Fundraising for Fun

dios and rothko are some of the most prolific posters to MetaFilter, and they've grown into big personalities on the site. Simultaneously loved and hated by all, both members have been at the center of many controversial threads. For one reason or another both have been relieved of their posting rights in the past and both have turned over new leaves, but this time you're in charge.

They've both been great sports about this fundraiser idea and consented to taking part. It's for a good cause first and foremost -- every dollar goes to the Creative Commons 2005 Fundraiser so for the next seven days, the campaigns will be open and you can vote with your dollars. First one to $500 will be sitting on the sidelines for a week, and in the end, everything goes to Creative Commons.

So again, I want to commend both dios and rothko for having a sense of humor about themselves and helping raise money for Creative Commons, and I want to thank everyone who donates ahead of time. Let's go to the toteboard!:

Wow! The response has been great, in less than 24 hours, we hit the fundraising goal and like a champ, both agreed to take a week off if that happened. Thanks again everyone for donating, and I just sent the $1000 over to Creative Commons, and listed us on the supporters page.