Dubious Truck, a Whistleblower Army, and Inept Spies: Inside the Very Weird Nikola Saga [Bloomberg; ungated] [more inside]
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Shane Gillis’s Fall and Rise

For a provocative comic, losing the job of a lifetime was the beginning of a second act. [The New Yorker]
A different sort of person in Gillis’s situation might have argued against censoriousness, casting himself as a defender of “freedom of artistic expression.” That is precisely what Dave Chappelle did, in his most recent Netflix special, which was less a standup routine than a lecture in which he addressed his many critics. But Gillis pointedly declined to plead his own case. “I don’t want to be a victim—I want to be a comedian,” he told Joe Rogan, the comic and podcast host, last year. “So I don’t want to come on and do stuff where I’m, like, ‘Yeah, it was unfair how I was treated.’ It’s like, no, I get it—I understand why I was treated that way. I said wild shit. I’m going to keep saying wild shit.”
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How LinkedIn Became a Place to Overshare

“This isn’t Facebook,” users complain. But others are finding it a valuable place to talk about much more than work.
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A 7:15 Mile, Except He Did It All Day Long

Aleksandr Sorokin Smashes 24-Hour World Record With 198.6 Mile/319.6 Kilometer Run
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I have the pictures to prove it.

[CW: violence against animals] War photographer Don McCullin: ‘Wherever I go, there seems to be violence and death” — interview with Stuart Jeffries, The Guardian, 19 Sep 2022. From Vietnam to Biafra, he captured war and suffering with shocking power. The great photographer talks about his tough childhood, the film Angelina Jolie is making about him – and the shots that still haunt his sleep. WP bio, website, images.
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If this thread were a whale, its name would be?: a) Fail, b) Willy, c) Moby, d) Dick [more inside]
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The Rotary Un-Smartphone

The Rotary Un-Smartphone Justine Haupt, at Open Sky Technology, has released the rotary dial un-smartphone kit. It's a voice only cell phone with a rotary dial, a real physical bell, and an on/off switch that actually disconnects the battery. It's available in the classic handset colors of white, beige, sea-foam green, atomic hotline red or black. If you had described a hand held wireless portable phone to someone in the 1960s, this is what they might have imagined. Here's a video of it in action. [more inside]
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